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Waiting to start training in martial arts until you’re in ‘better shape’ is like a child not going to school until they are 'smart enough’.

UFC 207: Ronda Rousey Returns

Anthony Pettis Misses Weight for Featherweight Interim Title vs. Max Holloway

 At the early UFC 206 weigh-ins, it was rumored that Pettis had a tough weight cut, and would come in over the 145lbs title limit. Finally making it to the scale, Anthony Pettis weighed in at 148lbs (3 pounds over).

 Max Holloway vs. Anthony Pettis will still go on, however, Pettis must give up 20% of his fight purse, and if he in fact wins, there will be no interim title wrapped around his waist. If Holloway wins, he becomes the Featherweight interim champion, moving on to fight Jose Aldo for the title.

(photo via: Lin)