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Not only did I have the best time at SDCC with my friends, but I also got to meet THESE TWO GORGEOUS LADIES! I cannot express how this moment made my day!! I was so looking forward to running into them somewhere in the exhibit hall and what better way to find them than to find them at the Ladybug meet and greet at nick booth! I love these girls they were so sweet and so beautiful even in person! Thank you @toriitorii and @akaitsukis! You’ve made my comic con experience THE BEST YET!💜


SA WAKAS (at last!) I finally came up with a design for Apolaki and his civilian form :3 (hopefully you guys remember Urduja) Plus some super rough and quick scenario doodles for character studies I guess.

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The Signs as Adrien's Problems
  • Aries:Adrien not getting his food.
  • Taurus:Adrien not being allowed to have a certain amount of emotions.
  • Gemini:Adrien's lack of freedom.
  • Cancer:Adrien's constant body-scent of Camembert.
  • Leo:Adrien's Copycat not being able to make good puns.
  • Virgo:Adrien's missing mother.
  • Libra:Adrien's lack of love from his father.
  • Scorpio:Adrien's constant struggle to get Ladybug to fall for him.
  • Sagittarius:Adrien wanting to know who Ladybug is.
  • Capricorn:Adrien being flung across Paris by his true love.
  • Aquarius:Adrien not being able to remember his kiss with Ladybug.
  • Pisces:Adrien's struggles with Plagg.

Okay so I just took a Pokemon Go quiz, and apparently, I’m Team Instinct

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I don’t play Pokemon Go, so I don’t know what this means

All I know from Tumblr is that Valor and Mystic have a rivalry, hate each other and take Pokemon very seriously and that Team Instinct are the chill ones and are into Pokemon for fun