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I made these Mystic Messenger A6 Size Print and was really suprised that it quickly sold out (; 7 ;)
Thank you for those who purchased it >_<

  • 707:Ugh! Today is the worst day ever!
  • Yoosung:Is it because you can't focus on your work, since you're so worried about MC and all you'd been doing is making robot pets while dropping lowkey hints that you have feelings for her??
  • 707:No, because it's a little humid-... OF COURSE! It's because I can't focus on my work, since I'm so worried about MC and all I'd been doing is making robot pets while dropping lowkey hints that I have feelings for he- WAIT WHAT!?!?

So personally, between 

1. Elounor breakup

2. Louis’ (and Eleanor’s) new-found freedom on social media suggesting their contract termination relieved them of previous restrictions

3. Eleanor unfollowing Louis on instagram

4. Larry Coca Cola commercial (directed by an open LGBTQ advocate, and supported by Irving Azoff’s company)

5. Modest! taking 1D off their site

I can only logically believe that Modest is truly on there way out. We won’t know until it’s official, but to me this seems highly likely. There’s too many tips leaning towards an Azoff takeover 

I just wanted people to get this info too. As I grew up in the nineties and the Stone Roses were a huge influence on The British scène of that time, I recognized the shirt - I also knew the documentary - but fourcryingoutloud is right: it is an interesting story in reference to 1D. Not necessarily because Louis meant this as a reference - Stone Roses are just a really cool band - like Joy Division etc, the other stuff he wears t-shirts of. But it’s significant in the sense that they had so much trouble with their management and contract that, by the time they got out of it, their ‘wave’ had passed. Pretty sure this story was at the back of my head when I wrote a post about why it would be wiser for Louis and Harry to sit out a three (or five) year contract with MM and then change managements rather than try to break free early, even if the conditions are homophobic and murdering. Legal trouble in cases like these can mean a dent in or the end of one’s career for all the wrong reasons.

Let Me Help You (continued)


Len set his phone aside on the counter and kept working. Iris stood beside him at the stove, idly stirring the shell noodles as they cooked, while Len himself cut the tomatoes and opened cans of whole corn. “He’s still tied up,” Len murmured and limped over to the other side of the stove to start the range under the ground sirloin.

Iris chuckled. “I never thought of you as being so… domestic.”

“I raised my sister, remember?”

“Mm,” was all she managed to say on the matter because a gust of air and crackle of energy heralded Barry’s return. He looked fresh from the shower.