707 Defender of Justice!!! I love this boy so much~

I got sooo tired of working on this, so please excuse my mistakes! m(_ _)m I honestly tried to give him his striped glasses but it ended up looking rather odd when it’s black and white like this, so he’s got a pair of different glasses.

Y’all can use this as your icon or whatever just please leave me credit somewhere, thank you!

1070. Scorpius was the first Malfoy in history to be sorted somewhere other than Slytherin. He was nervous about telling his dad, but he needn't have worried. Draco couldn't have been more proud of his son, knowing he wouldn't be pulled or influenced as he had been. The next day Draco went out and proudly bought himself a Gryffindor scarf to show his son his support.

Three surprise designs for the sale I’m hosting today! I’m really enjoying this, designing nextgens. I think I’ll try to host a sale of them at least once a month, but we’ll see how this one goes first. In the meantime, these designs were a bunch of fun to do! They were among the more unusual, specifically the Spike x CMC omniship one, but each proved to be an enjoyable challenge. :3 In order, the nextgens are:

-Pinkie Pie x Discord

-Rarity x Steven Magnet (he’s the sea serpent with fabulous hair)

-Spike x Cutie Mark Crusaders (Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo)

As always, suggestions for future nextgen designs are welcome. :3 Which is your favorite of this bunch?

Saeran: Haha what are you doing?? s-stop smothering me with kisses, it’s gross!

Saeyoung: *muah* Nope~ unless you stop being the adorably sweet baby bro that you are, I’m never gonna stop! CX *muah* you know you like it~!

Saeran: you idiot xD


Art trade with my dear friend @daeddrart hope ya like it~! c: c: