I think the reason the metal gear fandom is so great is because the games really are great games.  so the trashy headcanons produced are able to be that much greater thanks to the fact that we have genuinely incredible and entertaining stuff to work with.

you don’t go back to the games and think “oh” because you’ve spent too much time in headcanon land and now the games are lackluster in comparison.  it just doesn’t happen like it does with other series because the difference is that metal gear really is that good.  the stuff you decide to build on has actual roots and reasoning in canon.  this makes it very satisfying to mess around with and I think that’s the reason metal gear is pretty much the only series I’ve every actually formed headcanons about.


it’s here, finally! House inspired by Argents’ house from Teen Wolf. it was much fun to make, I had to improvise the back since we don’t really know how it looks like (and god I tried to find pics of the real house but couldn’t find any lol) so it’s my interpretation of the house! the dining room, the kitchen & the living room are kinda the same from the show - and so is Allison’s bedroom you can see better. for the basement, because there’s obviously no gun stuff in the Sims, I decided to make a training room because, you know, Argents must keep their bodies at its best to run after werewolves haha Have fuuun!!

name of the house: Argent House
username: Cristalline93

(if you have any suggestion of house(s) for me to make, my box is open!)

Marinette, in another Ladybug-themed party dress!

Dress description: A shiny–probably satin–red dress, with a bubble skirt  design for the bottom. The top half corset-like and is covered by a long-sleeved, dark-red sheer with a polka-dot pattern (for the ladybug theme). The sheer extends in chops to layer over the skirt. Some dark sequins close to the neck and wrists. Then a black, satin ribbon tied around the waist. ;D