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a collection of alllllll the links i could find in reason. each link has a different name and a different personality. Hopefully this will help everyone

The ones in green are official Links. the ones in blue are still links, but for one reason or another, they aren’t considered “official”

 shout out to the “hero of Men” link mentioned in the Minish, the “ancient hero” in breath of the wild, and the “King shadow” mentioned in the comics. they were almost included but don’t have enough behind them for mention. if more links pop up or people want me to include those links, I will do so. 

Love me some ZELDA 

yeolhighness  asked:

batool :<<< give me nice things HAHAHA

remember when i met u and i was mesmerized by ur name now it remembers me tears but oKE i guess i still love u and i hope u’re having a great night bb

  • being surrounded by puppies
  • run behind your dreams
  • using caps cause you’re too excited
  • knowing you trust the right people

send me your name and i’ll reply with the first thing i think of ✨