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Mystic Questions~!

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  • ASHY: What prank would you perform or Yoosung if you had a chance to do just anything? (must choose one! no mercy!)
  • AQUAMARINE: Seven’s hickeys or Saeran’s bitemarks~?
  • AZURE: Would you rather pay for seeing Vanderwood stripping or Zen performing?
  • BEIGE: Who - out of the whole RFA - would you want to be your child?
  • BLACK: Would you sacrifice your whole life (family, school, everything) to live as MC in MysMe’s universe?
  • BLUE: Would you play V’s route if it existed?
  • BROWN: Elizabeth 3rd or Longcat?
  • BURGUNDY: Would you rather hang in your room V’s photos or Zen’s selfies?
  • CLARET: How do you think, what kinks Driver Kim is into? 
  • COLORFUL: Which character would you want to be the opposite sex?
  • COFFEE: Would you rather stay by Jaehee’s or Jumin’s side when it comes to the job?
  • CREAMY: Choose one out of the Minor Trio (V, Saeran, Vanderwood) to do your homework.
  • CRIMSON: Would you rather tase Seven or help him escape from Vanderwood?
  • EMERALD: Do you know any intriguing MysMe theories?
  • GREEN: Who do you (or could you eventually) ship Jaehee with?
  • GREY: Would you date Driver Kim?
  • LIME: What would you answer (in your own words) to Unknown’s message, the one you get right after joining the RFA chat? (1st day)
  • MALACHITE: Who, out of the RFA (ONLY), would you want to be your associate while trying to escape from a jail?
  • MINT: Would you help Rika recover if you could? (…the color intented)
  • ORANGE: Would you rather protect Zen from cats or shower him with Elly’s fur?
  • PINK: Would you eat that Yoosung omlette?
  • RAINBOW-HUED: Does Jumin Han is a gay?
  • RED: Would you follow Unknown if he actually broke into your room and told you to go with him?
  • ROSEATE: How would you distract Seven from his work? (because who needs to actually work lol)
  • RUBY: How gay Jaehee is?
  • SAPPHIRE: Which scene from the whole game made you the most emotional?
  • TIMBER-LIKE: What would you do if you turned out to be Yoosung’s lost sibling?
  • TURQUOISE: Do you prefer the mad sadistic side or the innocent lil side of Saeran?
  • VIOLET: Would you rather have Jumin tie you up or spend a cuddlable night with Elizabeth’s personification?
  • WHITE: What would you ACTUALLY do if someone messaged you and asked you to go to some UNKNOWN place? (pun intented)
  • YELLOW: Which Choi twin would you rather ask to fix your phone?
  • TRANSPARENT: Ask you own Mystic Question!

I’d add more of them but I couldn’t think of any more colors XD 
Hope you have fun with that shit!


okay since cheritz never said which day v route would come, only the month. i have a theory that it will come out tomorrow. since everyone else’s route was 11 days v’s shouldn’t be any different. having the route come out tomorrow, you would be able to complete the route all in august.

Experiment: 707 x NEKO! Reader

*A/N: This is gonna start in Your POV. This is how most of the story will stay. But their will be the occasional times where 707 is gonna take over the POV. This will be posted chapter by chapter~ Enjoy the prologue.!* (sorry if prologue is bad, because I suck at prologues. It’ll get better, I promise.)

Warning: Swearing will be involved.

The moment I first opened my eyes, the world was against me.

It’s crazy to think about..even crazier to say, believe me.

I was an experiment. What was supposed to be a way to help humans without organ donors, turned into a disaster.

I would’ve been a normal person, just like you! However, I had cat cells placed inside of me when I was only a tiny egg in my mother. 9 months later, out came a hybrid. I definitely don’t look “normal.” I have pointy, furry ears on top of my head, and a long, fluffy tail. Because of this, people are a bit..weary of me. So, it’s best I don’t make much interaction with people. This way, no one is frightened, and I don’t get injured.


“GET OUTTA HERE, YOU FREAK OF NATURE! SCRAM!” A man yelled, throwing a greasy, brown bag of cold, stale food at me. My eyes widened, as I scrambled up from where I was sitting.

“Sorry, sir! It won’t happen again!” I frantically said, taking the bag of food and sprinting away.

My whole life has been this fight for survival. Staying behind restaurants like his at night, can provide you with some good food, if you’re patient. Finding a place to sleep is a different story, though.

I let out an exasperated huff, slowing myself down. I was weak, and tired. It had been another long day, and I needed to find somewhere to rest before I collapsed.

After thinking for a moment, I decided to make my way to the old abandoned playground for the night. It was a bit creepy, but it was safe. That’s all I needed right now.


*707’s point of view*

My phone buzzed, as I got a call from Yoosung.

“Seriously, Yoosung? Didn’t I just tell you I was going to go work..” I said to myself, debating on if I should ignore him or not.

After making a quick decision, I grabbed my phone, pressing ‘ignore call.’

“Sorry, kid. I’ve got stuff to do..”

I put my attention back on my computer, and began hacking into a scientist database. I had no idea what I was going to find, but the boss was scared about what they’ve been searching for.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, I got in. I quickly made it so they couldn’t tell I hacked in, and trace me.

“Now let’s see what you’re trying to hide..”

I scanned the information provided, until something specific caught my eye.

“A..human cat..?? Am I reading this right?” I brushed any dust that could have built up on my glasses, and re-read the information.

Turns out, my eyes weren’t actually deceiving me. This was real.

“If the wrong person finds her, she could be in serious Maybe I should do something? After all, Vanderwood said I couldn’t have a cat, but never rejected this~ hehe. Here I come, Kitty! Defender of Justice, Seven Zero Seven, to the rescue!”

A knock on my bedroom door sounded, along with an angry voice.

“Are you talking to yourself again?! Get back to work, idiot!”

None other than Vanderwood herself.

“Isn’t it the maid who is supposed to listen to your orders, not the other way around?” I smiled, quietly slipping my jacket on.

“For the last time. I. Am. Not. Your. Maid. Stop joking around! God, when I come back here tomorrow, you better have something done.” Vanderwood threateningly said, before slamming the front door, signaling their disappearance.

“Got it~ I’ll have something done, don’t worry!”

In light of news that some popular MM blogs here are spreading misinformation regarding mental illness, I felt the need to make a post.

Someone who is mentally ill and/or has experience in the field in psychology or medicine have more legitimacy in their information over someone who doesn’t. This shouldn’t even be an issue, but apparently it is.

I’m seeing people misdiagnose R*ka as someone with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and a mountain of other buzzwords without truly understanding what these disorders entail. The fact of the matter is, nobody is qualified to make that kind of diagnosis unless they 

1. have a degree in psychiatry

2. have a degree in clinical psychology 

Another thing to recognize is that nobody can go up to a therapist and say “read this fictional story and tell me what illness this character has!!”. I’m sorry, but that is simply making a joke out of the field and is a blatant lie

No psychiatrist or clinical psychologist worth their salt will do this. If you ever come across a professional willing to do this, you need to report them to the APA or your country’s equivalent of a Psychological Board of Ethics because they are in violation. 

Anyone claiming they know what mental illness R*ka has is wrong unless they are Cheritz themselves. I’m sorry, but none of you are qualified to make a post claiming to be an expert or that you’ve spoken to professionals when you clearly haven’t.

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Do you guys know of any popular nsfw mm and wlw books? Like song of achilles romance? ♥️

I do :) Not sure how popular one needs to be to fit (though I think the bolded titles pretty safely qualify, and you can look into more by those authors), but you can make your own call on that from this list:



Do you see yourself in each of the Mystic Messenger characters?

Something vaguely disturbing hit me so I’m just throwing this out there.

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Finding Fanfiction Problems #101
  • Me: *checking AO3 tag for my popular OTP* mm there are 10 new fics, oh but this one is angst, and this one gets updated daily but it is incomplete, might have character death, no way José. Side pairings I don't like, not reading that. Whatever I'll check tomorrow
  • Me: *checking AO3 tag for rare OTP I love to hell and back* it's been a month, come on. OMFG there's a new entry. Angst, possible character death, semi-hiatus, but it exists...Hell yes, let's read!!

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I saw a post about your interest in Nameless and it is arguably the BEST Cheritz game. Yes, even better than Mystic Messenger, since that's the one all of the kids are interested in. It makes me sad that MysMe has ALL of the attention when Dandelion and Nameless are amazing as well!!! Trust me, Nameless is an experience you'll never regret! Even the characters I wasn't interested in (romantically) I enjoyed a lot because they're pretty well written!

i think MM is so popular since it’s a mobile game and it’s free so it’s the easiest to play for most people ! i was familiar with dandelion but i hadn’t even heard about nameless until MM, i still know nothing about the game so it’ll be a whole new experience :’) i’ll definitely buy it once i get some money.

Morning Musume is rapidly becoming less popular. The only reason why they are still standing as one of the top idol groups in Japan is due to it’s long history and their big hit songs in the 2000’s. HP throws girls into MM who can’t sing or don’t stand out as much. They shouldn’t forget that idols are singers and talentos, not just eye candy to look at. The reason why MM was so popular at first was b/c of their talent for singing and unique personalities.