Marinette, in another Ladybug-themed party dress!

Dress description: A shiny–probably satin–red dress, with a bubble skirt  design for the bottom. The top half corset-like and is covered by a long-sleeved, dark-red sheer with a polka-dot pattern (for the ladybug theme). The sheer extends in chops to layer over the skirt. Some dark sequins close to the neck and wrists. Then a black, satin ribbon tied around the waist. ;D


it’s here, finally! House inspired by Argents’ house from Teen Wolf. it was much fun to make, I had to improvise the back since we don’t really know how it looks like (and god I tried to find pics of the real house but couldn’t find any lol) so it’s my interpretation of the house! the dining room, the kitchen & the living room are kinda the same from the show - and so is Allison’s bedroom you can see better. for the basement, because there’s obviously no gun stuff in the Sims, I decided to make a training room because, you know, Argents must keep their bodies at its best to run after werewolves haha Have fuuun!!

name of the house: Argent House
username: Cristalline93

(if you have any suggestion of house(s) for me to make, my box is open!)