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The Nocturnes, Op. 15 are a set of three nocturnes written by Frédéric Chopin between 1830 and 1833. The work was published in January 1834, and was dedicated to Ferdinand Hiller.

Nocturne in F-sharp major, Op. 15, No. 2

The opening bars of No. 2 in F♯ major.

Composed in 1832, it is a technically challenging piece in A-B-A form, in 2/4. The first section, Larghetto (mm.40), features an intricate, elaborately ornamental melody over an even quaver bass. The second section, labelled doppio movimento (double speed), resembles a scherzo with dotted quaver-semi quaver melody, semiquavers in a lower voice in the right hand, and large jumps in the bass. The final section is a shortened version of the first (14 bars rather than 24) with characteristic cadenzas and elaboration, finishing with an arpeggio on F♯ major, falling at first, then dying away.

Performer:Krystian Zimerman.Such elegance.A sublime interpretation of one of my favourite Chopin pieces.Simply Enchanting!

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So we had a few days of Sam and his new "gf" in our faces and now nothing? It's been almost a week and no outings for the new duo? Interesting.

It is rather interesting,no? It, appears, anon, that this has so far been the most public of public romances. That is, every time these two have got together there has been a photo trail conveniently documenting it. And then it’s simple to let the inevitable innuendo take over- as most fans will just assume that the two of them will remain in the same place, and in the same company, as when last seen.
It’s all in the clever timing. That’s how these things work, anon, to create a lot of belief with only a very little bit of evidence.

The belief that is clearly being promoted here is that these two have been having quite a time of it cutting a swath through the LA social scene with MM on Sam’s arm. But what is the evidence? What is it that we have really seen?

first we were shown some pictures that were conveniently made public from a family wedding that showed Sam present at a post ceremony wedding picture session- he even posed for one with MM, but only outside of the venue. And then we saw Sam sitting at a table at the reception and MM seated at the same table, but no interaction between the two, or with anyone else there, in fact Sam seemed to be on his phone. We saw no other shots of Sam, not even in the background at other times. So we are expected here to fill in the blank spaces and concoct from these pics a weekend spent with Sam escorting MM, a bridesmaid at her brother’s wedding. That would include the rehearsal dinner, as well as other family and friend’s get togethers throughout the weekend. But that is all just supposition- no evidence supports it. Sam is in only a few pics and all from a very small slice of time starting from just after the ceremony and ending at the bride and groom dance starting the serious party party part of the reception. Before, and after, that he disappears.
But most people are willing to extrapolate, and so we have an entire “wedding date weekend” made out of three shots taken within a couple of hours of each other.

And then there was LA:
Sam went to a protest party hosted by his talent agency and had a nice pap shot taken in the street outside of himself and MM walking down the street wearing the tee shirts given out to participants.
Then later Sam got his picture done with MM, posing inside the party, at the Piaget pre Oscars party that both he and MM attended- then he also included her in a posed shot of himself with the hosts of the party. At the same party MM was also featured in a shot of Sam, MM, and Monty Jackson taken and posted by Mr Monty since he styled the both of them.
Then the next evening MM posts a shot of herself all dressed up in a white jumpsuit on an apartment complex balcony. Her makeup artist posts a pic of MM and Sam on the same balcony and mentions the Night before the Oscars benefit party in the caption. But no pics of either MM or Sam from the party emerge, either together or separate. And no mention of the party or thank yous to the hosts are tweeted out from either Sam or MM as is always done by a celebrity guest the next day.
So the pics tell only of a talent agency protest and then a pre Oscars cocktail party photo op at a party that both MM and Sam attend. And that’s it.
The benefit party from the next night never seems to get beyond the photo op on the apartment balcony. And Sam is wearing the same navy suit and white shirt as he wore to the Piaget the night before.
It would be very odd for Sam to make two public appearances back to back in exactly the same outfit. But easy enough to have both the balcony photo op and the Piaget party in the same evening and then just have MM change outfits and get her hair ironed down straight, and Sam remove his tie, and then it’s off the the Piaget shindig for the photo op there.
With the hint now thrown down on Friday-and followed up on Saturday with the balcony pic- about a weekend spent going to parties, in actuality Saturday and Sunday nights both are free to do as they please And an entire Oscars weekend worth of “memories” is created in one afternoon and evening.

So it’s up to you, anon, to believe what you want. What is see is the tendency of people to believe that whatever they last saw continues to be true- even when they next see nothing-being put to use here to use a set of photos made of two people created in a short span of time to tell a story of a much longer, and more complex interaction than they actually support.
The actual pics tell only of one afternoon and evening- and the fact that they are then being strung out to encourage me to create the desired narrative on my own makes me quite suspicious. No one has actually said anything concrete here, anon. It’s all just making use of the human tendency to engage in extrapolation.

And then there is the evidence against:
As it turns out Sam did go to the Oscar’ night Vanity Fair Party but the only pic of him inside shows quite plainly that it was Cait on his arm. And no MM on the red carpet, or anywhere else in the interior pics. And then there was a pretty good hint that it was with Cait that he woke up, hung over, the next day.
And Sam has also been daily posting about copious amounts of his free time being spent in the gym or sightseeing with Valbo, or at the game with the boys, and other friends.

And you didn’t mention Cait, anon, but just to round things out let me offer that she was seen at the airport getting the first class passenger VIP treatment as she was leaving for Seattle. She was alone as far as the sighting went. No Tony in tow. A PA will not usually fly first class with their employer, they will go in business or coach- but a VIP spouse certainly would.

So it all comes down to which story you want to believe:
The one created purely by extrapolation.
Or the one created daily by the actions of those involved.


First Look: The Ferrari 458 MM Speciale

Ferrari has unveiled its latest One-Off creation during the car’s first shakedown on the Fiorano circuit in the hands of Ferrari’s chief test driver Dario Benuzzi and the car’s enthusiastic British owner.

Designed in-house by the Ferrari Styling Centre, the 458 MM Speciale was built on the chassis and running gear of the 458 Speciale. Stylistically, the client was looking for extremely sporty lines and specified a ‘visor’ effect for the glasshouse: a black-painted A-pillar, very much in the style of the 1984 Ferrari GTO, helps provide a wraparound solution between the windscreen and side windows which thus meld into single, seamless glass surface. This solution simultaneously lowers the roofline and lends an aerodynamic sleekness to the full volume of the swept-back C-pillar.

Finished in Bianco Italia and complete with a livery that pays homage to the Italian flag, this unique coupé features all-new bodywork, handcrafted in aluminium with composite carbon-fiber bumpers front and rear. The 458 MM Speciale also boasts a new side air scoop, one of the most distinctive elements in an extensive revision of the aerodynamic package.

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All 12 Links from the various Zelda games! In case there was any confusion, each Link is a different individual, not the same person, in each game besides tie-in sequels. I made this to show all of them in one unified style.

Individual Links who appear in multiple games are featured only once, besides OoT/MM Link who is featured as both an adult and a child.

Zelda U doesn’t have a confirmed place in the timeline yet, so for now that Link is in his own section.


New 3-D Printer Uses Light to Build Objects in Minutes

The next generation of desktop 3-D printers might do away with the excruciatingly slow process that current units use. Researchers have unveiled a printer that replaces the current extruder nozzle that squeezes out melted plastic one layer at a time with light and oxygen. 

The makers of the Carbon3D printer have demonstrated a technique they call continuous liquid interface production (CLIP), which grows 3-D printed parts out of a liquid resin bath. Ultraviolet light and oxygen work to build a stronger part in layers just tens of microns wide. Build times can be reduced from hours to minutes, they say.

Their work builds on the process called stereolithography, an additive manufacturing technique developed in the 1980s that builds parts layer by layer with liquid resin cured by light. 

“By rethinking the whole approach to 3-D printing, and the chemistry and physics behind the process, we have developed a new technology that can create parts radically faster than traditional technologies by essentially ‘growing’ them in a pool of liquid,” said University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill chemistry professor Joseph DeSimone, who coinvented the technique and is also Carbon3D’s CEO. See more images and learn more below.

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Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor Part 3

1) M60A1 RISE. American MBT that succeeded the M48 Patton. With the deactivation of the Army’s last M103 in 1963, the M60 became the US Army’s primary tank. The M60 underwent many updates over its service life, the interior layout providing ample room for updates, extending the vehicle’s service life for over four decades. It was widely used by the U.S. and its Cold War allies, especially those in NATO, and remains in service throughout the world today. 

The RISE (Reliability Improvements for Selected Equipment) upgrade featured improvements to almost all the basic systems including an upgraded engine design that allowed easier access to components to allow removing the engine pack in less time and a new track type. In  the 1980s, USMC M60A1 RISEs received ERA armor.

2 & 3) M60A2. The M60A2 was intended as a stop-gap solution until the projected replacement by the MBT-70. The M60A2, nicknamed “Starship,” due to its “Space Age” technology, featured an entirely new low-profile turret with a commander’s machine-gun cupola on top, giving the commander a good view and field of fire while under armor but spoiling the low profile. It featured a 152 mm main gun similar to that of the M551 Sheridan, which fired conventional rounds as well as the MGM-51 Shillelagh anti-tank missile system.

4 to 6) T29 Heavy Tank. American WWII developmental heavy tank that started in March 1944 to counter the appearance of the Tiger II at Normandy.  The T29 was based upon a lengthened version of the T26E3 chassis and featured heavier armor, a bigger engine and a massive new turret incorporating a high velocity 105 mm gun. Its maximum armor thickness was 279 mm, compared to 180 mm on the Tiger II while its 105 mm gun was longer than the Tiger IIs 88 mm. The T29 also featured a coincidence rangefinder projecting from both sides of the turret, distinctively resembling “ears.”

7 to 10) XM800T ARSV. American experimental scout vehicle developed by the US Army in the 1970s. It was part of a series of armored vehicles being designed by the Army to replace the M113, witha  vehicle with greatly improved fighting capabilities. While the MICV-65 program focused on troop carriers, a separate requirement for a scout vehicle led to the XM800. None of the vehicles from the MICV-65 project entered production, although they provided valuable experience that was used in the M2 Bradley. The XM800T was armed with 20 mm autocannon, as well as a M60-derived machine gun on a pintle mount.


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Mm is still in Budapest with Sam. What do you think about her presence there? If she and Sam were together for PR she would have already left Europe. I need your rational opinion

MM still in Budapest with Sam? I don’t think so. While I do think she was in Budapest, I don’t think she was there for long. And I don’t think she was ever there “with” Sam.

What do I think about her presence there? I think a lot of people are in Budapest and we don’t all jump to the conclusion that they are there to be “with” Sam. For example; Lotte was just there and I didn’t see any speculation about her being the next item on his menu. And MM and Billy were very recently both in NYC when MM stopped there right after she finished her job in Pittsburgh, and I didn’t see any speculation about what that might have all been about. Two people being in the same place at the same time isn’t sufficient in itself to signal that a romantic attachment exists between them-usually there will be other clues if there is one.

My personal opinion? That MM and Sam were for a short time both in Budapest. Sam for filming his hiatus project movie. MM for publicity for her career, which is provided in copious quantities by Sam’s fan base whenever she manages to turn up in his proximity.
Whilst there both of them attended at the HungarianGP, a formula 1 auto race which happens to be a big interest of one of their Lionsgate studio bosses. Actors appearances at such venues broadens the viewership of both the actor and the sports team and it is a common enough situation- the list of notable persons in attendance was fairly substantial-in fact two other actors from another production, and a talent agent were guests of another team at the event.
So both MM and Sam were featured in the poses publicity shots that were posted from the race by the team that hosted Sam. But did that mean that they also made the appearance “together” as some would suggest? I think not.

There is first the question of the tickets. Sam was given the usual perks of a celeb guest appearance; entry into the venue, but also access to behind the scenes, in this case a pit pass to allow him to watch the race from the vantage point of the crew and drivers out on the floor where it all happens. He dutifully posted the posed publicity shot that was taken to commemorate his appearance and duly thanked the team for hosting him. Seems all pretty straightforward from his angle. He had a day at the races courtesy of the team. He thanked no one else.
But MM is a little more awkward. She thanked not just the team, but also a friend and formula 1 fan for her FUN DAY at the races. The friend commented back that he hoped she and “Bob” had both enjoyed the day. But she seems to have enjoyed the race in rather different surroundings from Sam. She is only shown in the team’s hospitality area and she also had no pit pass. Seems her presence back in the hospitality area may have been more the doing of the friend and of his friend “Bob” than of anything to do with Sam’s appearance for the same team on that day. If she was also making an appearance, or if she had been Sam’s guest she would have been issued her own pit pass.
She did get in both the publicity pics and was captioned as “actress” and Sam as “actor” who were both enjoying the races with the team that day, no mention at all of any connection between them, just that they had two actors in attendance that day. Sam couldn’t even take the time to take off his pit head set to pose for the pic in the hospitality area.- it didn’t look like he was planning to stay there long. And he evidently watched the race from the pit- there is a photo that shows him standing outside in the pit whilst MM watches from inside the hospitality cubicle- separated by a wall of glass.. There are no pics of them enjoying the race together or even from the same area, just the two publicity shots, one in front of the race car, the other of them in the team’s hospitality area-but there are pics of him enjoying the day with the other actors, one of Sam with the boys down in the pits, and another of the guys and Sam in the helicopter that they took to get back to Budapest after the races. MM got a shot of herself leaning into the open door of the craft before they departed- Sam was seated all the way over on the far side. Just a group of actors headed back to town after a day out. The only friendly, candid, shots from the day featured sam and the guys enjoying their time out. Of Sam and MM; nothing.

And then there were just two more pics from her. A short, soundless (better to leave the sound off than to have it reveal that any companion(s) are definitely NOT Sam?) video of a water taxi ride on the Danube, sightseeing the city from the river. And a tourist shot from a lake nearby that features shoreside wineries and many tourist hotels. Neither one feature Sam. And Sam has posted nothing that corroborates his presence at either location. And no further “appearances” by MM after race day suggest that her stay may have been shorter, and spent in different t company, than advertised. The taxi was certainly not posted in real time- it was taken in a midday sun but posted at around 7:30 am local time. Or 10:30 pm in Los Angeles.

So my opinion on why she was in Budapest? Just the same reason as Sam is in Budapest; for her career. That she got to go to the races and to do some sightseeing in the beautiful city and surrounding countryside during her stay is just a nice side benefit and is quite possibly also owing to a little help from her friend, and his friend “Bob”

Imagine getting flowers from Dean..

You thought it was Cas.

You hadn’t lived in the bunker for long, but seeing Sam had sworn it wasn’t him and Dean was, well, Dean, the only one who had any sort of access to your room, at least enough to arrange a few (absolutely beautiful) flowers in a vase and put it next to your bed was the angel. 

But then Cas gave you this look when he walked in and saw you holding the vase and fiddling with the petals. The look he carries when he sees something peculiar - the tilt of his head, the parting of his lips. Even then, you still thought it was him, until Dean walked by behind him, saw you, and didn’t even comment on the large vase in your lap - just nodded and walked away.

Holy shit. 


He kept humming under his breath, going through the fridge for what you assumed was a very late dinner.


“Ha - what?” he asks, his voice low, stable. Too low, too stable. “Didn’t see you there. You, uh, want some pizza?”

Sure, Mr. Thirty-Years-A-Hunter, you didn’t see me there. “No, we humans have dinner before midnight. I’m good.”

“This ain’t dinner.”


“This is pizza.”

“Oh of course,” you said, “Pizza has its own special stomach that never ever makes you fat,” you said, “Or causes heartburn.”

He rolled his eyes. “God, it’s like you’re Sam and Dr. Oz blended together,” he said, stuffing his food into the microwave, “Only shorter and a lot more annoying.”

“Is that why you brought me flowers?”

He raised his eyebrows, clearing his throat and so casually crossing his arms over his chest. “Is that why I what now?”

“Flowers,” you repeated, mirroring his pose, “Small and fluffy and oh-so-pink.”

“Sweetheart,” he said, “I don’t do flowers.”

“No, you just do the people you bring flowers to.”

He blinked, face a shade of red he’d never admit to ever being without the external presence of blood. “I - no - what? No. That’s not - I -” He cleared his throat one more time. “I was just redecorating, Jesus.”

“Are you sure?” you asked, a smile dancing on your lips, “Because, you know, they’re pretty awesome flowers.”

“I -” He blinked several other times, eyes fixed at his feet. “I, uh, you - um - said something,” he said, “the other day, about them, and I just - I just - uh - fuck, um -”


“I just need to get my pizza!” he said, relief washing over his features, “Mm, pepperoni,” he said, pulling the microwave door. “Delicious.”

You laughed. “Alright,” you said, “Why don’t you think that over, and maybe let me know if you, I dunno,” you said, “want to redecorate any time, eh?”

let me be a weirdo

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I really respect your opinion and love your blog. I'm having a hard time understanding Sam's likes of MM's tweets and IG's when he never has before. Funnily enough Cait seems to be commenting more on HIS IG. The whole thing to me is v confusing. Is the liking of MM's tweets supposed to keep up some kind of narrative? The rugby pic clearly showed to me ppl love them together. Plus, I can't see a relationship with MM surviving after all things recently. V confused. Would ❤ yr thoughts. TY!

Thanks anon!
The liking of MM’s tweets actually fits very well with what we have been seeing recently from Sam and Cait. Ever since they left LA- even as soon as the Seattle fan con- they abruptly changed the narrative back to the self reported one of Sam and Cait as a couple. It’s the one that always seems most natural for them and predominates whenever they are not in LA. The fact that this narrative is self reported by both of them in their own words and actions on their own social media makes it a very hard one to discount. In fact the latest attempt to do so backfired rather badly when the press who reported on the rugby selfie of the two of them were saying on one hand how cuddly and happy they were together- which was really the only comment that could be made by anyone who saw that pic-and then awkwardly inserting what was obviously hand fed spin info about how Sam and some other girl called MM were “red carpet official”- which is not true at all as no red carpets were walked together at the cocktail party that both attended during Oscars week. Actually there is only an interior photo op that featured MM and Sam in a pic standing together, and then Sam included her in one of his photo ops with the party sponsors.
That someone is trying to make sketchy evidence from two pics taken from one party into a grand romance makes it all the more apparent that someone who is trying to support the Sam MM narrative doth protest this cuddly Sam Cait selfie overmuch, methinks! And that makes me trust what I, and almost 86 thousand other people, see in that selfie all the more!

So what do Sam’s latest likes of MM’s posts, or her likes of his, have to do with it?
If you look at what it is that Sam is liking, it is “keeping it professional” stuff that is being rewarded with likes. Her about to go running/arrow pointing north post got a like for a comment about “a step in the right direction” probably for her choice to post about exercise and encouraging other to do so. His other like was for a post that made it abundantly clear that she was traveling in the Pacific Northwest and was not inviting innuendo about her possibly being in SA by leaving her current location unknown.
In return MM has been liking Sam’s fitness and Barbour posts- both of which are professional topics.
It’s strictly business- and MM’s likes are mirroring Sam’s friend Amy Shiel’s likes which further support the “friends” scenario.

But Sam and Cait are definitely upping their “together” game in their recent interactions- probably in answer to the upping of the Sam and MM game during Oscars week in LA. In fact Sam and Cait started this even before they left LA with Sam’s making quite clear that he was spending his days and evenings with his old crowd of friends and with his friend Valbo who was also visiting LA at the time. By Sam’s own words there would not be much time left over for the romance that was being hinted at by the “official” narrative. Then they were very couply looking at the Seattle fan con and not a whiff of MM to be seen even though that is her “home turf”. Once they got to SA we have got pics of Sam and Cait at drinks and rugby and shopping together. They presented a united front with a retweet of an anti bullying message. And now Cait has taken to commenting on Sam’s posts, putting herself into the conversation between Sam and his fans that these posts represent. The same way a wife or partner would feel comfortable inserting themselves into a spouse’s conversation at a party.

So the way I see it the likes from Sam are actually in service of his and Cait’s “together” narrative. Those likes are in keeping with the sort of interaction that two friends or acquaintances might have. And these stand in contrast to what Sam and Cait are showing with their posts and comments on each other’s social media- a pattern that says they are more than friends to each other. A pattern that has been consistent with them for almost four years now.

Rufini Precision IV Custom Vintage Series bass. The bass is built around a 2-piece alder body that’s covered in an aged Fender Daphne Blue nitro lacquer finish. Rufini rounded the bass’s aesthetic out with a Fender vintage aged and Schaller aged tuners. Its neck is a single piece of quartersawn flame maple that holds 24 frets with custom abalone inlays. The bass has an interesting P/MM pickup configuration featuring Tesla Pickups.

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What is Sam and his pr staff hope to gain by posting this picture of two disinterested shabby people looking anything but uncool. It just give sites more evidence against Sam for whatever they are trying to prove. Sam ,live your life,but less is more.FFS

I don’t think it was posted so much to gain anything but more to avoid losing.
So far this little NYC “tryst” with MM has featured:

- a party pic that featured Sam and MM. Posing together, but separately.
- a gallery opening red carpet pic with Sam that looked more like a guy who ended up having to take his cousin to the prom when his steady girlfriend’s parents wouldn’t let her go.
-a #failed “ double date” for Sam and MM with Sam and Cait’s South African friends at an escape room that left Sam looking like he had just been made to snack on broken glass
- a holiday in Southern France for one…or at least not for these two. The streets of Rousillon will undoubtedly keep their secrets but it doesn’t seem at all likely that any of them involve Sam, though there were a few other interesting persons in the vicinity, and that certainly would need to be kept secret…
- a concert date with MM and a large purse at Summerstage in Central Park that interested no one-not even Sam enough to bother tweeting about it. Though to be fair maybe he actually. didn’t see the concert but left directly after the phot op and obligatory fan pic to mark his “appearance”? And he did show up for the event in his best “I’m doing a public appearance here” outfit. In fact that outfit was apparently so appearance worthy that he did another appearance in it the next week for his Barbour line opening.
-a whole weekend of fun for Sam at MPC. But just Sam. Maybe a second ticket to Scotland was too expensive?
-a whole day of Barbour promotions in NYC that featured only Sam and clothes, and no “girlfriends”. Oops, did she maybe get lost on the way over- perhaps get left at the petrol station when she got out to get another of those ubiquitous bottles of water?
-a Sam and Cait charity event to benefit both their complexly intertwined charity interests. Which, when you think about it is such friendly, completely not coupley thing for two people who obviously have completely separate lives to do…

So that’s been it so far, for the Sam and MM “All Loved Up and In New York” campaign and so far Sam’s sign has pretty much summed it up: #fail!!

Those pap pics are old- likely taken on the 9th of September before Sam left for what was most likely Budapest for a few days and MM went to France. And so far the single one they have released is pretty much a #fail as well, and it is likely the best of the lot in terms of them looking chummy, or even happy, or whatever, or why choose it for trying to make your story of an afternoon spent as a couple walking the streets of NYC between Sam’s Barbour appearances. But then Sam himself sent a video of him in the car being transferred to his next appearance for Barbour. Oops, so not walking then, oops!

So I think even though the pap shot is not very convincing they went with what they had- which was an older pic from a pap photo session done back before the S3 premiere- when it was decided it might be a good time to try to somehow interject MM back into a story that she hasn’t been featuring in very heavily these past days that have had so much focus on Sam alone, and on Sam and Cait.

And if the best pic they could come up to go with this little story of a Sam and MM afternoon was a weak and older pic, then that’s pretty telling if you ask me about how much time these two are really spending together…