Shysims Leah Top Recolour!

I made a recolour of the Leah Top by Shysims with some designs that I really like and I hope you like them as well

This top is Maxis Match friendly and contains 6 new swatches.

Don’t forget to download the mesh!

You NEED the mesh for this recolour to work - here!

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anonymous asked:

The ask box is fixed now. My friend is a fan of your writing and loves Jumin Han. Her birthday and his are in the same day and she is sad lately. I was wondering if you could write a little story for it with mc and Jumin celebrating their birthdays on the same day. Thank you very much. Thank you for answering. -^=^ P.s have a very good day.

Have a good day too Anon~ 

So glad I made an exception to this… I sincerely hope your friend becomes happier soon, I hope this little writing does something too…

A groan escapes her lips as the early morning rays of sun shine through the blinds, blinding her. ‘Jumin must have opened them up’ she thought. Her days at work and school have been really stressing her out lately, dampening her mood even when not doing any work as a result. A groan rumbles in her throat at the realization on what day it is, ‘It’s Jumin and I’s birthday…’ With another groan, (Y/N) rolls out of the comfy and warm king-sized bed and heads to the kitchen, barring the best smile that she could muster up for the morning.

The scent of Jumin’s famous home-made pancakes can be caught upon entering the room, a sweet scent that brings somewhat truth to the fake smile. His pancakes never cease to bring a smile to her face. She walks up behind him and wraps her arms around him, placing her face flush against his back. Jumin spins in her embrace and gladly returns it. She didn’t know this but Jumin was well aware of her current drop in mood therefore leading him to plan and make this day the best for her.

Her happiness is his happiness after all.

“Happy birthday, my love” he wished to his wife, a smile on his face. (Y/N) moves her head to look up at Jumin in the eyes, returning the smile.

“Happy birthday to you too, darling.” She wishes back.

“I made your favourite, strawberry flavoured pancakes” Jumin turns back to the stove, (Y/N) standing to his right, watching intently as he cooked.

“But, Jumin, today is not only my day, it’s your too…” she reminds him. Jumin simply chuckles.

“Yes, I know kitten.” Is all he says before he turns off the stove and ushers her to take a seat at the table. Once she’s seated Jumin brings two plates full of nice, warm pancakes, setting one in front of (Y/N) and the other in front of himself.

“What are we doing to celebrate this time, Jumin?” she asks. She knows that Jumin is still somewhat of a mellow man, not to big on celebrations. He has enough of those with his job. The usual activities that are done is sitting at home, cuddling each other, as well as Elizabeth the 3rd, maybe watching a movie or two and finishing off with going out to a fancy restaurant for dinner. He will also usually state these plans, or at least some, but his next sentence leaves her confused and a little shocked.

“It’s a surprise, my love”

Finishing up breakfast, Jumin grabs the plates and brings them to the sink, (Y/N) following to clean them. When Jumin notices what’s she about to do he stops her, “I’ll get someone to clean these but I need you to go get dressed.” Again, confusion paints her face. She goes to open her mouth to ask a question but Jumin is quick to start talking again, “And no, nothing formal. Just something casual.” With a reluctant nod, (Y/N) heads back to the bedroom to get changed.

Summer is just ending and the weather is starting to turn into cool temperatures, perfect weather for a nice light brown hoodie, black leggings and a grey toque. Exiting and making her way to the door, she is surprised to see Jumin already in clothes, ‘Wasn’t he just in PJs?’, and casual clothes at that! Jumin actually looks pretty good without a suit, blue jeans and a grey t-shirt along with a blue jean jacket and a black toque replacing it. Man, Jumin Han is full of surprises today…

“Ready, Love?” (Y/N) nods her head yes and Jumin gives a small smile. Jumin and (Y/N) then exit the penthouse, off to the first mystery destination of the day.

Walking through a park like a normal couple has proven to be relaxing. No bodyguards, no renting out the entire park just for the two of them, just a normal walk. It actually feels really nice. The cool breeze blows throw her hair, hair ending up going in her face. Jumin leans down and tucks it behind her ear, sneaking a kiss on the forehead while doing so. Her cheeks are a light shade of pink, the breeze not being the only cause. Jumin merely chuckling lightly and continues to walk hand-in-hand through the park with her.

Next stop, Jaehee’s house. Why? Well because Jumin along with all the other members are throwing a surprise party for her and just a normal party for Jumin, since he was the one who thought of the idea. Walking into the home, immediately the RFA yell “SURPRISE” and confetti are popped. Wishes of Happy Birthday are tossed around by the members to both Jumin and (Y/N), smiles all around. Presents are given, cake is eaten and laughs are shared with the family she had made with them all, especially her husband, Jumin. 9 o’clock rolls around pretty fast when you’re with the people that you love the most, and its now time to go home. Walking back to the penthouse, a smile still on her face, (Y/N) has completely forgotten about all the stress and depression she’s been feeling and that’s a win for Jumin. He did what he was hoping to do, cheer up (Y/N) on such a special day for her and him.

An hour later that’s filled with wine and cuddles, Jumin decides he needs to tell her something.

“My love?” She hums in acknowledgment. “You know, I did realize your sudden change in mood, right?” (Y/N) chuckles slightly at his confession.

“Should have known, nothing gets past the Jumin Han…” It was meant as somewhat of a joke but Jumin, at this moment, is all serious.

“Darling, you know you can talk to me if something is bothering you. I hate seeing you so sad, even the tiniest bit hurts me.” Sensing the serious atmosphere, (Y/N) answers back with a sigh and the same level of seriousness as him.

“I know Jumin, I just… I don’t know…” Jumin pulls her towards him, arms wrapping around her, keeping her in a loving and warm hug.

“I won’t force you to tell me right now, just know that I am here whenever you need me. So… just come to me when need be”

(Y/N) exhales out of her nose, calm now that she knows that Jumin is here with her no matter what.

“I will, Jumin. Thank you, I love you.” She mumbles into his chest. His safe and secure and loving body. One that will be with her through ever step it takes to ease her problems.

Smiling Jumin replies, tightening his hold slightly and bringing (Y/N) closer, “I love you too, (Y/N). Forever and always, no matter what…”

A quick A/N: If the friend this Anon mentioned is reading this, please know that I hope you feel better soon. While I don’t know why you are feeling sad I just wrote it down as stress and added a few times the word depressed and things similar to that word but, again, I don’t have all the details. 

Please talk to someone if it’s depression… please, people will listen, you just have to find the people who will. Like this Anon friend right here! They seem like they will listen ^^ 

I am also very glad that your friend is fan of me, it means a lot, thank you~ 

I really hope this little writing helped and thank you to anyone else who read this^^

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Thanks for reading~ :)

RFA Boys’ Reaction to MC Aborting Their Baby

Please note: This isn’t meant to offend anyone. I’m going through a hard time right now. #trigger warning #death #abortion

Yoosung: He would be ultimately crushed. Lots of yelling would ensue. He was going to name his little girl after his deceased cousin, Rika. He had a plan to be a great dad, bought gifts and everything. He doesn’t stay in contact with you after you decide to go with the procedure.

Originally posted by motelspice

707: This was reached after a mutual decision. He was actually the first one to ask you what choice you wanted. After a heartfelt conversation, he drove you to the clinic and held your hand the whole procedure. Afterwards you both had a quiet moment at home and held each other silently.

Originally posted by blackandwh0te

Jumin: When you told him you wanted an abortion, he was on the fence, and quick to try to convince you not to go through with it. You may have argued even, but he ultimately respected your decision.  He took you to the clinic but couldn’t force himself to join you inside. He waited in the car and cried by himself.

Originally posted by spirit-a-nimal

Zen: The second you told him you wanted the abortion he was heartbroken. He wanted to dispute it but he knew you’d already you already had made up your mind, settling to frantically wipe away his tears instead. You comfort him and he eventually can do the same for you. He would also join you in the clinic while the procedure was done.

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[MM] v1.9.9 Update - Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) Event

Hello, this is Cheritz.

We will be starting 2018 Chuseok event earlier than planned to bring happiness sooner to you.

(The starting time of the event might differ depending on the country you reside in.)

Please remember to update your Mystic Messenger game to the latest version before the holiday season.

The following is the list of things that have been added and updated in the new version for Android and iOS.

1.  Bug fix of ‘back button’ not functioning on the main screen (Android)

2. Update for 2018 Chuseok Event

Event Period: 20th of September - 26th of September, 2018

2-1. Game-access Event

a. Free Max Speed

*Available only during the event period

b. New title page illustration and replacement of app icon

2-2. Chuseok-themed Intro Chat Rooms of the RFA Members

* Pop-up of random intro chat rooms upon accessing the game

2-3. 10% SALE of ‘Next-Day Purchase’

Please refer to the notice below for more information on Chuseok event!
: [MM] Announcement on Chuseok Event You Can Enjoy with the RFA Members

This update will include 10 hourglasses from our last update of version 1.9.9.

Please check your account for a total of 20 hourglasses that will be added the moment you log in to Mystic Messenger.

Thank you.

[MM] Announcement on Chuseok Event You Can Enjoy with the RFA Members

Hello, this is Cheritz!

Leaves are turning red, and the breeze is getting cooler! Hooray - fall is here, and Chuseok, the main event of the fall season in Korea, is just around the corner!

*Chuseok is a Korean Thanksgiving holiday.

The RFA members say they are planning to spend this Chuseok together!

Why don’t you come and join them for the holiday and enjoy various events we have prepared for you?

[2018 Chuseok Event]

Event Period: 20th of September - 26th of September, 2018

[Event #1]  Game-access Event

*The image in completion will be revealed in the game-version update notice!

How to participate : access the game for the event
Reward : free Max Speed game during the event period

Stay tuned for our game-version update notice, as the image of the RFA members in traditional Korean clothes will be unveiled!

[Event #2] Chuseok-themed Intro Chat Rooms of the RFA Members

How do you think the RFA members will spend their Chuseok holiday?

We have prepared some Chuseok-themed chats with everyone gathered up to have some fun!

Why don’t you access the game during the event period and get to know the members better by reading the random intro chats?

[Event #3] 10% SALE of ‘Next-Day Purchase’

You’ve all thought, ‘I want to see the next chat room! I want to talk to the members,’ at least once while playing Mystic Messenger, right?  

Well, we will be having a 10% sale of the ‘Next-Day Purchase’ function during the Chuseok holiday season!

Example of Sale Prices :

We wish you a happy and fulfilling 2018 Chuseok holiday with our Mystic Messenger characters!  

*Please be advised that our Customer Support responses will be delayed during the Chuseok holiday season. (Chuseok holiday: 24th - 26th of September)

Thank you.