Saizo Kirigakure | Saizo’s snake | NFSW Saizo |

|   Thank you to 👻  @demon-princess-anastasia  for help me with the edit and for motivate me to upload it smutty fanfic inspirated for my sexy ninja, sorry the grammar mistakes, I hope that ya’ll enjoy it, as I did writing it 😘😍😉
@phoenix-kiyota judge me for that he make do

It was a clear night, the stars were visibles, You sneak a bottle of ‘sake’ from the feast in the castle.
You were leaning against the veranda in front of his room, waiting for your beloved ninja arriving at home, you begun to drink each cup thinking on him, till the bottle was empty….You feel so lonely in the cool night, so you stand up to go for other bottle, but you were already very drunk, You stumbled ,but before you hit the floor a strong hand hold you by the waist.
“What are we doing here out?” you look up too dizzy and with a blurry vision, but you knew  his voice too well
“I.. wash… waithing…for youth…Saizo" you mumbled.
“Can’t we do it inside too? and why were we drinking?” he question to his girlfriend and her vulnerable state. Something inside him burn, a mix of rage and worried, but he tossed it aside trying sound as blunt as possible “were we alone?” he asked.
“…I… wash…lonely..and…. gathering…… courage to… do…..… something …… naughty” you replied.
His eyes widen for a instant before he regain his compose back “and what could it be little lady?“

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