mma knockout


So, this fight has caused national outage among Tai Chi practitioners, including Jet Li.
Basically, this fight was set up to test the two different styles of MMA and Tai Chi and, as you can see, MMA prevailed pretty goddamn easily. The Tai Chi practitioner gets knocked out in about ten seconds.
Many Tai Chi schools have issued challenges to the MMA fighter and Jet Lui made a rare public appearance urging Tai Chi schools to come to the style’s defense.
Xu Xiaodong, the MMA fighter, went on to challenge any style to a fight, claiming his MMA could beat any other style of martial arts.

I’m all for traditional kung fu but it’s sad to see a practitioner get beaten so easily. i think a lot of Chinese kung fu styles aren’t built for competition. They’re built for self-defense.
They’re not designed to co bat against expertly thrown punches. That’s not to say a traditional martial arts practitioner couldn’t win.


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