Done with the artbook pieces, a self-rewarding quick doodle for me :’) Choi twins Mafia AU! If I’m not mistaken I’ve read on @promiscuous-jalapeno ‘s writings that Seven always carry guns everywhere plus wearing a hat. So why not make Saeran to double the fun <3 (Gonna draw a serious piece of them, kinda similar to this pose on my personal artbook later)

Sorry for the messy quality and if it’s not exactly like your writings bby ; v ; It just crossed my mind that I want to draw something after finishing the artbook piece. Gonna post the preview of kagehina piece + some of coloring tutorial which will be included in the artbook = v = /

Off to bed we go. Omg I can sleep at 2 AM this is a miracle :’)

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“We’re milking the cows tonight! It’s “Chateau Romani”. It’s the first time I get to drink it! Until now, my sister always said “Wait until you’re an adult”. But why now?”
“…You’ve become an adult now, Romani…I see it in you. I’m acknowledging it.”
“Then, does Romani get a mask, too?”
“Well, yes, I’ll make one for you… Sleep with me in my bed tonight, OK, Romani?”

This one is based on the scene between these twoon the third night. It’s heartbreaking…. Poor Cremia knows that they’ll likely die by the next day, but she’s trying to act like nothing’s wrong…

Process Video here

> Great Fairy’s Mask
> Keaton Mask
> Captain’s Hat
> Giant’s Mask
> Don Gero’s Mask
> Deku Mask
> Kamaro’s Mask
Zora Mask
> Blast Mask
> Garo’s Mask
All-Night Mask
> Goron Mask
> Bunny Hood
> Postman’s Hat
> Bremen Mask
> Stone Mask
> Couple’s Mask
> Mask of Scents
> Gibdo Mask
> Mask of Truth
> Kafei’s Mask
> Troupe Leader’s Mask


Decided to make a postcard design out of the previous doodle right after taking a shower :v It’s still a wip but I randomly thought about the CHOI codename thing and make this hahah :v I know it looks so different than the doodle, I’ve told you, you can’t trust my hands lol–

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// I can’t believe i’ve just gotten to this but yes, i’m fine now! thank you for the kind words!
this was so fun to write, Saeran is my favorite because hes just so cute.


- The first time you nearly fall down a flight of stairs he almost screams because that was so terrifying. He thought you were going to get hurt, he’s glad he was there to catch you before anything bad could have happened.

- He fusses over you as you explain how you’re just.. naturally clumsy. But still, He’s worried. You need to be careful, he would hate for you to get hurt over something so silly.

- Holds your hand a lot more often while out and about, whenever you start to sway or trip over your own feet he grabs on tight and spins you around really fast to his chest so he catches you– Like a dance! Lots of people have commented on how romantic Zen is, But he’s really just trying to stop you from dying. MC. watch where you step.


- When he invites you over to his home, he notices you drop a lot of things. Your phone, the television remote, even almost dropping Elizabeth the 3rd. He swore he almost had a heart attack right then and there.

- Since he wants to know all there is to know about you, he’s curious if it’s a habit or not. Do you not have good grip? Is everything okay? He’s so genuine and concerned too, you can’t help but giggle before explaining you’re just.. very clumsy! You trip quite a lot, drop things. It’s just you.

- That makes him nervous. What if you tripped and hurt yourself? What if you dropped glass? He’d have to ask Assistant Kang about methods to dealing with ’ clumsiness. ’

- The only place you’re not allowed in his home is the balcony. He cant risk you falling off there. It makes him scared to even think about that.

- ”It’s for your own good, MC. ”


- He does pick up on it, I mean– When you two go for walks you’re always seeming to trip over rocks or even your own shoes..

- The first time you fell he sobbed through so many apologizes, he was so scared that you hurt yourself. You did a bit, just a scrape on your chin from the sidewalk; but he blamed himself for not being able to catch you in time. You just excuse the incident on your clumsiness, but he still feels guilty.

- From then on he likes to put his shoulder over yours or his arm around your waist, just to help your balance. And he loves some cuddles too, who doesn’t?


- The first time you nearly fall is when you and her are getting out of an elevator, visiting Yoosung at the office to drop off some files. You and her chat back and forth inside, but then you trip over the frame as soon as it opens. You would have fallen if she didn’t grab your arm too!

- Sadly.. she dropped the files. Everywhere. You apologize while helping her clean up, explaining that you’re always like this. She says it’s fine, really. Just a mistake!

- After that she always holds on tight to your arm, in an elevator especially. She has no idea how you’ve lasted this long without any serious injuries, Not believing how many times she’s had to save you from falling over.. Still, it makes her feel strong– like she’s protecting you.


- When you nearly fell down the stairs leading up to his office his agent reflexes kicked in, grabbing you quickly and pulling your body back before anything bad could happen. It scared him for a moment, obviously the stairs weren’t very steep but still! He’s glad you’re fine.

- He jokes about how God Seven-Zero-Seven advises you to learn common stair safety, mortal. Claiming he has a CD on the topic and all, 6 hours of a Stairs PSA. How lovely.

- He notices you do this a lot–Tripping over yourself. He doesn’t bring it up too often, but he does always hold your hand while going down stairs after that incident. He doesn’t want to take any chances!


- He’s blind, so he hangs onto you a lot. As long as you’re fine with it.. He likes to hold your hand while walking, so basically if you trip so will he. Ride or die to the max.

- It’s a bit shocking when you both hit the ground, but he’s good at laughing things like that off right away; as long as everyone’s okay. Plus after he lost most of his eyesight, he became rather clumsy too. Knocking over items, tripping on his own two feet. that’s kind of sad now that i think about it what the hell

- He’d just remind you to be more careful, he doesn’t want you to get hurt. Also prefers to walk a lot slower with you, it reduces the risk of tripping! He loves your clumsy little self, but doesn’t like the idea of you maybe hurting yourself because of it. Always reminds you to tie your shoe laces. Never leaves the house without saying so.


- Cat like reflexes. As soon as something falls out of your hand, bam. He’s there to catch it. You’re falling? He has your back don’t worry. He always has his hand wrapped around your waist anyways, so as soon as you start to fall he knows; Catching you before anything happens.

- He complains about how he’ll have to get you a suit made of bubble-wrap to keep you safe and sound, but he secretly loves it. Watching out for you, catching you before you fall.. It makes him feel– Important. And that’s a good feeling.

- Doctor Mode ™ comes out when he’s not there to catch you or you scrape something on your own. Bandages up your scrapes and bruises with little pink kitten bandaids. If you ask nicely, you might get a get well kiss on them too; But he always gets flustered after that happens. He’ll still do it though, even though he thinks it won’t make it feel better at all.. But you insist that it does– It helps a lot, and it always makes him smile.

so i’ve seen some people talking about how botw has “mild suggestive themes” and trust me i noticed that too

but then i looked at other zelda titles like mm3d which is rated the same as botw and

what??? majora’s mask??? i mean, yeah, it definitely has some fucked up DARK themes going on but i’ve played this game countless times

what part of it are they trying to say is sugges-