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favorite once upon a time moments | 17/??

2.06, emma swan and snow white.

xphantomofdeathx  asked:

I wish you the best on your blog! Could I ask for some cuddle scenarios for Naki, Uta, and both Kaneki, please? :3

(Yes of course! Now I want cuddles, too~!)

Naki: would be caught off guard at first. He would be watching TV minding his own business when his s/o came in a sat next to them, curling their legs under them and leaning on him. He’s startle a bit and tense up, looking down at them with wide eyes. After a while he would need to readjust to a more comfortable position and put his arm around them and lean his head on top of theirs. It would take him a while to be able to breathe normally, not wanting to disturb his partner; but after a while he would settle down and flip on a movie they both enjoyed.

Uta: He would notice his s/o being stressed out all day and walking around sighing and running their hands through their hair so he would keep an eye on them for the perfect time to “pounce”. They would go to lay on the couch and nap a little to get rid of a headache and Uta would plop down right on them. After some complaining and readjusting, they would settle with the s/o laying on top of Uta while he stroked their back or hair and they both fell asleep.

Kaneki: He would be comfortably reading a book in bed, all curled up under the blankets when his s/o walked in, ready for bed. They would crawl under the covers and scoot close, pressing their cold toes to his legs until he had no choice but to take a break from his reading to loop an arm behind their neck and let them curl up closer to him, falling asleep holding onto his shirt as he went back to reading. 

Shiro Kaneki: He would lay out blankets and pillows in from of the fire for them to lay on and watch movies to. There would be plenty of cushion and they would be very cozy. It would be a surprise for them when they got home, especially after a hard day. He would’ve gotten them some champagne or their favorite drink/food, and of COURSE it was just a coincidence he queued up some scary and romance movies to make them cuddle into him more…of course. 


                                 LA DOULEUR EXQUISE.

            – – ( the heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can’t have … )