Fact 6

When I whistle I blow air in and not out. Stephen was trying to teach me earlier how to whistle properly and said this, “You are the only person that I know who blows air in and not out. While the rest of the world blows air out babe is the only one who is blowing air in.”

I love him so much. My heart just grew.

Edit: I always text him around five or so saying good morning and have a good day at work. Today I was so tired from last night that I just woke up not too long ago. So Stephen was a little worried, how adorable.

For all you nerds out there,

There’s a program/application for macs in the app store called, DoublePane. It typically cost money to have it on your computer but for July 4th, it’s free, yup. No, it’s not a joke and I kid you not. I love free programs and have been keeping my eye on this one for a while. Go get it while it’s hot (technically it isn’t July 4th yet but hey, time zone thing).