When Reinhold Cooks

Reinhold Allemand looked back to the fish and pulls the first batch out of the pan. They were slightly over done but not too bad only getting a slightly darker brown than intended. He then moved back to the counter to pour three cups of tea after setting the batch aside. “I am honestly surprised I haven’t started a fire yet…” he muttered in embarassment. He passed each of them a cup of tea and left the third for himself. Setting the pot aside he moved back to the stove to put the second batch into the oil.

Random! Reinhold Allemand rolls a 45.

[FC]<Reinhold Allemand> now to roll to see if he can get everything back under control without a fire…
Random! Reinhold Allemand rolls a 24.

Reinhold Allemand was not nearly as careful this time as he put the filets into the oil and actually just dropped them in. Oil splased over the pan into the flames below causing them to burst up around the pan. “Shite!” he yelled as he quickly looked around only to spot a pitcher of water and dumped it over to the frying pan only for his horror to grow.


The bell rang shrilly, and the children got up out of their seats. Rebeca followed them as the slowly filed out of the classroom, and bid her goodbye. 

“Goodbye, Marcia, don’t forget your gym clothes tomorrow! Billy, you get your parents to sign that permission slip, okay? Get home safely, see you tomorrow!” she called to them. She enjoyed seeing her children off. She turned around, to go back into her classroom, and pick up her things, but she was met by another goddamn Christmas tree. 

She put her hand on her hip and frowned. I can’t seem to escape these bristly green pieces of shit! Seriously! Fuck Christmas! 

16.11.20 fancafe - bts_Suga

Good day
The star we thought was too far away for us to reach has become a reality
First I want to thank ARMY for giving me this award
Actually, rather than us receiving it
I think it more right to say that ARMYs received this

Over the period of 3 years of being a trainee and the 3 years after debut, there was never a moment where it wasn’t intense

I was running forward with no time to look back
But when I was running there were happy days, difficult days and truthfully, there were many days where I wanted to give up
finally, good days like this are coming again
ARMY, thank you for making the days good

would there be days again where I’m happy like this
you guys received this award raise your head honorably
2016/11/19 I will remember forever
I won’t forget ARMY I Iove you

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[161202] mnet asian music awards - transformer + dance break

16.11.08 fancafe - bts_rap monster

Last broadcast rain

Bangtan did the last broadcast. We did the last broadcast and the rain was pouring down

It’s as if it had been waiting to come down

I know a little about loneliness since? since yesterday? I don’t remember but, I became fond of the rain. No one knows but, I would often go out without an umbrella and just wander (In fact, even these days I still do)

Rain and music are quite similar. Depending on the setting during that time, your expression changes according to the situation, and the implications can be different, right? There can be extended time of sorrow, also times it’s the complete opposite, to times of just purification, rest, wry smiles etc.. However I have always liked the smell of rain constantly. Is it because the dust is being washed away?

In fact the past few years, always, I’ve wanted to write a song about the rain. (we do have Rain… But I want to do my own version) A lot of my favourite songs are songs about the rain. Epik High hyung’s ‘Umbrella’, Let It Rain, Younha noona’s 'Sound Of The Rain’, X-Japan’s 'Endless Rain’ FreeTempo’s 'Rain’, Razah’s 'Rain’, Kim Hyunsik teacher’s 'Like Music Like The Rain’ etc. It’s seriously a lot, right? The rain has gladly became a muse for so many people. The world has become better to live in because of the rain

We learn from a science book when you are child - The amount of water is constant, that it can become the see, become the river, become the rain, that makes the earth spin - this is really really interesting. The raindrops hitting against my window now could be from the Himalayas. Endless mixing, dividing.. I wish I could live as raindrops too, I wonder if raindrops knew the feelings of loneliness, I would feel a little pitiful. Coming and going.

Anyways, much like the rain, things passed by like a panorama this month. I can’t believe we’ve already done the last broadcast. I know it’s cliche but, it was more like it this time really. For four weeks, the rain has come come down like never before for me and you.

The world is that rain “is Korea’s best rainfall in year”, “first such and such of rain”. 'x00mm’ with similar things said people are going to record such things and of course it’s something to be happy about but, our rain cannot be left to just number. as if that’s all we know. Before this rainfall there’s been countless others, in my eyes, in you’re eyes, and even my body every time I’m on stage. Every minute there are floods and waves driven. At this moment, I’m not far away, I like that you guys and I are here, mixing and falling like raindrops. So I just wanted to say that I don’t want us to be left as just numbers.
Singers follow the song title, really as this title says this rain contains mine and your blood, sweat and tears.

Listen to the rain now!
Have a good night.

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