mm mmmm

Shiro does not like his body. It’s not his physique itself that he doesn’t like, but more so the scars that litter it. He hates the scars from the Galra’s abuse and hates that they cover his body so expansively. He also dislikes his prosthetic arm because of it being Galran technology, he hates that the arm brings him closer to the Galra. It reminds him of what they wanted to make him into. Shiro will never admit his dislike for his body, but it’s very much there and he’s reluctant to take his shirt off, no matter the weather. He’s lost a good deal of comfort in his own skin.

jojogirl15  asked:

Sans have you tried the Red Boys?

“don’t be disgusting. i hate eating as it is, last thing i wanna put in my mouth is-”

“MMM. Sans. Look. Look how much I’m enjoying these. Mmmm mmm mm! Yum yummy yum!”

“…our baby’s gonna come out so weird if you keep eating that stuff.” 

“Right. Not because its dad is a skeleton-man. Hey Sans. Sans. MMMMMMMMM.”