mlr arts

Latimer: I just finished watching Book 3 of Legend of Korra - oh my god, Kai and Jinora are so  cute!! Cue fan-art with older Kai and Jinora.

I liked Kai better in earth kingdom clothes; in my head he’d like to represent the two parts of himself, earth and air. And maybe Jinora will be inspired by Korra’s hair-do in the future!


“I don’t know what we’ll become in the days ahead, she said, I only know the quiet voice in my heart that says we’ll become it together.” (Storypeople)

Tonight we modified the latest #artassignment for our staff worship at my summer camp, Mar-Lu-Ridge— having each member of staff walk the through different colors of paint in whichever way they chose to create a big collaborative piece. We used it to talk about how we are working this summer at camp to create a collaborative community, the summer will be it’s own masterpiece.

It was so beautiful to watch how each staff member chose to walk, what colors they used, how they placed their feet, if they wore shoes or not. Some were very intentional about colors and mixtures, some danced, some used pointed toes and drew lines, one shuffled very intently along the whole border— everyone was so unique and intentional, traits which I think are a huge part of our jobs here on the mountain this summer. I’m so pleased we did this activity and how well it turned out.