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the best running theme of Phoenix Wright is that he 100% just rolls with whatever relationship other people decide to have with him. His only girlfriend basically just walked up to him and said “you. we’re dating now and you love me very much” and he was like “yeah okay, lemme know if you have a sweater I can wear to really drive the point home.” The Fey sisters basically grabbed him and said “I guess you’re our brother now” and he was like “yeah sure do you have any family drama I could get involved in?” Even Trucy just sorta told him “hey you’re my dad” and he was like “Mm. Guess I’d better get a job, huh.”

Diving into New Magnetic Territory with the MMS Mission

Our Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission, or MMS, is on a journey to study a new region of space.  

On May 4, 2017, after three months of precisely coordinated maneuvers, MMS reached its new orbit to begin studying the magnetic environment on the ever-rotating nighttime side of Earth.

The space around Earth is not as empty as it looks. It’s packed with high energy electrons and ions that zoom along magnetic field lines and surf along waves created by electric and magnetic fields.  

MMS studies how these particles move in order to understand a process known as magnetic reconnection, which occurs when magnetic fields explosively collide and re-align.

After launch, MMS started exploring the magnetic environment on the side of Earth closest to the sun. Now, MMS has been boosted into a new orbit that tops out twice as high as before, at over 98,000 miles above Earth’s surface.

The new orbit will allow the spacecraft to study magnetic reconnection on the night side of Earth, where the process is thought to cause the northern and southern lights and energize particles that fill the radiation belts, a doughnut-shaped region of trapped particles surrounding Earth.  

MMS uses four separate but identical spacecraft, which fly in a tight pyramid formation known as a tetrahedron. This allows MMS to map the magnetic environment in three dimensions.

MMS made many discoveries during its first two years in space, and its new orbit will open the door to even more. The information scientists get from MMS will help us better understand our space environment, which helps in planning future missions to explore even further beyond our planet. Learn more about MMS at

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Take it Slow (NSFW)

Imagine: Tom comes home after spending three months away in America filming a new movie, but the moment his eyes fall on you, he is more than ready to make up for all the lost time.

Author’s Note: wassuuuuup, so here’s some tommy h smut because my birthday is on the 19th and this was a fUcken party to write, so enjoy this horny version of our homeboy tom as a gift from me 2 you!!! p.s. i was a mess writing this good luck soldier

Word Count: 1700+ UNEDITED

Soft lights flickered dimly around your small room, contrasting greatly with the bright hallway light which streamed through the bottom of your bedroom door. The faint roaring of car engines beyond the barrier of your window was somehow calming, assisting you in relaxing further into the cool, white sheets. A series of yawn-ridden ‘goodnights’ were called around your family house before you called out one in return. Closing your laptop, you decided to check the illuminated screen of your phone one final time for any texts or missed calls from Tom but, yet again, there was nothing.

He had continued to promise, over the phone, merely hours ago, that he would come straight over to your house after he had land. And, according to the last text message you had received, Tom had touched down at ten thirty. As your phone’s digital clock verged on midnight, you couldn’t help but let out an exhausted sigh. You sunk lower into the bed, giving up on any hope or chance you had on seeing your boyfriend tonight. Nevertheless, barely a second after that thought passed through your mind, a soft knock rapped against your door. Immediately, your tired eyes became very alert, pulling the covers down slightly as you quietly called, “Hello?”

The door creaked open, revealing Tom in a black pair of jeans, a white shirt and a navy hoody which was lazily slung over his broad left shoulder. He adorned a sheepish, tired smile which tugged on his lips as his eyes fell on you. Your eyes lit up as you essentially flung yourself out of the comfort of your bed and into his warm, strong arms. The sports bag which once hung from his other shoulder dropped to the floor with a thud, his shoulders slumping as his large hands lowered, enclosing around your body, tugging you flush against him. A loud chuckle rumbled through his chest as you looked up towards him. Raising your hands to Tom’s face, you brushed your fingers gently over his lips; as if in a trance.

“Hi, angel,” he grinned. Leaning down to press a long kiss to your soft lips. “I missed you so much.”

To Tom, you were ethereal. With unkempt hair, which fell down the length of your back and glimmering eyes shining back at his; you resembled a goddess. Even the long, loose shirt which did not cling to your body whatsoever seemed to turn him on. You seemed to look even more beautiful than the last time he had seen you.

A light laugh tumbled from your lips as you whispered, “Speak for yourself.” You were utterly mesmerised by Tom. Despite the stubble which had grown just above his upper lip, he hadn’t changed much at all. The room fell quiet, the only thing that was audible was the soft exhale of you and Tom’s breath.

“You look so handsome,” you whispered. “I feel like no human should be able to look this good in sweats after a fourteen-hour flight.”

“I’m sorry, darling. I have to just stop you right there, cause you look so gorgeous right now, I just need to-“

Lifting your leg up, he laid you back onto your messy bed, pressing a rushed kiss to your lips. Pushing his hard, built body down onto your soft one, a welcomed shiver shot down your spine as you involuntarily wrapped both your legs around his torso, attempting to bring the pressure of Tom’s tightening pants between your thighs, where you needed it most.

“Ah, ah, ah” he tutted. “Not yet, angel.”

Groaning quietly, you brought your fingers to the hem of his soft shirt, moving it up and over his head, causing his hair, which was shorter than usual, to look less neat than it usually was. Pulling away slightly, Tom brought his left arm down to your right leg, and urged you to wrap it around him once more with a hushed, “Come on. I’ll make you feel real good, baby.”

Using his forearm for support, he slowly grinded down onto you, his lips meeting yours as he did so. The second time, with more pressure, caused a muffled moan to escape from your mouth as you pushed your mouth into his shoulder; attempting to silence yourself. Hearing your soft moans caused Tom to squeeze his eyes closed, a raspy string of ‘oh fuck’ and ‘baby’ being whispered into your ear.

“Tom,” you whimpered. “Please.”

Sitting up, Tom brought his hands down to the hem of your shirt this time, slowly pulling it up over your head revealing your bare chest, which stood out, being slightly paler in contrast to the rest of your body. A smirk wiped over his face as he brought his mouth down to the exposed skin; sucking and licking, humming as he did so. Your head tilted back, slightly overwhelmed with Tom being everywhere on your body at once. His mouth brought wetness and warmth, while his colder hands slid up and down the length of your body and your leg, allowing goose bumps to rise off the surface of your smooth skin. This was definitely your version of heaven.

Taking his time, Tom’s mouth slowly made its way down your body; he made sure to pay attention to every inch of skin which covered the expanse of your body before his mouth hovered just above where your black underwear met your hip bones. With glistening eyes, he looked up to you, wetting his lips before slowly lowering his head, a cocky smile plastered on his face as he did so.

First, he peppered a mound of kisses across your inner thighs, teasing you, as his nose brushed against the thin, lacey underwear where your wetness had gathered. Your eyes fell shut at the arousing sensation which caused your body temperature to sky rocket, your hips jolting as he lightly brushed his thumb over your underwear. A needy whimper left your mouth as the wetness of his tongue slowly dragged upwards, causing your breath to quicken.

Tom’s eyes watched you intently. He was determined to get you as worked up as possible before he even giving himself the opportunity to release the restraints his boxers were currently giving him. With your eyes, screwed shut, and your delicate fingers roaming up and down your body; Tom was fully aware of what you were doing. Lifting your hips up, Tom leisurely slid the lace panties down your smooth legs before smugly tucking them into the back pocket of his jeans, giving you a sly wink in the process.

Tom’s large, rough hands skimmed along your thighs before spreading them wider. His eyes carefully flickering up to your angelic face, as you lay sprawled below him. His head tilted to the side, admiring your body before leaning down to kiss your luscious lips one more time.

“Tommm,” you groaned, holding his jaw in your hands, rolling your head back into the pillows. “Please, just-“

“Just what, princess?”

“You know…?” you spoke gently, your cheeks heating, your eyes flickering down and back up to meet his. A knowing smile flashed across his face as he replied, “Actually, I don’t know, darling. So, by all means, enlighten me.”

You groaned, “Please don’t make me-“

“Tell me how much you want me,” he murmured, his breath hot in your ear. Your thighs squeezed together, trying to release some of the tension you were currently experiencing. Yet, Tom’s leg coerced them apart, separating them with the rough jean fabric clad to his leg.

“Go on then, baby,” he hushed, his voice low. “I know you want to.”

Steadily your hips rose upwards, grinding against Tom’s thigh, your breath began quickening again. Tom’s hand fell to your waist, slowing your pace and applying further pressure. His eyes remained locked on yours, intensifying the pleasure you were experiencing further.

“Fuck, you’re too much,” he rasped. The sensation you were feeling was cut short, causing you to groan again.

“I want you so bad,” you mumbled, your mind in a haze. “I need you, Tom.”

The next thing you knew, Tom’s tongue licked one bold line up your slit. An involuntary moan tumbling from your mouth as you did so.

“You’re gonna have to be quiet for me, angel. Okay?”

With a hurried nod, an explosion of pleasure lurched through your body as Tom’s tongue flicked across your clit. He hummed, sucking and licking continuously, causing jolts of pleasure to flow through your body. Tom’s hands gripped your waist, attempting to hold you still while his tongue continued to circle your clit. Your hands immediately lowered down to grab onto his hair, guiding him to continue the action. You bit your lip, your mind cloudy; unable to focus on anything but Tom’s touch.

“Mm, you taste better than I remember.”

The room’s temperature had risen exceedingly, causing your body to glisten in the dim lighting the room provided. With Tom’s hot words spreading through your mind and the swirling of his tongue, you couldn’t bear to hold back on the exploding feeling any longer. Easing two fingers into you, the pace in which he flicked his tongue against you became more fervent and heated. You bit your lip, supressing the moans which begged to escape your mouth.

What pushed you over the edge was his gravelly voice, filled with need and lust, “Cum for me, baby.”

With that, you felt your back arching, rising as your body continued to pulse in pleasure, your fingers desperately tugging on his messy hair. Your toes curled and eyebrows scrunched together as Tom removed his fingers, continuing to lick and suck on the wetness he had created, slowing down as he fixed his gazed on your face.

Exhaling, you opened your eyes to find Tom’s eyes sparkling up at you, a pleased, cocky smile on his face. Your cheeks were painted in a rosy colour, your face glimmering in sweat. Another deep kiss was pressed to your lips, before you were rolled over and sitting above Tom. His hands trailing across your soft skin, a look of utter admiration swimming within his eyes as he observed your bare state which was slowly clambering down to his black jeans.

“Christ,” he snickered to himself in amazement. “I love you so fucking much.”

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Sick Day

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam

Summary:  Dean has the flu

Word Count:  2311

Warnings:  None. I think I fluffed.

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Sick Day

Kicking the covers off, you give up. Dean has been tossing and turning all night, and you can’t take it anymore.

Crossing to the other bed, you shake Sam gently. “Mmm…” he answers.

“Sam,” you say, shaking harder, “Sam, scoot over.”


“Scoot over.”

He rolls over onto his side and you climb into his bed. When the three of you had to share a room, you always opted to sleep with Dean. Sam tends to take up the entire bed with his massive frame. Dean isn’t much better, but you still end up with a little more room in his bed.  

Sam rolls back over onto his other side, snoring softly. Dean moans incoherently in his sleep from the other side of the room. You’re not sure if bunking with Sam is an improvement in your sleeping conditions, but eventually, you drift off to sleep.


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One sincere and pure smile from this man would send me into cardiac arrest

Bonus MC:


Prompt: Migraine
Pairing: Moxiety (platonic or romantic)


Virgil appears in his doorway, hair askew, eyes squinting and whole body radiating unhappiness. 

Patton sets his book aside. It’s late, but he’s not asleep. He’s been expecting this. Virgil has been acting a little off all day, his responses slower than usual, flinching anytime anyone spoke too loudly. 

“Hey, buddy,” he says, keeping his voice pitched low. “Migraine?” 

Virgil gives him a miserable nod, then winces at the movement. 

Patton’s face contorts in sympathy. “Thought so. C’mere.” 

He slides over on his bed, making a space for the other side. While Virgil approaches and climbs onto the mattress, Patton reaches into his bedside table and pulls out a few staples: a bottle of water, a washcloth, and a vial of lavender oil. He hands Virgil the water; Virgil makes a face but obediently unscrews the cap and takes a few long swigs. When he’s done, he hands the still-open bottle back to Patton, who pours a small amount onto the washcloth before setting the bottle back on the table. 

He moves wordlessly to rest his back against the headboard, and Virgil follows; with the coordination of long practice, they settle a pillow in Patton’s lap, and Virgil reclines onto his back, resting his head on the pillow and closing his eyes. His make-up has been removed; there is a light dusting of tiny freckles across his nose and cheeks that Patton knows drive Virgil crazy, but which Patton finds almost unbearably endearing. The dark bruised circles beneath his eyes remain, however, which makes Patton’s heart squeeze a bit painfully in his chest.

He settles the damp cloth carefully over Virgil’s eyes, cool and dark, then reaches for the vial. The soft fragrance fills the air as he pours some onto his palms; Virgil inhales deeply, and Patton is gratified when he relaxes somewhat. He rubs the oil between his hands, warming it, then sets to work. 

He focuses on Virgil’s temples at first, keeping his touch light and gentle, then moves to work at the clenched muscles of his jaw. He works with quiet assurance, soothing and tender, and smiles when Virgil sinks into the touch, body growing heavier. Patton moves his attention to Virgil’s forehead, in particular over his eyebrows, which are so often drawn tight in fear or alarm. After a time, they relax too, the worry lines and grooves smoothing and lifting years from Virgil’s face. The anxious side draws a deep breath, releasing it on a half-sigh of relief, and Patton smiles again. 



It’s not exactly a resounding yes, but Patton doesn’t mind. The headache won’t magically disappear, because that’s not the way Virgil’s migraines work. But they’ve learned that Patton’s gentle massages do help, and that’s good enough for Patton. Virgil works so hard to keep them all safe; this is the least he can do in return. He only wishes he could do more. 

He continues to work, moving up to work on the scalp, then sliding his hands under Virgil’s neck to work the muscles at the base of his skull. Virgil stays relaxed, letting Patton support him, and the precious weight of his head cradled so trustingly in his hands makes Patton blink back sudden tears. 

Perhaps sensing the shift in emotion, Virgil removes the cloth from his eyes, gazing up at Patton with a silent question on his face. Patton offers a smile, which Virgil returns, small and sweet. Patton contorts, bending awkwardly in half in order to press a kiss to Virgil’s forehead. When he draws back, Virgil has closed his eyes, but his smile has grown incrementally.

Patton resumes his massage, adding a bit more oil and moving down to work the tight muscles of Virgil’s neck and shoulders, sliding his hands under the loose collar of his black t-shirt. It’s a little awkward from this angle but he does his best, pressing in deep at the juncture of neck and shoulder, rubbing in small firm circles with his thumbs. This is often the root of the problem, where Virgil carries the most tension, and it takes the longest, but finally, finally, those muscles relax as well, giving way under Patton’s insistent touch. Virgil groans softly again, and there’s definitely relief in his voice now. 

Gently, very gently, Patton eases himself back, sliding his legs out from under Virgil’s head. He settles the pillow onto the mattress then scoots to the edge of the bed, snagging the damp cloth and using it to wipe the remainder of the oil from his hands. 

When he turns back, Virgil’s eyes are open but heavy-lidded, watching Patton sleepily. Patton gives him another smile. 

“Do you want to sleep in here with me?” he offers, reaching out to smooth Virgil’s bangs back from his brow. 

Virgil nods once. 

“Okay. Be right back.” 

Patton slides off the bed and grabs the water bottle, refilling it from the bathroom faucet. Then he brings it back and sets it on the table on Virgil’s side of the bed. When Virgil wakes up in the morning, Patton will encourage him to drink it, to forestall the dehydration headache that often follows his migraines.

(Last time, he hadn’t even had to mention it; Virgil had grabbed the bottle on his own and downed the entire thing. It was a step forward in self care that’d had Patton bursting with pride, even when Virgil had shrugged it off and insisted it was no big deal.)

Now, Patton climbs into bed next to Virgil, pausing only to turn off the already-dim lamp. Overhead, the fairy lights he’d stretched across the vaulted ceiling of his bedroom twinkle faintly like distant stars. Virgil gazes up at them for a few moments, then rolls onto his side to face Patton, his eyes glittering in the darkness. His hand slides into the space between them; Patton grasps it in his own. 

“Thank you,” Virgil murmurs, voice rough and sleep-thick. 

Patton beams at him in the darkness, heart aching with love, and squeezes his fingers gently. “Anytime,” he whispers. 

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Autumn Days

Dean x Reader

Summary: It’s a cold, fall day and you’re craving some cuddles with Dean.

Warnings: None (extreme fluffies)

Requested by @mycuddlycorner. Hope this was worth the super long wait!

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

“Well, that’s just fantastic”, you groan as the power shuts off abruptly, and you can swear you can feel the heat rapidly leaving your room in the bunker already.

It is times like these cold, autumn days that you really really appreciate indoor heating. 

You’re already fully dressed in a large wool sweater, one of Dean’s over-sized plaid, faded shirts, fuzzy pants, and thick socks and you’re covered with about three different blankets.

You shiver as the bunker gets colder and colder. Deciding if it’s worth it to leave your cocoon, you finally decide to trek to the library where you know your boyfriend, Dean, is currently.

You wrap one of the blankets around you and grab a flashlight as you head out of the freezing room. Even though it’s pitch dark in the library, it apparently hasn’t stopped Dean from researching a new monster the three of you had recently encountered as he uses the light of a camping lantern to see the lore.

He looks up and sees you wrapped up in a blanket burrito, making him grin softly before focusing his attention back to the book.

Frowning, you cross your arms. “Come lay with me, Dean. Please?” you ask, noticing the deep set exhaustion on his face.

“Baby, I can’t. I have things to do-” he begins before you gently close the book in front of him.

You pout childishly, causing him to crack a smile. “Pleaaasee?”

He thinks for a moment before agreeing reluctantly.

You grab his hand, which is surprisingly warm for how cold it is in the bunker currently, and head to your shared room.

Dean chuckles when he sees the mountain of blankets on the bed.

“Hey, I was cold”, you defend yourself playfully, cracking a smile yourself.

The both of you make it into the bed. Noticing Dean’s obvious heat radiating off his body, you immediately latch onto him, burying your face in his neck and tangling your legs with his.

“Better?” he asks, wrapping a strong arm around your frame, pulling you closer.

“Mm, much better”, you mumble into his neck, voice sleepy.

It only takes a couple of minutes before the both of you drift off–bodies tangled together like puzzle pieces and a mountain of blankets on top of you– simply enjoying the shared warmth and the presence of each other.

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Diabolik lovers ‘’5th Anniversary book ‘’ [Shin’s interview] ~translation|traducción~

Thanks to @the-precious-sugar-chan and @diabolik-secret for having helped me with the translation <3

  • 1. Right now, what is your favorite thing?

I recently bought a punchbag.
By using it I came to the conclusion that it helps me to low my stress, I like it pretty much.

  • 2. What kind of fashion are you into lately?

I don’t know much about fashion, but I like clothes that feel good to the touch.
But I don’t like bad quality furs. [His tail is an accessory snkjasdKDSKJL]
I also like chain accesories. Don’t you think the little details look great?

  • 3. What habits do you have that you’ll do without realizing?

Habit, huh… When I’m transformed into a wolf and I see a ball rolling my eyes unconsciously can’t stop following it

  • 4. How do you spend your days-off?

I spend most of my time in the Bandemium. Sometimes I take my wolfs for a  walk… I’m going to buy some things that Nii-san orders me, or sometimes I go out.

  • 5. What do you wear to sleep?

Nothing but the usual, and I always sleep on my side…
But when I sleep curled up turned into wolf is much better… …
Mm? Why are you making that face? … …!
Wait a minute, what are you misunderstanding!
It’s not like I always sleep curled up in my wolf form!

  • 6. What do you definitely do before sleeping?

I’m not very aware of what I do before I go to sleep. Maybe something I always do is brushing my teeth. It feels disgusting going to sleep without brushing your teeth, doesn’t it? I think anybody thinks the same way I do… It has become a habit.

  • 7. What part of your body you like the best?

There’s nothing to be ashamed of in a founder’s body, I think? I have to take great care of my own body. As for the person who is not here, when I look at him I feel that he doesn’t really care about his body.

  • 8. What do you like the most of your room?

Simple bedrooms are the best! But It can’t be helped that the room is a mess. You also don’t want to spend time in that room, don’t you?

  • 9. Tell us one memorable impression that you have of your brothers.

A memory of Nii-san… huh. Mmm … if it’s about a memory, I think it was the first time I practiced with the sword with Nii-san.
The fact that Nii-san was my opponent made me very happy, it was pretty funny.

  • 10. What you think of KarlHeinz?

I hate him. He is the enemy of us founders. Such a thing like a vampire has punished to a founder… he’s an outrageous guy.

  • 11. Where would you go on a date?

Probably she will be happy being taken to a place with a good atmosphere.
Where there is a beautiful night view… like… A theme park? Women really like those things.

  • 12. What does a girl do to make your heart skip a beat?

Something she does, um …Thinking about it… Mmm, it’s a very subtle thing, but I don’t hate it when she says “thank you”.

  • 13. How does her blood taste?

Ahh~… I did not want to drink her blood when it was contaminated by vampires… Just remembering it disgusts me…
But I don’t dislike it after having purified it. Since it is the blood of a noble founder, after all.

  • 14. From which body part do you like to suck her blood?

From her calf. When I drink from that place I can see very well her pained face.
I can hold her legs when she squirms. Drinking from that place is really fun, you know?

  • 15. What does her existence mean to you?

I carry the pride of the Founders. That’s why I thought using her for the sake of restoring the clan would be fine. But now… I just want that stupid and softhearted woman to stay by my side.

español abajo del corte mamu~

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This crazy thing called love.

Authors Note: Hey!! So, I was watching a romantic movie and it kinda gave me an idea. I kinda got excited and decided to break it into a few parts because I really want to post this right now, but I need sleep so I can’t make it longer/more interesting. Anyway… I hope you guys enjoy this! Xx

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The air swirls past me as the autumn leaves dance along the damp pavement, eventually stumbling off of the curb and continuing their journey across the road. I draw my coat tighter around me as I hurry along the sidewalk, attempting to keep up with the busy rush of everyone else around me.

My heels come to a silence when I stop in front of the coffee shop, The London Gring, Harry standing outside already, two coffees in his hand.

“You’re late,” he embraces me with his typical, somewhat cocky smile, his warm hands handing me my coffee.

I take the coffee, my free hand clasping the napkin under the cup, “Mhm, as always,” I wink, taking a sip of the coffee, just the way I like it. Goodness, how I have needed the sweet taste of coffee on the edge of my lips. I look down at the napkin in my hand and see a number written on it. 

Harry nods his head and hums, “The day you’re not late, will be the day hell freezes over.” 

I roll my eyes at his comment, my eyes focusing on the napkin as I open it.

Grace~ 0209-1212.

I give him a shrug before holding up the napkin, “The day you settle down with one girl will be the day hell freezes over,” my hand waving the napkin teasingly in his face.

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anonymous asked:

WestAllen baby names they would pick out?


Sitting at a table at Jitters, almost-closing, Iris looks up from her laptop.  “Like, Jurassic World?”

“Yeah.  And we could name the girl Blue.  Blue’s pretty cute,” Barry points out, sitting across from her.  “No?”

Iris lifts both eyebrows.  “You want to name our daughter after a velociraptor?”

“I mean, I’m fine with Blue being the boy,” Barry says with a shrug.  Flipping through his phone, he tosses out, “Spartacus and Spock.”


“Shits and giggles.”  Iris kicks him lightly under the table.  “Um, Bumblebee and Hamlet.”



Iris shuts her laptop and levels a challenging look at him.  For a second he thinks she’s about to astral project him into another dimension.  Then she says, “Luke and Leia.”

Barry beams.  “Now you’re getting it!  What about Optimus Prime?”

Iris rests her head on a hand.  “Babe, we’re having twins.”

“Optimus Prime and Optimus Prime the Sequel.”

Iris closes her eyes.  “I can see why you’re a Bartholomew.”

Barry grins.  “Sins of the father.”  Sliding down his screen, he adds seriously, “Okay, how do we feel about Ethan and Emma?”

“Mm.  Better than Optimus Prime.”

“Can’t compare to Optimus Prime the Sequel,” Barry replies.  “Jayden and Jayla?”

“Jayla – Star Trek?”

Barry’s chest puffs out in pride.  “I love you.”

Iris looks at him and smiles.  “I love you, too.  We’re not naming out children after Star Trek characters.”

Barry deflates a little but carries on.  “Jason and Jill.”


Her tone implies carry on.  Barry rattles off, “Danielle and Dallas, Alex and Ares.”

“Ooh.”  Iris smiles.  “I like Ares.”

“No, wait, that’s Kara’s sister’s name,” Barry says with a sigh.  “Alex, not Ares.”


“Sarah and Samson, Brian and Beth?”

Iris shrugs.

“Isaac and Isabella?”



“Mm.  Too Twilight.”

“That’s fair.”  He reaches the end of the list and makes a small disgruntled sound.  “Back to the books.”

Iris reaches out to take his wrist before he takes off.  Looking him right in the eye, she says, “Dawn.”

Barry grins.  “Yeah?  Like – D-A-W-N?”

Iris frowns a little but nods, not seeing his point.

To clarify, Barry slides his phone across the table, letting her see the last pair: Dawn and Donatello.

“Their nicknames are homophones?” Iris asks dryly, but she’s still smiling, and Barry already knows it’ll work out.  Yes-he-cheated-and-checked-the-future-but-it-was-an-accident!   (The first time).  “That sounds like trouble.”

Oh, they’re big trouble.  Our Tornado Twins.  He can’t stop grinning.  “Yeah, no, I totally agree – which is why we just – have to come up with good nicknames.”


Barry scrunches up his nose.

Before he can even open his mouth to make an alternative suggestion, Iris says, “Dar?”

Barry smiles.  “Yeah?”

“For Dawn.  Dawn Rose,” Iris clarifies, like he hasn’t already known, and it warms his heart to hear her, his Iris, say it for the first time.  “Dar.”

“Don and Dar.”

Iris fist-bumps him.  “Don and Dar.”

Celebratory cheesecake is so good.

(What’s even better is the night three weeks later when Iris bolts upright and says loudly, “You named him after a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle,” and Barry, cuddling the sleeping week-old twins on the couch, just beams and keeps Speed-purring.)