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donjelly  asked:

REG, do you keep up with MMA these days? If so, who do you like to watch?

Not as much as I used to or would like to. I got to watch most of UFC 210, I think it’s the most recent one. Really wish Rumble didn’t pull that stupid shit and stuck to striking, not ‘cause I was rooting for him, but because I really like watching DC and I think if he beat Johnson at his game that victory would feel a lot more earned. I love to watch Rose Namajunas ‘cause I think she’s grown so much over time. Still think Jedrzejczyk’s going to murder her if she gets the title shot after Joanna kills Andrade but at least now I think she’ll put up a fight. I like watching Sergio Pettis, I was very impressed by his fight vs John Moraga on Fight Night. I got to watch the RIZIN events too ‘cause > lel Pride 2.0 and now I’m a Rena fan and curious whether Kron Gracie can actually get at least halfway as far as his dad. ‘Course, gotta watch my compatriots, Grasso (nice fight vs Herrig but I felt she still lacks experience, Herrig was way more aggressive and  confident and that’s why she won), Aldana, Rodriguez (that fight with BJ Penn made me sad for both of them, though). I like watching meme fighters like Michael Paige but a) not a big Bellator enthusiast, and b) I wanna see him fight in the UFC or I won’t be 100% convinced of the hype. And I love the Diaz bros. Best fucking thing that ever happened to MMA. They’re so much fun and I have so much fun every time one of them fights. I’ll Stockton slap anyone who thinks otherwise. I think Dominick Cruz is a pretty cool guy, too.

Honorable mention Michael Bisping because he’s what you’d get if you tell an 8 year-old kid to draw a strong, manly dude who’s also English and trash talks like he’s piss-drunk half the time. 

He probably is piss-drunk half the time. 

missmeganrachel  asked:

Just discovered that the new Avengers is to be filming in the cathedral in my city this coming week! And the crew are already setting up!! What if they film a Loki scene Or a Cap scene Or a Bucky scene?? What if all three of them are there?! Four miles from my house while I have 2 weeks of free time?! Yes I'm having a meltdown but 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

I may have posted on Facebook about my earlier meltdown at having the filming near me only I didn’t write Hiddleston….. I wrote Hiddlestan ! I wish I could say it was auto correct but nope! Just your terrible influence in introducing me to handsome men xx



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