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Marichat May: Day 1

Marichat May: Day 1 - Cat Tendencies

Word Count: 1,571

((Also, have to admit I got some inspiration from @browntiger15, but I also had a similar idea going on for my drabble… I hope it doesn’t seem like I totally copied off of them! It was mainly the bit where Mari searched up a thing on the internet nothing much other than that. (BTW @browntiger15, I read yours and it was really good like A+.)))

It was strange at first when Chat Noir decided to show up at her window whenever it turned night time. She remembered the faint knocking on the glass, to which she jumped, startled from the sudden noise in the silence. Marinette often came home late if an Akuma attack happened during the night. Her parents were asleep, and they also assumed that she was asleep, when in fact, she was working on schoolwork that she was unable to do while she was out.

Her pencil was held in her hand, and her eyes held before her the image of a right triangle. Good old Pythagorus again, what a joy. She thought as she began to work on her math homework, enjoying the silence of the night while also listening to hear if her parents were awake. If her parents caught her not sleeping, she didn’t know what the consequences would be, so she tried to avoid it entirely. Luckily, her father was a deep-sleeper. 

The silence was broken that fateful night when Chat came to the window, knocking quite loudly on the glass. She threw her pencil in the air and instinctively turned off the light. Her gaze looked over to where the sound had come from, only seeing those green eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness. She gave an exasperated sigh as she walked to the window, opening it carefully. 

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