mm subway

MM Imagine: Subway Reflection

Imagine meeting Zen on the subway.

You’re seemingly looking out the window of the car, but what you’re actually doing is looking at the other people in the car through the reflection on the window. Your gaze falls upon the reflection of a really handsome young man. He’s wearing headphones and has his attention directed to his phone. You can’t help but stare, mesmerized by his striking red eyes and gorgeous white hair. The male brings his attention up to the window, and his eyes accidentally meet with yours in the reflection. You don’t react fast enough to look away, and it would be too awkward now if you do, so you just continue staring.

Slowly, the young man’s lips curve into a smile, and he winks at the reflection which is enough to finally get you to look away. He gets off at the next stop, but you see that he accidentally left behind some papers which looked important, so you go pick them up. Scribbled on the top are the words, “If found, please return to Zen/Hyun Ryu” with a phone number and heart written underneath. You take out your phone and immediately send a text.

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