Crash and Burn (Jumin x MC)

Jumin comes home to find it drenched in flames, and you still inside. 

Word Count: 1091

Okay, so I just played episode 3 of The Walking Dead game and I am creating the David Defense Squad. Also, I just have a ton of AUs going through my head now, so if you’d like to know them just ask or something. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy and have a lovely day!


Jumin sat in the car as Driver Kim drove along the streets, a gentle silence hovering about as he watched the people pass by his window. 

He had just sent you a message before he got into the vehicle, saying he was on his way home. 

But there was no response. 

A bit of worry had bloomed inside of him, but he simply assumed you were sleeping or busy with other things. 

Yet why did he feel a pit sinking inside of him?

As though the world decided to answer his dreaded question, Driver Kim spoke up hesitantly. 

“Um…Mr. Han. There’s smoke by your home…” 

Jumin twisted his head to see a stairwell of smoke trailing to the sky from the penthouse, hints of flames peeking beyond the roofs of buildings ahead. 

His heart jumped, his mind rushing to the worst case scenario as you hadn’t replied.

“Please speed up. Now.” He said, lowering his tone as he gripped tightly to the seats, already beginning to tremble.

The car burst forward, a low screech exploding from the turns along the curves of the road until they arrived at the place the two of you called home.

And it was painted in flames.

Ambulances and fire trucks poured about, onlookers crying and chattering worriedly to one another, only rising more and more as Jumin stepped out. 

“Where’s my wife?” He yelled, his gaze darting to and fro frantically. “MC? MC!” 

No one came forward. 

And the truth he didn’t want to admit only seemed to become more horrifyingly clear as he found an officer holding Elizabeth 3rd in their arms. 

You were inside. 

He rushed forward towards them, furrowing his brow, his heart nearly erupting from his chest. “Have you seen my wife? Did she come out with Elizabeth 3rd?”

“This is your cat?” The officer turned his head, raising a curious brow. “Well, they came out alone.” 


Jumin’s legs nearly buckled beneath him, rubbing the wedding ring upon his finger nervously.

No that couldn’t be right.

You had to be fine.

You had to be.

“A-Are you sure?”

“Yes sir, I am.”

He glanced at the building where your home sat, dribbling in ash and flames.

You were still there.

Your lungs clogged with smoke, and skin licked with fire as pain coursed through your entire body.

The mere idea left tears bubbling at his eyes, his body heavier than cinderblocks.

You were scared. 

You were alone.

And you weren’t safe.

He had to get you out of there.

He began to rush forward, officers instantly crowding him and bracing him, shouting indignantly. 

“You can’t go in there! It’s going to collapse.” 

“My wife is in there!” Jumin snapped, poison and anger thrashing in his voice as they held him back. “I need to help her! She’ll die otherwise!” 

“There’s nothing we can do.” 


The word sank into his head sickeningly.

They could do nothing for you.

Did they know how precious you were?

You were worth more than the most priceless gems and riches.

Than very life itself.

You were everything.

You were worth everything. 

He knew that with utter certainty.

“I won’t leave her there!” He snarled, pushing forward furiously, the people’s attempts to grab at him ending uselessly as he continued on into the burning structure.

The moment he burst through the doors smoke poured into him, ash dripping down from the falling pillars and rotting walls.

Orange and Yellow nearly entrenched his vision, the colors blasting against the once silver and white inside.

“MC!” He screamed as loud as he was able, his throat tightening by the second. “MC!” 

And the smallest miracle occurred.

For you called back.

“J-Jumin!” Your voice was horribly hoarse and restrained, yet it was there. “I-I’m here!” 

And it was close.

He followed your calls to find you before the door leading to the stairwell, one of the pillars having collapsed onto your fragmented legs.

You couldn’t move.

You were trapped.

He staggered forward, falling to his knees beside you, immediately pulling you into his arms. 

“MC…MC you’re alive…” He sighed a bittersweet breath of relief, your hands entwining.

“I…I was leaving with Elizabeth when the pillar fell. She managed to get out but…but I can’t feel my legs anymore.” You whimpered, tear stains engraved upon your features. “Jumin you have to leave. N-Now!” 


“W-What do you mean no? You…You’ll die!” Your gasps for air became heavier, the only thing keeping you calm being your husband’s presence.

“I know.” 

“T-Then go!” 

“I’m not leaving you. We promised to stay by each other sides. I’m not breaking that now.” He hummed, running a gentle thumb over your bruised and battered knuckles. 

“Jumin please…please go. You need to live.” 

“Life’s not worth living without you darling.” He cooed. “I never even knew how joyous life could be until you entered mine.” 

You grew silent for a bit, sniffling as the building creaked and moaned, the supports beginning to shiver. 

“I’m…I’m scared.” You whispered, sinking against his chest as you squeezed his hands, looking up to him.

And oddly enough, you were still met with a kind adoring gaze, even with the tears tipping from his eyes.

Yet they weren’t from fear.

It was the thought that your last moments were spent in terror and horror.

“Dear…no matter what happens our hearts will always be with each other,” He said, speaking over the crumbling ceiling. “We’ll find each other again, no matter what. Don’t worry.” 

And even within the dreary inevitable setting, you softened, swallowing as you buried your head in the crook of his neck, the two of you holding onto the other as though you were the last tethers to reality.

“Jumin,” You muttered quietly.


“I love you.” 

And as the building shattered before you, the numerous levels above the two of you beginning to crash Jumin responded, smiling tenderly.

“I love you too.” 

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Idol mc! RFA + Saeran thx bye ily

(sorry this has been sitting in my box for awhile! QAQ)


  • Fanboys immediately upon seeing you
  • “Wait, you’re the MC?!”
  • Is a member of your fan club at his school
  • Brags about it to them
  • But other than that he still sees you as you
  • But if you work with a male idol
  • the smol bean gives them the yandere look


  • Like Yoosung, fanboys
  • His fans go crazy over you two
  • Power couple much?
  • Loves practicing his lines with you even more
  • “God you’re so cute!”


  • Has no idea what an idol is
  • Commence Zen and Jaehee’s crash course on idols
  • Thinks its cool
  • When you show him the cat ears for an upcoming performance
  • He can’t stand how cute you look
  • “MC… why don’t we test those out right now”
  • The sexy sex follows


  • Lol he already knew
  • Yet another reason you shouldn’t get involved with him
  • Plus you’d never be able to go public with your relationship
  • No publicity for the Seven
  • You come up with the idea that he lives overseas whenever it comes up in interviews and meetups


  • Saw it in your background check
  • Has no idea what an idol is
  • “MC why do you sing for people who don’t even know you?”
  • lowkey your #1 fan
  • Gets jealous when you have performances
  • Likes to hear you sing for him and no one else
  • Also can’t go public with your relationship
First Hand Holding
  • Yoosung: Wanted to make sure you get fast enough across the road. Notices he touched your hand. Proceeds to go completely red and doesn't let go.
  • Jaehee: Accidental grab while trying to get your attention. Internally flustered. Let's go and asks if it was okay to do it again.
  • Zen: Grabs while flirting. No hesitation here buddy. Just grabby grabby flirty flirty.
  • Jumin: Wanted to admire your fingers. Compliments nice fingers. Keeps holding hand while the other pats Ellie.
  • 707: Very casual about it. Kinda leaving you a blushing mess. But that's okay, since after he responds by thanking the beautiful princess for the hand holding.

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Can I request a Yoosung newly married hc? Like cute mornings together and cute kisses and stuff? Sorry you can add rfa too! I don't want to be that guy to leave everyone out. Sorry thank you :}

fluff! <3

- so he’s super romantic (Zen coughs in the distance)

- he’ll always try to wake up before you so that he can make breakfast (aka his famous omurice!!)

- breakfast in bed ^^

- but if you get up first, he’ll pout and he pulls you back under the sheets

- you can expect a lot of cuddles and small kisses early in the morning

- and he just loves to back hug you whenever you’re preparing something in the kitchen

- will definitely follow you for shopping trips to the supermarket and offer to carry the heavy bags

- and he does half of the housework!

- he plans weekend dates with you <3

- during RFA meetings, he’ll always stay super close to you and steal kisses

- eventually you guys will get caught 

- the RFA members are okay with you guys doing things like that because you’ve been doing it since dating

- but apparently Zen is a little grossed out (don’t worry about him he’s just jealous he hasn’t found a girlfriend yet when Yoosung’s already married)

- seriously don’t listen to Zen’s complains just ignore him

- Seven thinks you guys are the cutest couple