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I was tagged by @emiliemaria , thank you~

1 - Well, I guess you probably wouldn’t know, or you might, I dunno, I probably mentioned it before, but I’m an osu! player. Not professionally, I’m not that good yet, but I’m getting there. (I literally already can’t think of anything casual to tell you guys, so it’s shit like this.)

2 - Half of my hair wishes to curl, being the hair that runs from the top of my head to just under my shoulders, and the rest that grows off of it is nearly pin-straight, with a little curl at the end. It’s rather annoying to deal with. And it leaves funny little curls beside my eyes where my hair is a little longer than my bangs.

3 - I dunno if I mentioned this before, but I really love travelling, and I wanna travel more, but every time I travel for more than 2 hours by car, I get sick. I’ll be throwing up the day after, or if I’m lucky, two days after. Unless we’re travelling everyday, then I’ll be sick once we get back. And it sucks.

So, I’ll tag some people here. Maybe 10, maybe not. We’ll see.

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OYyyYy nakALimuTan kO mmAy 7am claSS akO tuWing Monday hayup!!!! Kakagising ko lang pucha 2 hours pa naman byahe wala na wala na ko aabutan dun maya nalang pasok, tulog ulit tanga kasi haha

The Young Elites by Marie Lu

An anti-heroine, platinum hair and a prince? Sign me up.


“I hereby pledge to serve the Dagger Society, to strike fear into the hearts of those who rule Kenettra, to take by death what belong to us, and to make the power of our Elites known to every man, woman, and child. Should I break my vow, let the dagger take from me what I took from the dagger.”

What I liked loved;

+ The Darkness. True, it wasn’t as dark as it could have been, but it’s refreshing to see a young anti hero in young adult. She has all the qualities of a hero but instead of running from herself, she embraces the terror and uses it to strengthen herself.

+ The Diversity. There are people with brown skin, mottled scars and same sex lovers. WHat do these things all have in common? The lack of mentions. Not in this book of course, but generally. I loved how the heroine didn’t ‘suddenly become beautiful, despite being gorgeous the whole time’.

+ Realism. Adelina loves her sister, we can see that. But she also despises her for being perfect, for being the loved one of the family. We don’t get the unconditional love of having the same blood, or the nothing but positive thoughts for someone who stood by and watched her get hurt. Their love is jagged and torn at the seams.

+ Violetta. Was amazing. As were the rest of the cast, each had individual identities (rarely any filler people).

What I hated disliked;

- Enzo. I didn’t hate him as a character, I hated the way him and Adelina interacted. It all seemed very forced and unnatural while the time between others (enzo&raffaele, gemma&adelina) seemed way more genuine.

My Introduction Post

Hello, I’ve been on tumblr for a while now but this is my first time making a bookblr/booklr. Not entirely sure which one I should use.

I’ve always had a huge love for books (except those two years where I did zero reading at all, we don’t talk about that). Most of my books are second hand as the books where I live, are way too expensive.

My english teacher hates when people end things like this but, um yeah.