Mystic Messenger prints for atoa! these were so much fun to do, i love painting different skies ;u;


Demons - 707′s (song) doujinshi (1/3)

(left to right)

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Well, it’s true that I’m excited about V’s route… yes! I really want to play it… yes!.
BUT! god (and god seven) knows that the only one in my heart is Saeyoung! my beautiful tomato head! *__*

Anyways, this is my first doujinshi!! (song doujinshi?) so full of spoilers! haha So if you haven’t played the 707’s route… better do not read it hahaha

One day I was listening to “Demons” by Imagine Dragons and I thought
“OMG! This is Seven’s story!! And what about the missions as secret agent? I want to see more!” So, the doujinshi was born hehe This is the 1sth part of 3 (I’m doing all the song) It’s the first time that I seriously dedicate myself to making a comic, so I’m happy! ^^  I’m open to comments too!!
I’m already working on the second part, so if you like it, I would be SO happy if you let me know! That would give me a lot of encouragement!

Thanks for watching!!

By the way! I’ll also upload this in the Delirus account. Please visit us there too!!

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The Right to Love

I did a lot of procrastinating and thinking and this is the result! Thank you for taking the time to read it :’)

I feel like sometimes we neglect Cheritz’s kindness. Like all of this cost money to make and yet they offer it to us for free, and instead of being money-hungry they constantly provide us with hourglasses to make sure we have enough to continue playing. And then they donate a sum of their earnings to charity??? Wtf we don’t deserve this I’m so grateful for Cheritz y'all are my true ending