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The Shadowhunters Cast Plays ‘Who Would You Rather Kiss?’



What I see…. (from these photos and others)

- It’s a dream

- Veronica and Archie are getting married (Kilts with blue ties = groomsmen thingies and blue dresses = bridesmaids)

- Jason, Mary, Archie, Cheryl, Veronica, Josie, Melody, Betty, Jughead, Fred, Valerie, Reggie, Kevin and Pop Tate are attending 

- The robbers who shot Fred make an appearance

- ^ Archie’s dream?

- Lord knows

Okay, watched 2x14 yesterday and 2x15 today, and something which I don’t even think was entirely intentional is that they ended up with 2 episodes back to back where big players drop in to test the Winchesters against each other… I think the Trickster always metaphorically served the purpose that having some extra bro drama with Sam and Dean pitted against each other served the themes at the time…

This is *supposed* to be the lighthearted episode after 2x14 makes “Sam” demand Dean kill him already and Dean resists everything Meg throws at him in staying compassionate to his brother. The Trickster waltzes in and makes them *actually* want to kill each other for non-plot related reasons and in that silly sibling way where you just say you want to kill them but haha that’s the actual plot of this show.

Obviously with hindsight this is round 1/3 of Gabriel screwing with them to figure them out (and how screwed he (and the rest of the world) is based on their behaviour) and he’s probably been fucking around hoping to get them to come investigate him sooner ever since the main plot started up in season 1 for all we know :P I like to think he was baiting various small hunts that could turn into total nonsense just waiting for them to pick up on it.

Anyway, it gives them a really claustrophobic sense of all eyes being on them that isn’t really there until, like, season 5 when you have all the hindsight. Meg came to screw around with them, since 2x12 they’ve got Victor hunting them, and Gordon was hunting them earlier too and who knows what other hunters might come after them…

Somehow retconning in Gabriel to be watching them and fucking around with them is like the final straw to just making it so every episode is about the universe watching them, I guess waiting with baited breath to see if they do all the stuff they’re foretold to do, and sure enough they do and go into season 3 which is the part where the rollercoaster stops clicking up and goes into freefall for the apocalypse.

I’m just reflecting on how this is a pretty good retcon, as retcons go, because of the way it substantially changes the story but in a way which still fits perfectly with the rest of the story around it and even adds to the themes and expands on the original sense of unease from this season.