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Hello! So, asks are open for a bit? Hope i wasn't too late to the party... If it's still open how about (general fluffy) headcanons on MC with werewolf! RFA (+ Minor trio if you do them)? If the asks are closed the you can ignore this. Thank you :3

A/N: aaaa they were open when you sent it love, no worries ^^ I will do my best here, im sorry if its short!! but i didnt wanna get repetitive or anything!! and i dont know too much about werewolves /heck pls i really hope its okay im Anxiety™/ ^^;



               -Honestly? I can see it

               -But instead of some big, bad, scary werewolf he?? Was like a giant puppy??

               -‘Cause it doesn’t change his personality too much in all honesty. Maybe this is why he’s such a puppy in person as well?

               -You have to watch him though, because he likes to run around and takes off after things like squirrels. Really likes to go (where it’s safe) and play around with you. Fetch? You betcha.

               -Seriously is not scary. Not at all. He can try, but nope. He even has puppy dog eyes. Weren’t werewolves supposed to be scary??


               -The /best/ looking werewolf

               -Like you’ve seen those dog shows?? How they’re gorgeous dogs?? If there was a Werewolf Edition™, he would win.

               -His red eyes can actually be really scary in werewolf form, so you try not to upset him. Most of the time though, he tries to give you “The Beast” eyes. It doesn’t work. It does, however, make you giggle every time and that’s good enough for him

               -He has The Prettiest™ white fur and he needs you to take care of it for him. Brush, shampoo, anything to keep up with it. He’ll even let you braid or put bows in his fur, so long as you take them out. They looked pretty spaced out when he’s in wolf form but once he’s back to human form the amount of clips and things actually hurts his head

               -Wolf howls and makes all /sorts/ of wolf innuendos at you while in human form because he knows he can control himself well enough to do so


               -Werewolves can be energetic and really determined but she just wants to sleep

               -With all the shit she puts up with all day and going through the transformation she just wants to cRAWL INTO BED

               -So she does. You’re in it too? Too bad. Large wolf cuddles for you. ‘Cause uh, she wants to sleep too.

               -Sometimes she’s awake enough and will feel bad so she curls up like a normal dog at the foot of the bed but honestly feels much better laying up with you

               -Seriously though it’s her favourite thing? Whether in her wolf form or not? Cuddling? Cuddle her, MC, please. She’s always a sweetheart? How is this even possible?


               -The Proper One™

               -Honestly, just as classy in wolf form as he is in human form

               -Hear me out, he also has this dominant way he presents himself. Like, he’s the alpha. Any dogs within a certain amount of miles /know/ it. They can feel it. They can feel it when he’s just human form as well. There’s just that aura around him

               -But not with you. He’s a big softy. At first you were really concerned for Elizabeth but she just rubs on him? That is the one canine-like being that she will ever enjoy. He still demands the high quality of meats to eat in this form too. He has tried at one point to use utensils in this form too, he gets frustrated. Also likes if you put a tie on him. Why aren’t any of these werewolves scary wtf did you watch the right horror movies MC?

               -10/10 will fight Zen in this form you gotta watch out


               -The type to return to human form and just walk around for hours after, in the nude

               -Tries to scare you every time. You can’t count how many times he’s been dramatic in his change or how many times he’s tackled you, growling, pretending like he’s going to bite

               -Honestly you’ve learned to just lightly tap him on the nose with a newspaper and he turns into another giant puppy. Please don’t get him and Yoosung together. They’ll wreck the house.

               -Always wants to play wrestle with you. Always. But sometimes he miscalculates the fact that he is a lot stronger than you. If he hurts you even in /the slightest/ way, he’ll take off outside (obviously making sure you aren’t seriously injured first) and won’t come back until he changes back. Then he’s all apologies, practically begging you to forgive him, constantly kissing all over your face

               -On his calmer days, he likes to try and sit on your lap. Has that 'big dog’ syndrome where he thinks he’s a lap dog and refuses to acknowledge that he clearly does not fit


               -Skiddish!!! I’m talking for the longest time he would physically sprint away from you and you’d find him hours later attempting to hide under the bed and it being a disaster.

               -I’m sure after a while he’d warm up to you and just quietly follow you around

               -I’m talking, you’re cooking in the kitchen? He’s there silently begging. You’re on the couch? He’s against your hip just like a normal dog. What is /wrong/ with all of these werewolves. Might as well have been puppies, amiright?

               -No but really he is 10/10 willing to protect you. Knock at the door? Growling scary enough you have to tell the person that you were watching a scary movie.

               -Belly rubs!!!!!! Will roll around like /the biggest/ idiot, knocking everything over in the process and sheepishly apologizing later on for not being able to help clean it


               -He tries to constantly growl at you and bare his teeth, trying to be intimidating so you’ll leave him alone because 1. he feels vulnerable and awkward and 2. what if he hurts you without meaning to?

               -Though you’re always hanging yourself all over him because he’s “cute” and he just learned to get used to it

               -Seriously he really likes head pats and behind the ear scratches and will crawl into your lap like his brother would until you give him that sort of attention. Fuzzy blankets somewhere? He’s curled up on one. He also likes to sit outside and just howl, it’s like screaming at the void, but in dog form

               -Honestly will sleep most of the time unless he’s trying to be alpha male and “protect” you from Saeyoung

               -Saeyoung just playfully tackles and sits on him though that poor baby he tries so hard


               -The Most Intimidating One™

               -Would rather be alone because? It’s a sensitive time okay, he can get really grumpy

               -I’m talking growling, fangs showing, maybe even some of that like… gross angry drool but he’s extremely grateful when you clean it up off the floor because? Ew that’s gross. Does not want.

               -He will let you sit with him outside, though. If he’s sitting outside, it’s a calm time for him, and you’re more than welcome to sit too. Maybe even pet his head a little bit. BUT ONLY A LITTLE BIT. NO MORE.

               -I feel like he would get really embarrassed if he changed back in front of you? Like BAM HERE’S ME NAKED, and I think as much as he plays it off like he’s cool with it, inside he’s like, “did MC /really/ just see… everything?”


Headcanons that broke my heart

Spoilers and my personal opinion ahead, it’s completely fine if you disagree with me but please be respectful.

  1. Seven plays rude with Elly because he probably has never played with a cat before, or actually any animal.
  2. When Jumin stops MC from living the apartment (you know, when he does the Kabe don) he didn’t realize it was a bad thing until he saw her face. He just did it because he saw it in a soap opera, actually most of things he does in the relationship are from things he had seen in T.V.
  3. V constantly compares MC with Rika, then he regrets it profusely because he knows he shouldn’t do it.
  4. Zen loves acting but he also loves MC, this leads to many fights between the two of them and it’s difficult for him to find a balance between family/love and work.
  5. Jaehee never celebrated her birthday when she lived with her aunt and uncle, she doesn’t have a lot of friends while living on her own and rarely gets any gifts, that’s one of the reasons she cries when Zen gave her the present on her route.
  6. Yoosung doesn’t love his job like he should, he has breakdowns during studying when he realizes this but never said a thing to anyone because they all thought he loves what he does.
  7. Saeran has nightmares of becoming like Rika because he has his own demons and darkness like she used to say.

I have no idea why I thought of this ;-; I really don’t like angst. I should do a fluffy post :/

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Jumin's reaction to MC just being an actor from an enemy CEO and she was just there to get info out of him and on the day of the party she goes missing and the info about his personal life is revealed and he's labeled as a freak or weirdo (with his cat, being a control freak etc) with their eye witness being MC?

  • i will add a little drama here hehe 
  • okay he was really happy that you joined the RFA 
  • you made everyone happy 
  • specially him 
  • and even when he acted a bit overprotective about you, you were there 
  • so this night ha was planning to thank you 
  • but you where no where to be seen 
  • and Zen was saying some words to the guests 
  • so he started looking for you 
  • he was sure you were at the party 
  • “Assistant Kang, have you seen MC?” 
  • “I think she came outside for some air just a moment ago” 
  • and he did went outside 
  • but you weren’t there 
  • so he decided to wait inside until you came back 
  • of course you didn’t appeared 
  • and…
  • “Mr. Han!! we have a problem. Look at this”
  • Jaehee came with her phone and some weird page on it 
  • there was some news about him 
  • Jumin Han a cat lover and control freak
  • most of them looked like that
  • of course he was in shook 
  • how could they know such a thing 
  • maybe…? 
  • no, MC wasn’t like that 
  • he was sure 
  • he trusted MC 
  • the party ended 
  • and a day passed 
  • Jumin’s name was everywhere 
  • newspapers tv even radio
  • but he was more worried about you 
  • called a million times 
  • and texted even more 
  • and a week after that he was no where to be seen 
  • working from home since the press was still outside his house 
  • and Jaehee had more and more work to do 
  • this was a mess
  • the chat became basically zen, yoosung and 707 asking where you where
  • but you decided to call him 
  • “Jumin… I’m sorry” 
  • “I don’t understand you, why are you apologizing?” 
  • “The news… it was me. I was an actress, I was doing my job. Please forgive me” 
  • “So it was really you.”
  • “Please try to understand… it was work” 
  • “I do understand, I’m a business man. And everyone know after you finish your work you don’t need any more contact with it… So please don’t call me again.”
  • “No… Jumin, listen to me..”
  • but it was already too late 
  • Cumin came back to work after the press left his house 
  • later he became the “cat lover” in business 
  • it wasn’t that bad 
  • tons of cats companies called him to work with him 
  • Elizabeth became an icon 


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Searan laughter (Have a beautiful day/night)

You too, sunshine~

6. Laughter for Saeran

It’s never easy to make him laugh. Even if you tried so many times, it seems almost impossible.

You tried to tell him a joke. But he only raised his eyebrow at you, clearly annoyed by the poor attempt.

You decided to tickle him. He almost punched you when you touched his ribs. You never tried again.

You thought that maybe showing him funny cat videos would do, and yes, he did watch them, with that stern, focused look on his face.

You even tried doing something stupid, but he seemed almost bored with it, telling you to stop fooling around. 

Only Saeyoung seemed fascinated by the way you moved frying pans in the air as if they were swords.

So he came closer to join you…

…Only to get hit by one of them, straight in the face.


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