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like the wind, like this dust
I can’t catch you, I can’t see you
Remember love you I love you
I believed it was love, I called it destiny
Remember love you I love you
I am living in your eyes
I will answer only to you
get hold of me who’s staggering
my love, my love
 - My love - Lee Hi -

Ahhh~~~ I wanted to complete this one for Zenny’s birthday but I was soooo slow. TvT I’ve played the April fool dlc and it sure hurted me alot when Zen realizes we’re from different dimensions. I’m sure many Zen’s fans would feel the same. But even if he can’t get to our world, as long as when you can draw, or write, you can always come to him. Sooo happy birthday Zenny my love!  

p/s: I’ll upload this image in my dA later incase you guys wanna download it in higher quality and not a gif. X”D

You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?