Kipling 100 //

Daiso highlighters - (although I use mildliners more)
Micron - 01, 02, 03
Prismacolor brush pen
Muji - 0.5mm gel
Pilot - 0.38 mm gen
Pentel Energel - 0.7mm
Copic Caio - Pastel 6-pack
Copic Sketch - E11, R11, C7
Tombow dual brush pens - 2 Landscape palettes (x20 pens)
Pentel Energel - 0.5mm
Glue tape
Daiso whiteout
Pentel polymer eraser

NT’S HALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN (featuring my favourite spooky fics): 10/10

painted blind by nasri

“ They cook lunch to Chopin and curl into each other with Peter and Wendy between them and when it starts to rain, a soft, steady, drip, the shadow runs its fingers over pages in the half light; my love, my love, my love. “

Gen // MM // Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield // Modern AU, supernatural elements, haunted house

nt’s fic recs (43/?)

Post-Mortem by @poebuddy

“’I tried so desperately to give the house a new purpose – tenants, and people, and life – but no family lasted more than a few months. They couldn’t stand me or the house. But you – you stayed. I was callous and reclusive, and yet you stayed.’”

Gen // MM // Bard/Thranduil // Modern AU, haunted houses and people, crime/horror

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JIJIPRESS’ report on MM14’s Budokan and 12th gen.