RFA Members + Proposal

How would the RFA Members propose to their s/o?

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Jumin Han: Jumin knew that as your fifth anniversary drew near, that he wanted you to be with him and Elizabeth the 3rd for as long as he lived. When he gave you the promise ring on your first anniversary he couldn’t help but wonder if he had pushed the boundaries; but as time went by he knew that you were meant to be together either way.

On the day of your anniversary you were surprised to find out that he had ended up organising his own private jet to an island that was reserved for the two of you for a week because of it (but then you ended up having to bring Elizabeth the 3rd along to relieve Assistant Jaehee Kang’s suffering with her).

The week was spent quite well, as the two of you had quality time alone during the day and then with Elizabeth at night. You loved walking alongside the beach and taking photos (you made sure that you took all the photos however), and having first class service when it came to food and the villa you stayed in.

As the final day of your trip arrived, you decided to go to the beach one last time at night. You couldn’t help but smile seeing the moon and the stars out: as it was exactly like the night of your first anniversary.

You looked down at your promise ring, as it was a reminder of how far you two have come in your relationship. You’ve had your fair fights here and there, but you always overcame them - even after the time when he had forgotten your anniversary once in the past.

You came back into reality once you heard someone clear their throat, as you turned around to see Jumin; who had a faint smile on his face. He ended up walking to you and standing beside you as you both looked up at the night sky - having your hands intertwined with the others.

“You know… I never thought I would meet a person who was you, _____.”

He speaks aloud, before turning to you.

“I believed that only Elizabeth the 3rd was the only one I needed in my life but…”

He then gets down on one knee, before pulling out a red velvet box. The smile on his face becomes more prominent as he opens it; as the golden engagement ring shined from the moonlight and starlight more than ever.

“I realise that now I need you in my life also.”

“Will you do me the honour of staying with me for the rest of my life _____?”

Jaehee Kang: Jaehee was rather nervous about tying the knot between you and her, as she hid the engagement ring in her drawer at her front desk at work. But she knew that she had to do it sooner or later, as time went by. 

But little did she know that a certain someone would be the one who had to push her to do the deed…

“Assistant Kang.”

She looked up from her desk to see her superior, Jumin Han as he stood by her desk. He looked at her and then to her front desk’s drawer - where the ring was.

“When are you going to propose to _____?”

He asks, as he looked back at her. She sighed as she opened the drawer, seeing the red velvet box not quite hidden.

“I’m… not sure Mr. Han. I don’t think we’re ready to take our relationship farther.”

Jaehee answers, before closing the drawer and going back to her work.

“Assistant Kang, it’s been quite a long time since you and her got into a relationship. I think you two are ready.”

And with that he leaves her to do her work, as she can’t help but open the drawer and look at the red velvet box one last time before working once more, as she wondered about how you would feel about the matter; whether or not you would want to be engaged to her.

The next day however…

“Jaehee, did you book a table at a restaurant?”

You ask, the moment she arrives from work.

“I got this phone call about how we currently have a reservation at a five-star restaurant that’s within an hour…”

Jaehee knew who would be bothered to organise an unexpected event such as this for her, but she decided to go along with it - as she had the engagement ring hidden within her bag.

“Yes, I did. I wanted it to be a surprise.”

She answers, with a sweet smile on her face.

Later on…

“_____… I was thinking about how we’ve been in a relationship for so long and I wanted to ask…”

Jaehee takes out the ring and pushes it towards you, as you dine together; the lights of the city and the night shining on the two of you. You could feel tears welling up in your eyes as you hold it, seeing the engagement ring shine ever so brightly in the room you were in together.

“Will you accept this ring and be my fiancé?”

707: Seven teased you about the two of you getting married ever since you started to date him, but he was actually quite serious about the matter. He loved you a lot, and he wanted to prove that he will forevermore. He ended up selling one of his beloved children cars to get an engagement ring he knew that you and him would both love.

One day he decided to get you to prepare for a night out to a Planetarium not too far from the city, as you set off for a night you soon won’t forget. To your surprise, he ends up hacking and breaking into the Planetarium in order for you to have a moment alone. As he gets the projector to work you both spend an hour or two looking up at the planets, stars and constellations.

“I remember when we went out stargazing for our anniversary but even though its not the real thing… I love it even so.”

You said, leaning back into the chair and looking at Seven, who smiled at you.

“You’re lucky you have a hacker for a boyfriend~. We’ll be able to go anywhere and everywhere with my skills~!”

He says, only for you to smile back and reply:

“We would, but if we got married I would want you to stop being a hacker to avoid you from getting arrested.”

There’s a moment of silence as you realised that you had said out loud, as you covered your already flushed face and wished you could turn back time. Seven’s laugh however makes you look up as he gives you a sweet and loving smile, before getting up from his seat.

“Then why don’t we _____? Though I don’t agree with me retiring from being a hacker any time soon~…”

He then gets down on one knee, before showing a white gold ring that had a star shaped diamond displayed.

“_____, will you marry me and organise a wedding at a space station?”

Zen: You and Zen have had a relationship that wasn’t easy to maintain; as you constantly had to organise and prepare your dates and anniversaries well (with the occasional help from the others) to avoid Zen’s reputation from being damaged. Even if he didn’t care about his reputation being ruined, you did. 

You didn’t want all his hard work to go to waste, so you continued to carry your relationship out in secret. But Zen didn’t want that. He wanted to make sure that the whole world knew about his relationship with you - regardless of whether or not it could affect his whole career. 

And that was when he devised a plan that no one in the whole organisation knew was coming…

Zen had (once again) took the main role of a new upcoming play, as he practiced and worked every day and night he could. When the play was finally being done, he managed to get you front row tickets to the play; despite how much you asked him to not to, in fear that you’ll bring attention to yourself.

But regardless, on the night the play was being done you went; as you always went to see his performances.

You knew that the play was about an arranged marriage, but with a twist: as instead of the woman being the one being forced into the arranged marriage it was the man - who Zen played. You couldn’t help but wonder how this would play out, as the lights dimmed and the curtains opened…

Later on…

“I refuse to marry that woman! I have someone I love already! She is my everything, and I will not hesitate to throw everything away for her!”

Zen cried out on the stage, tears welling up in his eyes as he looked away.

You were on the edge of your seat as you watched with anticipation. Throughout the whole play, the woman that Zen loved was not mentioned, not even once. She was only known to be the woman that he could never be with due to the fact that it wasn’t against his family’s traditions and beliefs.

As Zen turned to the audience, he then looked at you directly, as he then said:

“As the one I love… is the one who is standing right in front of me.”

Suddenly the spotlights shined on you, as the audience began to whisper and gasp at the matter. He held out his hand towards you, as you had no choice but to take it and go onto the stage. You were speechless, as he got down on one knee in front of you and kissed your hand.

“_____, I don’t care about anyone and everyone else… because I only care about you and you only. I want the whole world to know that I love you, and if they don’t want to accept that… then I would throw away everything to be with you.”

“Because I love you ______…”

“So…will you marry me?”

Yoosung: Everyone in the RFA always questioned Yoosung about if he would pop the question to you, as he continued to think whether or not he should. You both loved each other a lot, and would do anything for the other: even if that meant having to die. 

He eventually decided that he would do it, but it would be rather difficult for him to have everything prepared behind your back; so Seven ended up helping him with the preparations. You couldn’t help but be suspicious when you noticed that he went out more often with Seven after a while, but you decided that you wouldn’t press on.

Then your third anniversary drew near, and you noticed that every time Yoosung came back from being with Seven - that he was exhausted from whatever the two were doing. You ended up having Seven about it, but he the only thing he responded with was the same text:

“He’s doing this for you, that’s all you need to know _____~.”

You didn’t press on after that, knowing that you would have to wait to see what he was working for on the day of your anniversary. (Though you didn’t mind him being a little tired, as it meant you could fall asleep together rather than him staying up and you falling asleep because of LOLOL).

But on the day of your anniversary, Yoosung decided to take you to where you had your first date: the arcade. You couldn’t help but feel touched that he remembered, as he gave you a bouquet of your favourite flowers; before the two of you proceeded to play all the arcade machines and games there. 

You smiled, laughed, kissed (and even danced, but Yoosung ended up falling over after trying to perform a rather complicated dance move) during the whole time. Then you both decided to go to the arcade’s newest edition - the photo booth. You both went inside a proceeded to take photos, as you wanted to save this memory forever.


“_____, could you look in the bouquet for me? I think I dropped something in there by accident…”

He said, as you proceeded to look through the bouquet.

Then, in one of the flower’s was the most expensive and beautiful ring you had ever seen in your whole life. It looked as if it was worth more than Seven’s cars, and that’s when you realised why Yoosung was out recently:

He was working, to buy the ring.

You couldn’t help but start to cry as you held the ring up, before falling to your knees and sobbing out loud. Yoosung couldn’t help but kiss you on the lips to prevent you from crying so much, as he took the ring and got down on his knees also, his eyes slightly becoming watery also.

“I know that at times I may seem like a child but for once… I want you to see me as an adult. 

This… is my way of showing you that I can be an adult - by taking care and loving you for the rest of my life.

…_____, will you accept this ring and be mine; now and forever?”

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hey, can i get a drabble for the prompt "you're just... so, so stupid" for peter please? i'm a very new follower and i already love your blog c:

ahh thank you so much!!! <33 i hope you enjoy this and my account :D

You peered over Peters shoulder, watching as he tinkered with the black bands around his wrist. 

“Its just really tight,” he mumbled, scratching the skin underneath his web shooters.

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