Characters: Roman Reigns x Unnamed OFC

Summary: Dean’s little sister riles up the Big Dog.

Warnings: Graphic sexual content, rough sex, cursing.

Smut/Fluff/Angst: Smut.

Requested by: Anon, who asked for: Smut with Dean’s little sister and Roman. I hope you enjoy!

Notes: First Roman smut I’ve ever written, so I hope I did him justice…

Tagging: @llowkeys (idk if you want Roman smut or not lol), @the-geekgoddes, @blondekel77, @horcruxhunter5972, @zombiexbody, @vebner37, @thiickreigns, @nickysmum1909, @imtoldimbabe, @taryndibiase, @devittslegos (Want to be added to my tag list? Drop me a line!)

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  • <p> <b>Seven:</b> Nice pants Yoosung!<p/><b>Yoosung:</b> Thanks, they were 50% off!<p/><b>Seven:</b> I'd like 'em 100% off ;)<p/><b>Yoosung:</b> What are you talking about?? The store can't give out free stuff!!<p/><b>Seven:</b> What? No I-<p/><b>Yoosung:</b> That's terrible business management Seven!!<p/></p>

Did you guys see the medley in the inspiration MM your? Omg the management is stepping out if their game!! The animation and the lighting syncroniced with the choreography looks so neat! This quality is what MM deserves!!            

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Washing the others hair and wolfstar or jily

Sirius wrinkled his nose and held open the door. “Eugh, it smells like /virtue/ in here.”

It was a testament to how badly Remus must be feeling that he couldn’t muster the energy to crack a pity-smile or even an eye roll. He just shuffled in after him and sat down heavily on the lip of the sunken tub. The prefects bathroom was deserted at 2:30 in the morning and had that slightly foreboding feeling bathrooms get at night when it’s quiet enough to hear the pipes pinging quietly to one another. It smelled like humid air and old, faint, overlapping perfumes. Sirius had, of course, snuck in here before–any place he shouldn’t be is a place he had to be–but now he was in here with an actual prefect. Did that make it more or less exciting? Speaking of…

“Are you falling asleep over there?”

Remus was sagging forward so much Sirius couldn’t even see his head, just the hunched curvature of his back. “Yes,” he muttered, not moving.

Sirius heaved a melodramatic sigh at being prodded but secretly studied him with worry. The extra responsibilities of prefect that had begun at the start of this year, him catching the ridiculous run of fever that had spread through the school, stressing already about the impending O.W.L.S. had all coalesced into a particularly bad transformation this month. Usually he was in the Hospital Wing for the morning after, at most, to take care of the major, glaring injuries, though he often took the rest of the day off to sleep. 

Today, though, he had had to stay until dinner and came back dead-eyed and sunken looking. It was as he had fallen asleep curled up in front of the fire while the rest of them attempted homework that Sirius saw that Madame Pomfrey had missed a spot. A small mat in the back of his hair had stiffened into a cowlick. It would have been adorable if Sirius hadn’t known it was blood.

So, against frighteningly little protest–he would have thought it would be more fun that Remus couldn’t bring himself to argue–he had hauled them both here in the dead of Friday night for some forcible relaxation. He was going to relax, dammit, if Sirius had to drown him in bubbles to do it.  He marched over and began to twist every nozzle before hastily narrowing it down to just one stream of light, translucent green when Remus gave a nauseated moan of protest at the aromatic assault. When Sirius was satisfied this water wouldn’t do anything more offensive than produce a meek smell of chamomile and gold sparkles, he began to putter about with purpose. 

He locked the door, made a mountain of towels and robes next to Remus (he blinked owlishly at them),  briskly stripped both of them down, and upended Remus into the steaming water. Er…gently. He wasn’t aspirating, and that’s what mattered, right? Sirius managed to get them both situated with absolutely no help from Remus, thank you very much, maneuvering him about like a lifesized, slightly buoyant mannequin. Remus was up to his chin, now, seated on a lower step, and Sirius resisted his innate urge to dunk him under. They peered at each other for a few long moments, not quite sure what the other wanted. Sirius ventured, “How are you feeling?”


Remus blinked a few times, glanced around and then up at his boyfriend’s hopeful, tense face and hazarded, “Er…warm?” In a rusty voice.

For whatever reason, this seemed to satisfy him. He reached out and spun Remus while pulling him back against the step and himself. Remus was just about to try mustering enough strength to warn Sirius that if he tried anything lewd, he would make sure to fall asleep in the middle of it, when something cold smeared over the side of his scalp. He yelped– alright, it was more of a strangled, despairing squeak. 

“Whoops, sorry,” came from above him, there was a rustling and a mutter and when the hands came back, whatever it was–shampoo?–was delightfully warm and tingly. 

It took a few moments of smushing action going on in his hair before he determined– “Are you…washing my hair?“ 

The hands paused. “Is that alright?” Sirius asked, cautiously. 

Since he was definitely mourning the loss of the smushing, Remus supposed it was. “Mm. Lil’ slower…?” He managed to slur. 

The hands resumed, obeying, and resolved themselves into individual fingertips pressing gently when he closed his eyes, which he didn’t remember doing. 


He thought he answered. Couldn’t be sure–he grunted or something, right?–when gentle hand caught him around his forehead, that was drooping alarmingly close to the water, apparently. It pulled his head back to rest against Sirius’ chest, then dutifully went back up to his hair. The dual warmth of bath and boy seemed to be slowly seeping down toward his bones where Madame Pomfrey’s magic never seemed quite able to reach. He could feel each muscle fiber slowly unwinding. He could feel each blood-logged brain pulse slow. He could feel each neural pathway dull.

Yes. Good.


Another chapter in a one-shot, whaaa?? As always, thanks to the fantastically brilliant @elanev91 for putting up with my ceaseless questions and long-ass comments. 
It’s Harry+Ginny, of fucking course. Ao3 and

Ginny is watching Harry sleep. It isn’t creepy; she had just been asleep a few minutes ago, but now she isn’t, so she is watching him sleep. The dormitory is quiet, though bright sunlight is shining in through the windows. The room is deserted, and even as Ginny’s stomach growls, she wants only to lie here in Harry’s bed and watch him sleep.

The expression “sleeps like the dead” comes to mind, but since Ginny had, just yesterday, seen Harry actually dead, or apparently dead, she pushes the phrase from her mind. That had been perhaps the worst moment yesterday, seeing Harry in Hagrid’s arms. Well, the worst moment besides going into the Great Hall and finding her family gathered around Fred’s body. Seeing her brother dead, seeing his twin retch in agony… that was the worst part of yesterday. At least Harry had come back to life, back to her.

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The Day After (fratboy!Ethan x Reader)

Summary: You wake up the day after a huge frat party in a bedroom you don’t recognize with no memory of last nights antics at all. Turns out you ended up in Ethan’s room.

Word Count: 2,926

A/N: This is kind of a part 2 of Sigma Chi Boy but with Ethan and another “universe” I guess. I just wanted to write fratboy!Ethan too. Enjoy! Also, request anything, my ask is open! x

The distinct sound of a door slamming woke you up from your much needed sleep. You jerked awake, your eyes opening up automatically only for you to clench them closed.

“Fuck,” You swore, hissing under your breath as your head started pounding. Your whole body was sore, eyes burning under your lids from the brightness of them room and suddenly a wave of nausea hit you. What the hell happened last night? Your hands reached up for your tousled hair, wincing at the soreness.

For how long you laid there, you didn’t know. When you felt like you could sit up without wanting to vomit all over the place, you did just that, trying not to contort your face in pain too much because you found that the headache only increased while doing so. You peeked an eye open, taking in your surroundings and feeling confusion settle when you didn’t recognize the room nor the bed you were in. Blue walls, posters were pinned to the wall and was that… posters of hamsters? Where the hell have you ended up?

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Ferid & Crowley (Track 5)
Owari no Seraph
Ferid & Crowley (Track 5)

Translation of the Ferid and Crowley part of Track 5 from the Owari no Seraph drama CD. It’s everything that I hoped for and more. *_*;;;;

Thanks to ichigohaatsu for the help on the parts that gave me trouble!! :)

Ferid: Weeell then, it’s almost time for Mika-kun to come. I’m looking forward to it. Drinking human blood directly is the most delicious.

(door opens)

Ferid: Oh, he’s here.

Crowley: Hey Ferid-kun. Long time no see.

Ferid: Eh? It’s Crowley-kun? Why the sudden visit? I didn’t call for you.

Crowley: You did. It’s because I heard that you called for me that I came all the way here.

Ferid: Heh? Is that so. Then, thanks for your hard work. And…?

Crowley: “And”? That’s why I said you called for me.

Ferid: Ah I see. I called for you. I feel like there was something I needed you for.

Crowley: Could it be…you forgot?

Ferid: No no no, I didn’t forget. I remember! It’s that! I suddenly wanted to see your face.

Crowley: That kind of thing is impossible.

Ferid: It’s possible. I wanted to see your disgusted face just as you said “That kind of thing is impossible”.

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Marx critical injury angst prompt 

(reupload because for some reason it wasn’t behaving before)

You don’t know who started the fight or why, but you knew you needed to stop it, and fast. Lazwald burst into your room looking tense, blurting out that Marx was fighting with Prince Ryouma. A fight for the ages, and you had to end it.

“What in the world happened?” You demanded as you ran, rushing to find your husband and your half-brother.

“We’re not sure. Last I checked the Hoshido boy said something and Marx had the sword out before we could say anything.”

“He challenged Ryouma?” Your heart sank to your stomach. It only grew worse when you heard the swords clashing, a crowd of soldiers gathering around them. This was bad.

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prompt - a fight has been going on for too long and Flashs metabolism has been acting up lately anyway causing his body to give out on him. Of course Bats is there. Would love you forever? <3

theres a lot of stuff i wanted to do with this and i think im going to come back to this a lot when i get a chance but i hope this is okay! it kind of got away from me? thank you so much for the prompt and i read your tags when you reblog and they make me so happy!!!

“Eat something,” Batman remarked gruffly as they all entered the station. Flash rolled his eyes, pulling off his hood and looking over as the other man sat down in the chair facing the monitors.

“Yeah, mom,” Wally responded with a sigh before yawning and proving Bruce’s point. Bruce made a noise that sounded like a snort, and he heard Clark chuckle from behind them. Wally puffed out his cheeks as he headed towards the dining room.

An alarm went off behind them then, blaring from the monitor just Wally pulled out some leftover pizza from their conference the night before.

“We have to head out,” called Clark from the other room. Wally made a whining noise and sandwiched two slices before stuffing them in his mouth. He looked at the other four he’d intended on eating. Sighing, he shut the fridge door, turning back towards the hall and focused on chewing.

Hopefully this didn’t take too long.

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So who wants to hear about the menstrual management headcanon my squad and I came up with last night regarding the ladies of Overwatch?

I would also ask if you’re surprised that I’m partially responsible for coming up with menstrual management headcanon, but I’m pretty sure the answer is “nobody”, considering how often I talk about it.

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soumako + 100: "I'm a lot of things that you wouldn't expect."

Of course I had to turn this into a florist x tattoo artist AU. Because I’m trash. And of course I had to get really, REALLY carried away. Dammit, anon. You asked for a drabble and you get a novel, you lil punk.


The pretty, pretty boy with the piercings and the ivy tattoo came to Sousuke’s flower shop with the first blossoms of spring. 

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15 ladrien?

Hope We Don’t Get Caught Kiss - Ladrien

This was so much fun to write! I kind of went in the direction of “I hope you don’t get us caught while I tease you” trope, but it’s kind of along the lines of hope we don’t get caught. Hope you enjoy!

“Adrien…” Her voice was barely more than a sigh against his neck, but it still sent shivers racing down his spine.

“Please,” he whispered into the soft skin of her jaw. “Say my name again.”

“Adrien,” she murmured, nudging his cheek and turning to catch his lips in another deep kiss. His lips were already tingling with the aftermath of her first, bruising kiss, but Adrien couldn’t complain. How could he? He was being kissed by Ladybug.

She brushed a thumb over his cheekbone, gently parting his lips with her tongue and delicately tasting him. He melted into her, resting his hands on her hips. Ladybug’s head was swimming, drunk on the sight, smell, and sensation of Adrien all around her. She sank in closer, the warmth radiating from him nearly searing her through her thin suit.

She dragged her fingers over his scalp, eagerly swallowing his soft moans as she tugged him closer. His response to her still amazed her. The way she could reduce him to a blushing, begging mess was beyond empowering. It was intoxicating.

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Save Me - Chapter 84

Coming out of the bathroom together, Jared walked over to my side of the bed, pulling the blankets back. I slipped beneath them and felt my eyes closing as soon as my head hit the pillow.

“I’m going to put our phones on the charger, I’ll be right back.” He said, pulling the blankets around me then tucking me in. I was barely conscious but managed an ‘mm-k’. I faintly heard him laugh as I felt hand smooth my hair then his warm lips on my forehead.

“Good Night, baby girl.”

A short time later, or at least I think it was a short time later, I felt the bed dip as Jared slipped between the blankets. Wrapping his body around mine as I laid on my side, he pulled me into him. I could feel him nuzzle his nose in my hair as his breath floated across my bare shoulder. Intertwining our fingers, I brought his hand to my lips, giving it a kiss then tucking it under my chin.

The last thought I remember having before I drifted off to sleep was that THIS is how I want to fall asleep, every, single night.

I rolled over, the warmth of the morning sun heating the bedroom as I began feeling my stiff muscles ache with even the slightest movement. So far, this lifestyle change has been a serious workout! Without opening my eyes, I stretched my arm across the bed towards Jared’s side, hoping to feel his skin instead of cool sheets like I did yesterday morning.

“Good Morning, beautiful.” He mumbled, his voice still raspy from sleep as he clasped my hand in his.

He was awake but still in bed with me, I was so happy. “Come here, baby girl..” Jared whispered.

Dragging me across the bed by my hand, he pulled me into his embrace. Chest against chest, I melted into him. Tucking my forehead against his neck, I took a breath, inhaling his scent deep in my lungs. I felt him move his leg over mine, every inch of his body touched every inch of mine.

We relaxed comfortably into each other, our eyes still closed, enjoying each second of the quietness that was surrounding us. My arm was draped across his hip and I wrapped my hand around his back holding him close. Kissing my forehead, he began to lazily graze his fingers over up and down my spine.

“As much as I’d love to stay in bed all day, breakfast will be here soon.” He told me.

“When did you order breakfast? Were you up already?”

“I ordered last night. When I grabbed the phones, the card was by the door. I thought it would be nice not to have to worry about it this morning.”

“You think of everything, don’t you….” I said with a little giggle.

“Mmmmm, I try.” He chuckled back, “Come on, baby, time to get up.”

He was telling me to get up but wasn’t moving a muscle himself. His arms were still tightly wrapped around my body, holding me to him. That was fine with me though, I wasn’t ready to move just yet either..

His open hand began to roam across my back and I peeked open my eyes. His were still closed, his long eyelashes resting against his cheek. Lifting my chest from his and untucking my head to lay on the pillow, I placed my hand on his hip then slipped it up his chest. A slight smile graced his lips.

“It’s time to get up.” I whispered, as I just barely grazed his chest with my fingertips.

His nipples hardened as my nail passed over it. “Mmmm, you’re more awake than me, I think.” He responded, rolling just a little bit away from me, giving my fingertips more room to roam.

I softly kissed his cheek, working my way down his neck and across the upper part of his arm as my fingers continued to tickle his chest. His left arm was still under my head and as I lifted it off, he tangled his fingers in my hair. Most of his body was still quietly resting…. Below the blankets however, was very much awake.

Kissing back across his arm to his cheek, I debated with myself. I wanted to kiss down his chest and sink between his knees. I wanted to take him in my mouth and slowly wake him up with pleasure. I was torn though. This could be a fun, light, sexy moment but it could turn drastically wrong very quickly. Should I just go for it or do I ask permission? In this moment, were we Dominant and submissive or just Jared and Vivie?

As I peppered light kisses on his neck, he rolled a little bit further onto his back. I made the decision to just go for it. But, if it seemed like he wants me to stop in any way, I would not hesitate to do as he says. I didn’t want to start today off like I did yesterday.

Without speaking a word, I placed a kiss in the center of his collarbone as I pushed myself up a little higher on my hands. I slipped my leg between his and with my lips on his chest applied a little pressure, hinting for him to roll completely onto his back. Jared’s fingers were still twisted in my hair and as we moved together, he took the arm that was around me and bent it behind his head.

Now that he was on his back, he spread his legs wider so that I could move myself on top of him. Jared’s semi-hard cock was pressed into my tummy. Coming up on my hands and lifting my chest completely off of him, I bent to kiss his lips. So far so good. His eyes were still closed but the slight smile he had earlier was still there too.

I began to randomly kiss down his chest, purposely grazing just the very tips of my nipples against his skin as I made my way down his body.

“Mmmmmm, baby girl,” he quietly murmured as my kisses made their way across his tummy and my nipples grazed his thighs, “what are you up to?”

Lifting my lips from low on his tummy, “I’m just trying to wake you up, breakfast should be here soon.” I said, tracing the veins on his tummy with the tip of my tongue as I disappeared under the blankets.

Swimming?: Michael Smut

a/n: Okay so this is for Ha1sey (bc she asked someone to write it) I would just like to say this is my first time writing smut so sorry if its shitty!

Summary: Michael walks in on you changing and doesnt regret a thing

“You can change in the guest bathroom, Y/N” Ashton spoke “We’ll wait for you in the living room”
“Thanks Ash. I was going swimming with my boyfriend, Michael, and his band. It was a hot day and all I wanted to do was get into the water and cool down.
I opened the door to the small bathroom and began to strip down changing into my swim clothes. I wore a red polka dot bikini top and black swim bottoms that rest on my hips. I then turned my back to the mirror, to tie the straps of the top around my neck.
“I’ll be righ- oh shit sorry babe, I didn’t realize you were in here” Michael said as he opened the door. “But I’m not sorry for walking in on you” he winked, checking me out, before walking up to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and puling me into a hug. He kissed the top of my head and then moved down to kiss behind my ear, and hummed against my skin. “You’re so beautiful”
“You’re a perv Michael” I laughed “can you help me?” I questioned turning around and pulling my hair away from my neck. “Just tie it in a knot please”
He chuckled and did as I asked, before running his fingertips down my spine. “I love your skin”
“You sound like a fucking serial killer Mike” You laughed
“Shut up” He grinned before running his hands down my curves and rested his hands on my hips. He peppered small wet kisses down my neck, and I let out a soft moan. “Someone’s excited”
I turned to face him and wrapped my arms around his neck, before placing a kiss on his lips. He moved his hands around my waist and pulled me closer to him, and he deepened the kiss. His tongue slid over my lips, as they parted slightly. His large arms pulled me closer to him so our bodies were now pressed together. He pushed me back into the counter, our bodies and lips still attached. I could feel his member growing harder through his swim trunks, as he shoved his body into mine.
“Michael” I moaned
“Sushh princess. You have to be quite. The lads are right outside.” He whispered
“mm-hum” I managed to squeak out
He fiddled with the edges of my swim bottoms and looked at me, waiting for a nod of consent. A light nod of my head, triggered him to yank them down before he connected his lips to mine again. “Baby” he breathed, as he moved a hand down to rub over my clit.
“Mike” I moaned
“We have to be quiet kitten” he whispered against my lips, and he continued to move his hand against me. He moved his hands to cup my ass, and pushed his lips against the crook of my neck. “Pull down my shorts princess” He mumbled against my skin.
I fiddled with the hem of his shorts before pulling them down, and lightly running my hands over his length. “Don’t tease baby” he groaned “open your legs”
I did as he instructed, spreading my legs slightly, as he lifted my leg, and pushed into me. We both groaned at the interaction. “Michael move” I whispered
“Jump baby girl” He instructed
I did as he said, wrapping my legs around his middle as he placed his hands under my ass. “Oh baby girl you feel so good” he moaned into my neck. His hips thrust in quick movements, as I wrapped my arms around his neck and let out a loud moan.
“Quiet baby girl, or I’ll stop moving” he mumbled into my skin, and lightly slapped my butt.
“Mike” I squeaked as he pressed my body against the wall, allowing him to thrust deeper and harder into me. He pushed my legs up, allowing me to pull myself closer to him as he thrust faster. The sounds of our skin slapping filled the small restroom as I bit down on my lip, suppressing my moans.
“Y/N! Are you almost done getting ready? What’s taking so long?” A voice yelled from outside
I let out a light gasp, before struggling out “I-I’m almost done”
I pressed my forehead to Michaels and let out a deep breath, as I raked my hands through his hair. He swallowed hard and bit down on his lip suppressing a groan. “Mm- I’m going to cum baby. Are you going to cum with me” I nodded against his forehead.
“Yeah, you want to cum together princess?” He whispered, and began to thrust upward. “Remember to be a good girl and stay quiet” He grumbled “You ready?”
His thrusts speed up, as I felt him throbbing inside me. “Let go baby girl” he moaned, as we both released, he rode out our highs. My legs slowly shook and moved from around him, as he pulled out.
“You okay?” He cooed
I nodded, and knelt down to pick up both our bottoms, handing him his as I got up.
“That was so hot” he breathed out, wrapping his arms around my waist. We both fixed our outfits before slowly cracking open the door and sliding out.
“What were both of you doing in there?” Calum asked cocking his eyebrows
“Getting ready, mate. What else?”
“Well now we know what took so long” Ashton laughed ruffling Michael’s already messy hair.
“Let’s go to the pool now and have some fun, shall we?” Michael suggested
“I think you guys already had your fun, but sure” Ashton laughed before walking to the door of the house.