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“Step back! DO NOT TOUCH MY Elizabeth 3RD!!”

I saw this meme which they photoshopped Jumin’s head to the first pic and found it really fun to redraw this scene, so here you have Jumin in his hanbok haha. 

I have a hard time draw his hanbok since I don’t know how it looks like lol. Anyway, thanks for liking my arts so far.

Original scene is from the movie “Neko Zamurai”.

Jumin: (breathing heavily)

Seven: (breathing in unison with Jumin)

Yoosung: (breathing normally)

Zen: (not breathing)

Jaehee: (flashbacks of the war appearing in her head)

MC: (performs CPR on Zen to save his life)

Jaehee: (faints from seeing her and Zen)

MC: (performs CPR on Jaehee out of love and affection)