Big 12 commissioner Bowlsby could not have screwed that up any worse. Hedging, saying that Baylor & TCU split the title, both with 8-1 records, assured the conference that neither would get into the playoff, if Ohio State won. And the precedent conference established there nullifies the only thing you can hang your hat on about “true round robin,” no conference champ game format—head-to-head has to be the A1A tie breaker. Nothing “true” about true round robin anyway—strength of schedule still matters—where you play teams is a big deal, obviously.

Also, Baylor hiring PR firm for week leading up to playoff selection was a massive PR blunder. The one thing that committee is terrified of is being perceived as biased. That’s why they made panel comically large—include so much individual bias—impossible for anybody to pin down specific bias. You hire a PR firm to convince them that you should be in—PR firm announces that’s what they’re there for—the last thing that committee is going to do (all things being equal, which is what Bowlsby made it by splitting conference title)—is give the nod to the school with PR firm, over the school that didn’t hire the PR firm. Worst PR move ever here was hiring a PR firm. Also, precedent for B12 awful too because you know that if the 8-1 teams had been KU and Oklahoma, Oklahoma winning v Kansas—conference ain’t saying KU/Oklahoma split it. They’re just not. And that’s not an example to say Kansas doesn’t get respect they deserve, not my point, they get exactly the respect they’ve earned (zero)—but splitting Baylor/TCU had everything to do with the fact that those two pretty much have equal political/football clout.

If conference throws in with Baylor, like they should have—then conference/Baylor has their best chance to get in. And you have your best argument if they don’t. And instead of 2 schools being annoyed—one is happy. And your job then is simple—bitch and moan about a lack of respect for B12 by playoff committee—so that maybe you’ll get the call next time. Tell TCU that you owe them one. It’s all politics and Bowlsby proved to be an awful politician. If you’re the one goddamn power 5 that’s not playing a championship game—you absolutely cannot split the league title. Your tie breakers are all you’ve got. It’s shocking that they don’t understand that. B12 conference has been mismanaged so badly this last decade—it’s a miracle that it still actually exists. Just dumb luck I think that it’s still around.

Another tough BHT* L Saturday for TBG–earned us a +1.85 all plays. Not what we needed. Not what we coulda shoulda had. That’s the way it’s been going for us, still in the worst 3 week stretch since we started sharing our card on 1/1/13. It’s been brutal. We’ve undid half of a full calendar year’s good work since November 18th (+102.10 YTD then, +53.70 entering Sunday’s action). Miserable. Jump off a fucking building bad and if you go back and look at our results in things that coulda gone either way–we’d have lost about half that, if that–save for what I think can be fairly judged as a run of truly horrific luck. We’re in the 70’s/80’s with our YTD with just your normal #sportsbetting stretch of shit luck, in our humble opinion. But SIG. We’ll keep grinding. Profit this year. A profit last year. Bankroll built on the decades before that. We’re not going anywhere. Nor fucking should we. BHT* Sunday LA Galaxy v the goddamn Revs+1 -105.

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