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Mystic Messenger Fanfic: Kingdom of Words

Pairing: Saeran/MC

Rating: G

Other places to read: AO3

This fic is a gift to @an-ambivalent! I’m one of your @mystic-messenger-secret-santa (the mysterious anon hihi) :3 Sorry this is so late, dear! I tried to include as many of your preferences as I could, so I hope you enjoy this not so small fic I wrote for you ♥

The first time the words appeared on Saeran’s arm, he panicked. His only warning had been a warm, itchy sensation that’d made him look down, only to find a black scribble on his skin.

Can you see this?

He screamed. He couldn’t help it - as much as he rubbed, the words wouldn’t come off, nor did his hand get dirty with ink. Saeyoung rushed to his side, eyes wide, but once Saeran explained what was wrong, he hesitated, his gaze fixed at the point where Saeran could see the dark words in stark contrast against his reddened skin.

“I can’t see anything, Saeran.”

Before Saeran could process what Saeyoung had said, their mother came. He should’ve excpected it, should’ve known better than to make so much noise. His ears hurt with her screams, louder than his own; still, he tried reaching her - arm extended, he tried telling her about the words, tried asking her what they meant.

His only answer were two days without food, getting by with only the scraps Saeyoung managed to sneak him behind their mother’s back.

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Guess who got work done? Not me, but someone out there did, so congrats to them!!
—  707 to Vanderwood
  • 707: Ugh! Today is the worst day ever!
  • Yoosung: Is it because you can't focus on your work, since you're so worried about MC and all you'd been doing is making robot pets while dropping lowkey hints that you have feelings for her??
  • 707: No, because it's a little humid-... OF COURSE! It's because I can't focus on my work, since I'm so worried about MC and all I'd been doing is making robot pets while dropping lowkey hints that I have feelings for he- WAIT WHAT!?!?
Save Me - Chapter 84

Coming out of the bathroom together, Jared walked over to my side of the bed, pulling the blankets back. I slipped beneath them and felt my eyes closing as soon as my head hit the pillow.

“I’m going to put our phones on the charger, I’ll be right back.” He said, pulling the blankets around me then tucking me in. I was barely conscious but managed an ‘mm-k’. I faintly heard him laugh as I felt hand smooth my hair then his warm lips on my forehead.

“Good Night, baby girl.”

A short time later, or at least I think it was a short time later, I felt the bed dip as Jared slipped between the blankets. Wrapping his body around mine as I laid on my side, he pulled me into him. I could feel him nuzzle his nose in my hair as his breath floated across my bare shoulder. Intertwining our fingers, I brought his hand to my lips, giving it a kiss then tucking it under my chin.

The last thought I remember having before I drifted off to sleep was that THIS is how I want to fall asleep, every, single night.

I rolled over, the warmth of the morning sun heating the bedroom as I began feeling my stiff muscles ache with even the slightest movement. So far, this lifestyle change has been a serious workout! Without opening my eyes, I stretched my arm across the bed towards Jared’s side, hoping to feel his skin instead of cool sheets like I did yesterday morning.

“Good Morning, beautiful.” He mumbled, his voice still raspy from sleep as he clasped my hand in his.

He was awake but still in bed with me, I was so happy. “Come here, baby girl..” Jared whispered.

Dragging me across the bed by my hand, he pulled me into his embrace. Chest against chest, I melted into him. Tucking my forehead against his neck, I took a breath, inhaling his scent deep in my lungs. I felt him move his leg over mine, every inch of his body touched every inch of mine.

We relaxed comfortably into each other, our eyes still closed, enjoying each second of the quietness that was surrounding us. My arm was draped across his hip and I wrapped my hand around his back holding him close. Kissing my forehead, he began to lazily graze his fingers over up and down my spine.

“As much as I’d love to stay in bed all day, breakfast will be here soon.” He told me.

“When did you order breakfast? Were you up already?”

“I ordered last night. When I grabbed the phones, the card was by the door. I thought it would be nice not to have to worry about it this morning.”

“You think of everything, don’t you….” I said with a little giggle.

“Mmmmm, I try.” He chuckled back, “Come on, baby, time to get up.”

He was telling me to get up but wasn’t moving a muscle himself. His arms were still tightly wrapped around my body, holding me to him. That was fine with me though, I wasn’t ready to move just yet either..

His open hand began to roam across my back and I peeked open my eyes. His were still closed, his long eyelashes resting against his cheek. Lifting my chest from his and untucking my head to lay on the pillow, I placed my hand on his hip then slipped it up his chest. A slight smile graced his lips.

“It’s time to get up.” I whispered, as I just barely grazed his chest with my fingertips.

His nipples hardened as my nail passed over it. “Mmmm, you’re more awake than me, I think.” He responded, rolling just a little bit away from me, giving my fingertips more room to roam.

I softly kissed his cheek, working my way down his neck and across the upper part of his arm as my fingers continued to tickle his chest. His left arm was still under my head and as I lifted it off, he tangled his fingers in my hair. Most of his body was still quietly resting…. Below the blankets however, was very much awake.

Kissing back across his arm to his cheek, I debated with myself. I wanted to kiss down his chest and sink between his knees. I wanted to take him in my mouth and slowly wake him up with pleasure. I was torn though. This could be a fun, light, sexy moment but it could turn drastically wrong very quickly. Should I just go for it or do I ask permission? In this moment, were we Dominant and submissive or just Jared and Vivie?

As I peppered light kisses on his neck, he rolled a little bit further onto his back. I made the decision to just go for it. But, if it seemed like he wants me to stop in any way, I would not hesitate to do as he says. I didn’t want to start today off like I did yesterday.

Without speaking a word, I placed a kiss in the center of his collarbone as I pushed myself up a little higher on my hands. I slipped my leg between his and with my lips on his chest applied a little pressure, hinting for him to roll completely onto his back. Jared’s fingers were still twisted in my hair and as we moved together, he took the arm that was around me and bent it behind his head.

Now that he was on his back, he spread his legs wider so that I could move myself on top of him. Jared’s semi-hard cock was pressed into my tummy. Coming up on my hands and lifting my chest completely off of him, I bent to kiss his lips. So far so good. His eyes were still closed but the slight smile he had earlier was still there too.

I began to randomly kiss down his chest, purposely grazing just the very tips of my nipples against his skin as I made my way down his body.

“Mmmmmm, baby girl,” he quietly murmured as my kisses made their way across his tummy and my nipples grazed his thighs, “what are you up to?”

Lifting my lips from low on his tummy, “I’m just trying to wake you up, breakfast should be here soon.” I said, tracing the veins on his tummy with the tip of my tongue as I disappeared under the blankets.

Let Me Help You (continued)


Len set his phone aside on the counter and kept working. Iris stood beside him at the stove, idly stirring the shell noodles as they cooked, while Len himself cut the tomatoes and opened cans of whole corn. “He’s still tied up,” Len murmured and limped over to the other side of the stove to start the range under the ground sirloin.

Iris chuckled. “I never thought of you as being so… domestic.”

“I raised my sister, remember?”

“Mm,” was all she managed to say on the matter because a gust of air and crackle of energy heralded Barry’s return. He looked fresh from the shower.


So personally, between 

1. Elounor breakup

2. Louis’ (and Eleanor’s) new-found freedom on social media suggesting their contract termination relieved them of previous restrictions

3. Eleanor unfollowing Louis on instagram

4. Larry Coca Cola commercial (directed by an open LGBTQ advocate, and supported by Irving Azoff’s company)

5. Modest! taking 1D off their site

I can only logically believe that Modest is truly on there way out. We won’t know until it’s official, but to me this seems highly likely. There’s too many tips leaning towards an Azoff takeover