askmeifimbatman asked:

Poor chat is always rejected by ladybug~ (╥﹏╥), can you draw a little comic where ladybug gives a little love back? ^_^ thanks! ((Love your art by the way!))

Awww! Don’t worry, I agree that our poor kitten has been going through an awful lot! But the beauty of their relationship is that he knows she loves him, somehow :3

But to cheer your heart up, here’s a quickie little comic!!



I finally made Mary Margaret Blanchard’s loft! it was quite quick to make but really fun! I wish I have something like that because it’s really cosy and pretty, for an industrial building haha I tried - I write ‘tried’ - to make something industrial so there are a lot of stuff from Get to Work. I obviously needed to improvise the outside since we never saw it. have fun!

name of the house: Cosy Industrial Loft
username: Cristalline 93

(ps : don’t hesitate to request! I need to practice anyway!)


So pure by Eric Vanden

Christ before Caiaphas, on fol. 46r of Ms. Codex 1566. The picture of Caiaphas may have been degraded through normal wear and tear, but I think there’s something about the vehemence of the degradation and the linear shape of the marks (which are also present further on in the codex) that suggests it was defaced as an act of devotion. That sort of thing happened a lot! The part that I find surprising is that in a book of hours that shows signs of devotional defacing, Judas remains completely intact (compare with the scratches on the Roman soldiers).

Manuscript description and digital images can be found here at OPenn.