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hello!! I love your art for albus x scorpius! can you draw scorpius in a1 cuz of smth sweet albus did? thanks you're cool :D

hey!!! thanks so much <33

i bet Scorpius is just the sweetest little ray of baby sunshine like it doesn’t have to be anything fancy Al could give him a juice box and the kid would just glow for the entire day

So here is a thought: Pokemon go uses only 3 stats, HP, Attack, and Defense. These stats are proportionate to the game and generally the pokemon with the highest HP are the ones you see in gyms (ex, snorlax, vaporeon, lapras, chansey). Bulky pokemon with lower speed.

you know who is ALSO a bulky with low speed?


Madelyn received a promotion at work, which was a blessing and a curse. She needed the money, but now she had more hours. Not to mention, she still had the restaurant to run. Which as soon as she stepped foot out of the carpool car, she headed over to the restaurant. She had to pull a double today. Maybe this time she’d walk the baby out.