mm mmmm

me in class today: *being bored as usual*

random classmate: what is the date today?

teacher: 22/02/2017

me: wait.. 2022 *has a heart attack* WHAT

me: ok everybody is staring… 

me: *whispers* phan wedding mmmMMMMMM


classmates: wut


me: *sobs*

Hetalia Humor ~ APH America & APH Canada
  • Alfred and Matthew have been ice fishing all day. Alfred has had no luck, while Matthew has pulled out a ton of fish.
  • Alfred: “What’s your secret?”
  • Matthew: “Mmmmm mmm mm mmm mmmm mmm mmm,”
  • Alfred: “I’m sorry; what did you say?”
  • Matthew: “Mmmmm mmm mm mmm.”
  • Alfred: “I still didn’t understand you.”
  • Matthew spits something into his hand and speaks slowly and clearly.
  • Matthew: “You’ve got to keep your worms warm.”
  • Yukiya: I am a monster you know...
  • MC: Who told you that?
  • Yukiya: Look at me.
  • MC: Give me your hand.
  • Yukiya: Why?
  • MC: Just let me see it. *reading Yukiya's palm*
  • MC: Hmm, a long lifeline... Oh, and *this* one means you're shy... Hmmmmm. Mmmm, mmm, mm... Well, that's funny...
  • Yukiya: What?
  • MC: I don't see any...
  • Yukiya: Any what?
  • MC: Monster lines. Not a single one.