Hello everyone!!! I am back with a full face make up :) This contains lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadows, and blush! I hope you will enjoy :)

  • 7 lips swatches (unsual colors)
  • 3 eyeliners swatches
  • 8 eyeshadows swatches
  • 2 blush swatches (light and dark skin)

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare + adfly)  253.9 kB.

Thank you nonstopsimmer for the nice poses!


Halloween Themed Cropped Jumpers

I recoloured the cropped jumpers from Movie Hangout in some halloween themed patterns. Hope you like them! :)

  • custom thumbnail
  • comes in 18 swatches ( 10 Halloween Themed patterns + 8 Pumpkin texture swatches)
  • base game compatible
  • please read my TOU
  • don’t forget to put ‘Sims’ detail settings to ‘Very High’ & turn OFF laptop mode

DOWNLOAD below (Choose only one):

SimFileShare  /   Dropbox   /   The Sims Resource (soon…)

Special thanks to all the amazing creators whose CC I used on my models.

heck the formatting wouldn’t stop messing up and I accidentally deleted this ask!!! i hope you feel better soon anon i had so much fun writing this aaaa


- when he picks you up you just start talking about how his hair looks like a lemon
- didn’t realize at first that you’re all loopy from the anesthetic but when you start singing random songs really badly he gets it
- yoooosung. yoo-sung. what did yoo sung? we don’t know!!!!
- “oh my gosh mc youre literally the funniest person in the world”
- takes a million videos of you
- he loves it so much and is having so much fun listen to you
- when you get home he guides you to the couch then goes to get you some water
- when he comes back you’re curled up in a ball on the floor crying
- for some reasons he thinks that giving you a lot of blankets will help when you’re in pain
- thank you but i don’t know how this will help my mouth pain-
- hugs your face and gives you lots of kisses

- the most dramatic about it
- over exaggerates a lot to make you laugh when ur feeling bad
- when you’re all Drugged Up™ he nearly pisses himself because he’s laughing so hard
- “mc how do you feel?”
- puuuuuurrrrrppplleeee draaaaankkkkkk
- “pffft– do you want me to get you some grape soda, honey?”
- you snap your head up and glare at him
- “what…. what do you want”
- PEAS!!!!!!
- you start to cry because you really just want some frozen peas
- he gets you some and you just cuddle with the bag
- ok… ok mc


- acts just like a mom to you
- when you’re acting super crazy she’s just understanding
- i don’t have kneecaps…. can’t… find… my salsa
- u touch jaehee’s knees
- oh good… they’re still there
- “yes, yes, they’re there”
- brings you everything you want and turns on your favorite movie for you
- the drugs have worn off and now all you feel is needles in your jaw
- you just cry about it and she wipes your tears and gives you hugs
- buys some pain relievers for you and looks up some natural remedies
- makes you tea and watches over you until you feel better


- does not let you out of his sight even for a second
- is pretty unresponsive to your drugged up babbling but he can’t help but smirk at you
- you turn to look at him while laying in his lap and slowly lick your hand and press it on his cheek
- not even phased he just plays with your hair and reads a book
- comforts you while you’re hurting and reassure you that it will end soon


- THE WORST!!!!!
- he is cackling and doubling over in laughter at you and honestly he is literally going to wet himself
- when he comes to drive you home he opens the door for you
- he holds his hand up to give you a high five and you miss his hand like 40 times but you won’t stop trying
- he is dying
- when you get home he watches you as you stare at the microwave for twenty minutes
- you think it’s the tv
- his lungs cannot take this
- “mc, how do you feel?”
- “fucking fuck fucked the fucked up what the fuck do you think I had to fucking fuck up my fucked up teeth”
- when you’re in pain though he does try his best to take care of you
- rubs your back and gives you lots of kisses


- the nicest ever
- he’s so gentle and kind to you even when you’re yelling that his hair is so blue
- gives you your space when you are angry but gives you all the attention you want when you’re hurt
- kisses your forehead a lot and when you wake up the next day there’s a rose by your bed
- he chuckles at you being loopy but he respects you too much to take videos
- instead he just goes along with what you say
- you softly sing britney spears to him and he loves it



Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my christmas present came early!!! Oh well, I’m so excited when I’ve received the air mail all the way from Korea~
And so.. I’ll be on/off updating what’s inside that Top Secret Booklet! (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

Mystic Messenger Stickers for iMessage

There is a sticker pack called “imoji stickers” available on the App Store that contains Mystic Messenger Sticker gifs, just like in the game!! The application looks like this:

When it is finished downloading, open iMessage, click the >, click the Apps button, and they can be found on the bottom right

These are the Sticker gifs that are available: 

The application contains much more than Mystic Messenger gif Stickers. There are many cute ones, but some packs are scantily clad cartoon women..

Have fun!

Choose your favourite!

1. He was still growing out his hair
2. An undercut. Probably was traumatized after getting this hair cut (also was most probably dared to cut it by 7)
3. his director wanted him to get something more idol-like. he doesn’t like it.
4. the result of spending a day with jaehee and mc (he secretly really loves this hair style)
5. remember how it’s mentioned that zen wanted to dye his hair pink? he’s so hot like this save me
6. just our precious boi with short hair. 

Yoosung’s alternate hairstyles