After running like hell from Ishimaru, Disci glanced around frantically before bolting to detention hall and locking himself in, curling up in the corner farthest from the door as he shakily pulled out his phone.

[Text: Circus freak-sensei] Mmai -s an

[Text: Circus freak-sensei] I n nedd you

[Contact name changed to: Guardian Maingel]

[Text: Guardian Maingel] Soome m thing w ei rd ha p pened to Kiyotaka-san and I

[Text: Guardian Maingel] pl  ease i need yiui m i gh t hu rt som one

anonymous asked:

I'm thinking of a female Trunks and a male Mai now. Huh wonder what they would look like. Also strong gentle fTrunks crushing on hard core mMai.

Im 110% here for lesbian Trunks and Mai TBH but I do love M/Mai and F/Trunks. My job is packing candy in a factory with ear plugs in all day. I literally have nothing to do but write fanfic in my head to pass the time. For the last week or so it has been F/Trunks and some M/Mai (mostly lesbians bc.)

I like that Mai works as the traditional male anime character. Leader. Tough. Smart. Resourceful. Weapons expert. 0%sexual exploitation or cheesecake. Like, I feel like so much of the fandom fucking hates her because she is so male coded. They don’t believe a female character can be so competent, so they find any reason to tear her down. If she were a boy they would accept her character as just competent and awesome.

Coincidentally, Trunks is heavily coded female in his actions of pining and sensitivity. For a Shonen story, he is very effeminate in his emotional neediness, displays of affection, his pining, his devotion. It’s not done as comic relief, or as some kind of stark contrast to his badassery (like Vegeta) Trunks is literally written as a delicate flower that will kill you. That is a role more customarily reserved for females.

I love that the show/manga actually has their roles so against gender to start. Both are competent. Both save the other. There is no defined head of the relationship. It’s mutual. And that is wonderful to me. And they spend precisely zero percent of their time yelling at each other. (Unlike Vegebul and GoChi). There is some shouting but it’s mostly like “Run! WE ARE GONNA dIE! YoU MUST LivE!” Type yelling.

So Trunks as a woman would ACTUALLY swing the character around to being a more traditionally female gender coded character, and same with Mai as male. They would actually almost become more generic. 😂😂😂 that’s ironic and typically not the case when you gender-swap a character.

I just really like the idea of Trunks being a girl tho. Drawing her right now. Sort of a Tank-Girl meets Dragon Ball art Bulma. With a sword. 👍🏻