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random but always relevant: you know how a lot of people go on about how viktor speaking russian in bed with yuuri would make him blush and be such a kink (which yes, same, and very important lol), but what about yuuri speaking japanese, either if it just slips out or if viktor asks him to, i just can't at yuuri whining 'kimochii' ('that feels good') or 'hayaku!' ('faster!') etc, as viktor tries not to come just from hearing yuuri's whimpering voice *eyes emoji*

On that first plane ride to Hasetsu, Victor split his time between telling the lovely old woman sitting across the aisle from him about how he was on his way to find the love of his life and tripping over his own tongue while he sounded out the words in the Russian-to-Japanese dictionary he’d picked up at the airport. The pages were crammed with chaos: alphabets broken and bent into new shapes, words that had fifty different characters with one meaning, L’s rolling into unfamiliar R’s that barely found purchase in his mouth. When he finally saw Yuuri, the declaration the kind woman on his flight had helped him prepare—Iしてるの君—had turned tail and fled, leaving him to take the coward’s way out by switching to English and rattling off something about being Yuuri’s coach. That night, ensconced in his little room, he read his dictionary from cover to cover by the light of his phone, whispering every word aloud until the first rays of Japanese morning crept in to goad him into getting off his ass and trying again.

His trusty dictionary has seen some things; its pages are crinkled and ripped, dogeared into deformity, and the cover threatens to just up and disintegrate if he so much as looks at it wrong. It’s been his only line of defense the past year, a wrecking ball wielded in the face of countless cultural barriers, and he knows it so well that he could probably recite every single word by page number and line. Except one.

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thank you!! this was a cute one, i spent a lot more time on V and Saeran’s because aNGELS and my favorites lolol whoops


- Out of everyone, he understands the most? He’s in the musical arts himself so most likely it’ll go both ways, sometimes he’ll be gone for awhile and sometimes you’ll be away as well. It does get lonely.. But he loves snapchat more than anything so honestly you feel like you’re there with him lolol, even if it is just him sending a billion selfies.

- He likes to sleep cuddled up against a pillow while on the phone with you— It makes him feel like you’re really there, it’s comforting. He misses you a lot, and tells you this. But he hopes you’re having fun.. Now he knows how you feel when he’s gone for a long time. It’s horrible.

- Watches youtube videos of your performances if you have any up while you’re working, He likes to see the way you act; its like inspiration for himself. Plus he misses you a lot.. It’s almost like you’re back singing in the kitchen again when he listens to them mindlessly.


- He doesn’t like it too much, but he’s a business man which equals LOTS of trips for him as well, so it’s only fair for him to accept you having to go away sometimes. He just misses you a lot, he’s not overly clingy but he still calls often– Asking all about your day and how you’ve been. He likes to hear your voice before he sleeps.

- Sleeps cuddled with Elizabeth the 3rd– Obviously she’s loving it since he barely even snuggles her anymore, you’ve taken her place lolol

- Not one for video chatting nor snapchat but might get into it if going on trips is a frequent thing. He finds it difficult to work out though, usually all you can see is the top of his forehead. Move the camera, Jumin..

- Desperately wants to send bodyguards with you– Please let him, even if it’s just one or two. It’ll be such a comfort to him to know you’re protected even so far away.


- Such a sweetheart about it, gives you a proper send off with lots of love and kisses before he watches you go. It’s really sad for him, he’s lonely and never realized how he even survived without you around. He finds himself saying “Hey, MC–” and going to talk to you before realizing you’re not there.. Almost cries whenever that happens because he misses you so much.

- Makes sure you bring your laptop so that you and him can play LOLOL together when you get done with your work. He likes to talk with you on the headset and ask about your day and how you’re doing. He always says he’s doing fine, even though he’s really not. He misses you tons.. It’s hard to say goodbye– even if it’s not forever.

- Lisa keeps him company, whenever he’s lonely, she likes to curl up in his lap and chew on his knuckles to get him to pet her. Seven drops by and bugs him sometimes too, usually crashing on the couch and watching some movies before going back home. It’s still nice that he’s not ALL alone. He’s counting the days until you get back though, Seven claims ’ he can cuddle yoosungie to keep him company ~ ’ but Yoosung just squeals and runs away. No way he’s letting Seven’s greasy little fingers touch him in anyway.


- She understands, it’s work related and you have to do what you have to do. She’s professional about it, but secretly she’s a sort of sad inside. She’ll be so lonely without you around.. But she tries not to think much about it as she kisses you goodbye, watching you go.

- She’s bored as hell without you here; thats for sure. She didn’t realize how bland her life was without you around.. It makes her realize just how awful she had it before you came around. She has your schedule so she calls whenever you have free time, apologizing for doing it so much but she can’t help it. You’re in a brand new place.. It’s dangerous and she wants to make sure you’re okay at all times.

- Late at night is when she misses you the most, the bed just seems so empty without you cuddled up against her side. it felt cold. She tries to cuddle against a pillow in your place, but it’s not the same. The warmth isn’t really there..

- But she knows you’re happy and doing well way out there, that’s all she wants is for you to be successful and proud of your accomplishments. Even if it is a bit lonely in the end.


- He jokes that he’ll have to steal Elly to keep him happy while you’re away, but he’s gonna be sad when you’re gone. He has Saeran but most likely his brother wouldn’t be down for late night cuddles or sharing a milkshake together. Maybe he can convince him to put on a wig and everything might feel the same.

- He installs a panic button on your phone in case anything bad were to happen. And a taser! Just in case.. I mean it’s a big new city, God 707 Has to protect the one he loves at all costs.

- He misses you immediately and calls you nearly five minutes after you leave, “just checking in” to make sure everything’s okay. Yes.. Everything is fine Saeyoung.

- He gave you robocat so you’re not so lonely when he can’t be with you, he just hopes you don’t get in trouble traveling with it since.. It could be considered a lethal weapon? It breathes fire. In any case, it’s cute so he hopes you’ll be content with it.

- Calls you at horrible hours, but you two still end up talking for so long. It’s late for him (timezones) so he’s always pretty sleepy when you call but still stays up and chats for a long time. Claims he got a “waifu” pillow to replace you until you get back (probably did) and whines on about how it’s not the same as cuddling with you.


- He wants to go with you badly, but he knows he has to let you do things on your own sometimes. He’s scared to be without you for so long, you were his conscious basically. How would he act when you’re away? It would be lonely. But he cant hold you back from your dreams, you have to go experience things for yourself as well.

- He gifts you a very nice camera before you go, he wants you to take beautiful pictures for him so he can feel like he’s there with you. He’ll treasure them when you return.

- With you being away the house seems empty. It’s quiet, and reminds him of the times when he was actually alone. It’s discomforting, so he spends a lot of time at Jumins while you’re gone. It’s nice to catch up with his friend, it’s not exactly the same as being with you but he still loves Jumin dearly so it’s a nice time.

- Elizabeth the 3rd keeps him company a lot. She’s always liked V, But he hates how she climbs on his shoulder and chews on his hair. Sevens ‘conspiracy theory’ is Elly thinks it’s cotton candy and wants to chew it. He didn’t even think cats could see color– So why does she want to eat his hair so much?

- He sends a lot of pictures to you, his face scrunched up while Elizabeth the 3rd is on his head; her tiny paws dangling onto his forehead. New lockscreen because holy shit two angels in one?

- Always calls you with a very cheerful “ Hello my love. ” even if he is lonely, he doesn’t want you to know that. You shouldn’t feel bad for going away for work just because of him. He has to stay strong while you work hard and keep you in good spirits with his calls.


- He’s the whiniest of the bunch about it– But seriously, what will he do while you’re gone?

“ Well what do you normally do while i’m gone? ”
“ Wait for you to get back.. ”

- He doesn’t want you to go.. Even pulls out the puppy dog eyes and tiny pout, you feel terrible but it won’t be for too long. Right? You kiss his forehead—Something he loves— before setting off, he misses you right away and has no idea what to do while you’re gone.

- Seven’s excited for some ‘quality bro time’ but Saeran was dreading this all along.

No, I don’t want to play checkers. You cheat Saeyoung. Get away from me.

- He doesn’t use much snapchat or video calling but he gets more into it while you’re away. The pictures aren’t very.. Pretty? Mainly a black picture, a quarter of his forehead ( a lil messy puff of red hair lolol ) or a picture of whatever he’s watching on TV. He’s usually straightforward, captions are always “ Hey. ” or “ I miss you. ” pretty much. You two talk on the phone a lot more than you probably should. Different time zones and all, usually it’s very late for him by the time you get back from work, But Saeran is normally awake at ungodly hours so it’s fine for him. He’s lonely without you. He misses your cuddles late at night even if he doesn’t admit it. He always calls you when he wakes up from a night terror, usually you’re at work but you still try and talk him through it regardless. He’s still frustrated, wanting you to be there with him– but it still helps regardless; at least better than nothing.

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Heyaa~ could you do a RFA boys+Saeran reaction when they and MC are on a date or something, walking down the street when MC suddenly slows down, breathes heavy and finally collapses because of a circulation problem? Nothing to dangerous tho, just enough to feel the angst (≧∇≦)thank you so much my friend I love your work :')

LOL you all don’t let up with the angst requests, do you <3 this one might not be as long as the others because i’m currently feeling a bit under the weather

edit: i was wrong


  • it happened while you were walking to the convenience store with him
  • he finished a LOLOL marathon and was craving cup ramen
  • it was only after a few minutes could he really tell that you were considerably slowing down, to the point where he was barely taking a step forward
  • he started to get a bit worried at how abnormally you were breathing, given that you both weren’t even walking that fast
  • “is something wrong? are you having a panic attack?? are you feeling sick???”
  • when you suddenly fall over, he barely scrambles to catch you before you hit the ground
  • now he’s about to have his own panic attack because he has no idea what’s happening with you
  • goodbye Rational Thought
  • he’s too busy yelling your name and trying to wake you up to even consider calling for help
  • it’s okay though because some nice civilians rush over and try to gauge the situation
  • they’re 0.5 seconds away from calling an ambulance when you suddenly wake up, disorientated and confused
  • what a scene to wake up to: yoosung yelling “thank god” with tears in his eyes as you’re cradled in his arms while some people you’ve never seen are rushing to 1) hand him tissues and calm him down 2) ask you how you’re feeling
  • you sit up, rubbing your head and assuring them that you were fine, it was probably a brief bit of lightheadedness 
  • he insists on taking you to the hospital for a checkup though he’s fully prepared to piggyback ride you
  • but lo and behold the kind strangers have called a taxi for you (and paid the fare) 
  • yoosung thanks them 249 times before helping you into the car
  • literally glued to your side and holding your hand the entire ordeal
  • turns out it really was nothing serious, and he finally lets out a big breath before hugging you
  • you remember there’s a convenience store down the street so time to begin Date 2.0
  • “so… how about that cup ramen?”
  • yoosung laughs and agrees, although he insists on piggybacking you this time
  • you go along with it because he looks so determined but lowkey worried he’d get tired halfway
  • turns out he’s a lot stronger than he looks, picking you up like it’s nothing
  • “it’s from my LOLOL training, i swear”
  • “wouldn’t that only physically strengthen your fingers?”
  • “no, i always have to carry my team on my back, so i can handle carrying my girlfriend ;)”
  • “…..”
  • “it’s true! really!!”


  • he insisted on walking you home after you visited him at his practice studio
  • especially since it was getting dark out, but also because he wanted to spend more time with you
  • he thought you did too, given at the slow pace you were both taking it at
  • it’s only when you mention having difficulty breathing does he realize what was actually happening
  • he reaches for your hand so he can guide you towards a nearby bench except your knees are already giving out
  • good thing he has actor reflexes cause he the second you start falling down he twists his body underneath you so he can cushion your descent
  • he’s barely registered what was happening, just moves on instinct
  • immediately gets into a sitting position and is about to full on flip out cause wtf is happening
  • you don’t black out this time, so the whole time you’re scrambling to assure him you’re fine while apologizing for ruining his clothing
  • he still won’t calm down, busy checking over every centimeter of your body to find the source of the problem
  • “zen, i said it’s fine”
  • babe, you just collapsed!!! actually, i need to take you to a doctor, something could be wrong!”
  • “it was just a circulation thing, it’s probably not serious…”
  • he’s not having it and literally picks you up bridal style before hailing down a cab
  • you insist on walking into the hospital, but he carries you in bridal-style anyways
  • diligently massages your legs in the waiting room while waiting for a doctor to arrive
  • thankfully, it was nothing serious (just like you said)
  • although now zen always insists on walking you when he has the chance
  • “the only time i ever want you to fall down is when your knees go weak at the sight of my devastating good looks”


  • jaehee needed a break and so did you
  • she’s been muttering about a new cat project jumin proposed for the last 3 hours and it’s driving both of you insane
  • luckily, a new coffee shop opened down the street earlier that week
  • so you casually suggest taking a short walk to visit it
  • coffee? she’s sold
  • you two are both enjoying it, since these little moments together are pretty rare because of her intense workload
  • except halfway down the block, you ask to take a pause in the walk because your chest felt really tight
  • she frowns, not out of impatience, but of concern
  • about to ask a laundry list of questions about your symptoms before you suddenly sink to the ground
  • she grabbed your shoulders to ease your fall just in time
  • literally has her phone out and the ambulance contacted in mere seconds
  • you’re too busy trying to even out your breathing so you just listen to her recite the address and take instructions from the operator
  • she seems calm, although once she’s off the phone, you can tell her inner Panic is coming out
  • just stays kneeling by you and wrings her hands while you hurry to calm her down
  • “what can i do? are you hurting anywhere?”
  • “i’m really fine, jaehee. my legs just went weak for a second”
  • “that could entail more serious health concerns… we should get you examined immediately”
  • when the ambulance arrives, you move to get up and meet the responders except jaehee forces you to stay on the ground
  • that’s the gurney’s job
  • when you’re given the all-clear at the hospital, she actually asks the doctor to be doubly sure that things are fine, since she doesn’t want this to worsen or anything
  • but she’s finally convinced that it wasn’t a precursor to anything serious
  • you squeeze her hand reassuringly before giving her a peck on the cheek
  • “let’s go grab that coffee”


  • going out in public for dates was difficult since he was so high-profile
  • but he insisted on having some once in a while
  • and although you agreed and would like them, you mentioned that the paparazzi might get out of hand
  • so he rented out an entire park for a day
  • “jumin, this is a bit….”
  • “hmm, you’re right. renting just a park was too small. we’ll run out of things to do quickly”
  • “that is definitely not what i meant, but i appreciate the sentiment”
  • nonetheless, the park is rented, so you two start off with a stroll
  • you’re on one of the walking trails when you suddenly lose your breath and sink to the ground
  • jumin doesn’t even skip a beat, calling for his guards and they’re over there in a flash
  • he insists on being the one to carry you back to the car, though
  • you were out of it for a few minutes, so you missed the rare opportunity to witness Frantic Jumin
  • when you wake up, your head’s in his lap and you can feel the car rumbling underneath you
  • he tells you not to move around and relax, since they’re heading to the hospital
  • you’re lowkey kind of touched to see the immense worry in his eyes
  • “sorry for ruining the date… after all that effort…”
  • “don’t apologize, my love. i can rent the park again anytime not what you meant, jumin so you just focus on letting me know immediately if anything feels uncomfortable or painful”
  • he has multiple doctors come in and take you through a variety of examinations to be extra confident that you’re going to be fine
  • now that everything’s resolved, he promises that next time he’ll rent out an amusement park for the two of you


  • you two decided to take a walk and visit the nearby pet store 
  • cause cats
  • you’re both energetically chatting like usual as you walk down the block
  • until you come to a halt, one hand grabbing onto his sweater sleeve
  • he thinks you spotted another fat squirrel again or something 
  • but you’re literally hyperventilating and he literally whirls around in a panic
  • right before you collapse he grabs you and prevents you from falling
  • although he gets to the ground so that can have a stable hold on you
  • for a terrible moment he thinks that someone who was after him (cause of his agent/hacking life) got the hit on you instead
  • some passing people run over to see what’s wrong but he doesn’t even register them
  • he’s too focused on trying to wake you up and figure out what’s wrong
  • only when he hears someone mention the police does he whip his head up, trying to get a look at the faces of the people crowding him
  • just to make sure he didn’t recognize any potential threats
  • you come to just as the ambulance arrives and he almost bursts into tears
  • he was so worried you’d never open them again
  • will not leave your side the entire ride, even though you tell him you’re fine now
  • when the doctors explain it a brief circulation problem, he presses for specific details to make sure nothing worse was happening
  • holds your hand the entire time almost like he’s scared you’ll disappear if he lets go
  • once you both leave the hospital, but he’s still shaken up
  • you ask if he still wants to visit the pet store, and he says “only if you feel well enough to go”
  • “i’m always well enough for cats, seven, and so are you”
  • on the walk there, he upgrades from holding your hand 24/7 to keeping an arm around your shoulder
  • “seven, they said i’m fine. so stop worrying”
  • “….yeah”
  • there’s a few seconds of silence before you go “woah, look at how fat that squirrel over there is”
  • he finally cracks a smile at that


  • he was walking you home after picking you up from a meeting with a potential party guest
  • he still doesn’t particularly like crowds, so he sticks considerably close to you when walking down the busy sidewalk not that you’re complaining
  • he frowns when you mention feeling a bit dizzy, discreetly trying to step out a bit so he could create more space for you
  • he actually notices you’re about to faint before you do, so he catches you with ample time
  • of course, some good samaritans dash over to make sure everythings alright, except saeran won’t let them anywhere near you
  • literally glaring daggers at anyone who tries to get close
  • you come to and find yourself squished against saeran’s chest
  • “saeran…? crap, did i faint?”
  • “…..are you okay?”
  • “i’m fine, sorry, let me just get up and–”
  • “no. stay still. you might collapse again”
  • “but–”
  • “no”
  • you know better than to argue with him, so you comply
  • the samaritans (still keeping a fearful distance) call out that the ambulance arrived, and saeran carries you over to the vehicle
  • he thanks the strangers via a very stiff nod of acknowledgement he tried okay
  • cue loooong awkward ride to the hospital because even the responders are feeling awkward at the intense stares saeran’s giving them
  • although you’re enjoying the way he occasionally asks if you’re still feeling alright (since him acting so concerned for an extended period of time is very rare)
  • the doctors confirm this wasn’t anything major, and that it shouldn’t happen a second time
  • on the way out, you notice he keeps glancing at you
  • to the point where you ask him what’s wrong
  • for a long minute, he doesn’t say anything and you’re about to drop the subject when he goes “i’m glad you’re okay”
  • well there goes your heart

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Hi~ I just found your blog and I'm already flat out smitten~❤v❤ I just want to request how the RFA+V and Saeran will react (and what will they do afterwards) when they saw MC wearing the "Virgin Killing Sweater" hahahaha I love you~ Keep writing~ Toodles~ Mori

thank you, cupcake <3 that means a lot to me <3 love ya more!

#when ur fckn out of touch with trends and gotta google everything 😂💘


-where tf did you even get that tho???

-at first he’s like oh sweet, what a cute sweater, but then you turn round and he just?!!!

-there is no way in hell you’ll leave the apartment like that, bc even tho jumin may seem composed and in control, he has his limits, and that sweater is his weakness

-“mc, take it off.”

-?!!!!…no, its not bc he doesn’t like it;)))))


-probably bought it for you tbh

-he’s weak to how the fabric moves with your body.

-will stare for hours, and ghost his lips on your neck, and draw patterns into your back.

-it’s a game of who breaks first.

-obv zen does tho like….dang


-deadpans “why does this exist?”

-“is it winter on your torso, but summer on your arms ???”

-is more confused than turned on tbh

-she does appreciate ya shoulder blades tho wow


-a flustered mess

-wont even comment on it for the first hour, just avoid eye contact and cover his crotch with a pillow

-when he finnally works up the courage to comment on it, its more of a plea than an actual question

-“uh mc…..why..when did you get that?”

-pls have mercy on him


-probably owns one of his own tbh, as he is always up to date with internet trends

-will wear it with you, but your probs gonna end up doing the nasty with em on

-constantly slipping his hands inside the sweater to grab your ass

-lots of horrible jokes


-…..ok so if you were expecting him to jump you, you’re going to be dissapointed.

-he’s too much of a aesthetic whore for that

-will look at you as something beautiful, to be appreciated, and want to take aesthetic photos of you.

-of course he also finds you sexy as fuck, but like i said….he’s an aesthetic whore.


-looks like a flustered child for about 10 secs but…

-no fucking patience, or self restraint

-will just pin you again the door right away, and have you wherever is closest, be it the floor or kitchen counter, doesn’t matter.

-will probably tug on it while fucking you, so your sweater wont last long rip

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Hey hey!! How would the RFA + V react to a MC that always glares at them when they bother them? But it's just a defense mechanism because they grew up with younger siblings.

hi hi!! hhhokay so…. it’s a lil short and I mostly stuck w reactions to being glared at for bothering MC?? (lololol im the youngest sib of three so.…)


-mildly offended
-how in the world could anyone find him bothersome?? he’s perfect????
-but he does back off to pout
-and slinks back a while later to ask what that was about


-pouty boy
-think Tamaki Suoh from OHSHC
-one glare from MC makes him feel so guilty omg
-his eyes get all wibbly
-pls do not make this precious boy cry
-bc he will
-and you’ll feel bad about it


-not even fazed??
-she has dealt with hungover Jumin Han at his worst, she can handle a reflexive glare from MC
-inwardly worried as hE C K
-has she done something?? maybe she’s not paying MC enough attention???


-immediately worried that he’s done something terribly wrong
-cannot stand the thought of having offended MC somehow
-asks what’s wrong
-promises to correct whatever it was before even getting an answer


-a lil alarmed, ngl
-also rly apologetic
-upset that he has upset his SO
-but that’s only until he’s got it all figured out
-because after he knows it’s just….. like, ,, a reflex
-he intentionally bothers MC
-oh my god he’s probably testing his limits this idiot


-he goes,, , , quiet
-receiving that glare,,,
-a very very quiet “i… sorry, MC… ive upset you..”
-quick to give MC space tho
-like he is hella understanding but Boy does he Feel Bad