mm redesign

*casually slides this in*

I redesigned him-

i can’t believe i actually finished this thing.

redesign of MM Link and Tatl basically. Bits of Wind Waker, bits of the pre-OoT Link and lots of rejected designs. i designed loads more and had a much more interesting scene in mind but .. eh. cba working on this anymore.

modeled/rendered in blender and then cleaned up in photoshop.


Hypatia’s MM HD Remix video

(make sure to watch in HD)

no point in being vague anymore: the secret project is Majora’s Mask

after working on Wind Waker for so long i wanted to take all i’ve learnt about painting textures and environmental design to try completely changing the art style of another game (this was actually started before Mario Craft 64)

anyway as much as it’s clearly influenced by WW’s texture styles i’ve tried to make sure to capture the essence of what makes Majora’s Mask.. well… Majora’s Mask

so in that respect it’s much more of a hybrid style especially as there are multiple parts of the design influenced by various games throughout the series …as well as things i just happen to love (i’m looking forward to showing off the pause screen)

and yeah my MM redesign stuff (most of which isn’t public) has ended up influencing the style of the game


so one of the things i do in this project is literally just replace textures asap and then come back later to clean things up and make everything more cohesive. it’s a good way to draft stuff but it means a lot of things that look done are really just placeholders

the round HUD buttons are one of those things. they were one of the first things i did like.. almost two years ago i guess. they were literally just the WW textures made a bit smaller =T

these new ones are obv based on the WW ones but with the little curls and details that are based on the stuff from my MM redesigns

plus you can see that the icon style underwent a bunch of revisions, the newest ones have colours closer to the in game items and an angular style (again) based on the MM redesign stuff i did but also to help sync them closer to their actual in game meshes

(the arrows aren’t done either btw)

30 tris + one 1024x1024 texture.

Low poly chest for my MM redesign thing, mainly based on the WW and LttP chests.  i left uv space for the inside but i cba to do it tbh

i was actually streaming this originally but i ended up completely redoing the texture from scratch because i didn’t like how it was turning out. the new one uses as little hand painting stuff as poss and i decided to split the texture up into component lighting parts to make it easier to shade (i.e theres albedo, specular, ambient occlusion and directional lighting layers)