MLP Season 4 Challenge: Day 1

Favourite Mane Six: Fluttershy

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Fluttershy has been my favourite pony right from the start, and I don’t see that ever changing. I’ve talked a lot before about how much I relate to her and find her to be one of the best-written “shy characters” on TV: her shyness and social anxiety isn’t just a cute quirk, or something overcome in one episode. It’s a genuine problem that affects her life, makes everyday situations more difficult and that she has to fight to overcome, just like so many of us. But just because it feels like a constant struggle, a lot of the time, doesn’t mean things can’t get better and be slowly improving all the time, as I think Filli Vanill this season - one of my favourite episodes ever - is a great example of. Fluttershy loves to sing (and is ridiculously freaking adorable in the process), but she struggles with stage fright and is terrified by the prospect of actually doing it in front of an audience. But by the end of the episode, even though she’s not ready to become a full-time Ponytone, she still chooses to sing with them once - as herself, in front of an audience. That may not seem like that much, but, over the events of the ep, she’s gained just that tiny little bit more confidence in herself, her singing and doing what she loves regardless of what others think. She’s come a long, long way from when she was too scared to even introduce herself to Twilight - and she shows us that we can, too.

What makes Fluttershy such a great character, for me, is how much her kindness and compassion gives her strength, though she may not realise it. She genuinely believes that sometimes we all just need to be shown a little kindness - even those who doesn’t appear to deserve it - and through that, she’s often able to succeed in bringing out the best in others in a way nopony else can. But this season, in It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies, she also realises sometimes you have to be “cruel to be kind”: she has to tell the Breezies to leave, even when they don’t want to, because they need to get home - and her kindness is actively preventing that from happening. It’s incredibly tough for her to say, but in the end, she does what she has to for the Breezies’ own good.

And when it comes to her friends, she’d do anything for them - which can have its downsides, as it occasionally leads to her getting peer-pressured into doing things against her will and, y'know, becoming the world’s most adorable vampire bat for a while. But mostly, it means she’s always there for anypony who needs her, always gentle and understanding - and yet also a stone-cold badass capable of amazing things when her friends are in trouble. Power Ponies might’ve given us canon Flutterhulk, but the truth is Fluttershy doesn’t need gamma radiation, magic or whatever - it’s been in her all along. She’s growing stronger all the time, without losing who she is, as season four showed - and that’s how Equestria was made why she’s my fave and always will be. <3

oh my gosh, you actually read all that?? I’m so sorry…


Season 4 is over now, so why not join me in hanging on to the magic a little longer?

This isn’t a 28 day challenge, so take it at whatever pace suits you!

Draw it, gif it, write it, sing it! Just so long as you enjoy it.

The only thing to keep in mind that this is a Season 4 specific challenge, so think about that before you answer each one! Your favourite character may not have been your favourite this season, for example…

MLP Season 4 Challenge: Day 7

Favourite Princess

>>Princess Luna

Luna has always been my favourite princess and in general I find her to be one of the most interesting characters on the show, so I’m really happy we got to see a little more of her in S4 - both past and present! The flashbacks to when she became Nightmare Moon, and Celestia trying to get through to her, were really sad, and we know it hasn’t been easy for her to adjust to life in modern Equestria - but instead of letting it get her down, she’s using her experiences - specifically, her sometimes difficult relationship with her sister and the feelings of jealousy and inadequacy that turned her into Nightmare Moon - to help others, as she does with Sweetie Belle in For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils. I really like how they’re using Luna’s ability to enter ponies’ dreams - her interactions with the CMC so far are really cute, and it gives her a chance to take on the mentor role, kind of like Celestia and Twilight, but in her own unique way.

Also, maybe the most important thing here: she made her singing debut in the finale!!! <3


MLP Season 4 Challenge: Day 5

Favourite New Character

>>Coco Pommel

There were a lot of awesome new characters this season, but Coco is just such a cutie patootie pie c: I love how she starts out as being so meek and shy, too afraid of the consequences to say/do anything that might upset her boss and clearly underappreciated/taken advantage of as a result - but seeing Rarity and her generosity helps her realise that she deserves better, it doesn’t have to be “everypony for herself”, and inspires her to stand up for what she knows is right, both for others (giving Rarity the trophy) and herself (quitting her job as Suri Polomare’s assistant). I really hope we get to see her again in later seasons - there’s so much potential with her character and storyline, especially if she ends up working with Rarity!

Also I’m planning to cosplay her for BUCK con in August and super looking forward to it ^.^

MLP Season 4 Challenge

Day 2 - Least Favourite Mane Six
>> Pinkie Pie

This is a really hard question for me, since I honestly love all of the mane 6 - individually and together - and think they all bring something unique to the show. And I adore Pinkie Pie - she’s normally my third favourite overall (after Fluttershy and Rarity)! But sadly, I just didn’t feel she was written well in much of season 4.

The frustrating thing about Pinkie in S4, for me, was that in some episodes, she was awesome and written really well - notably Pinkie Pride, but also Maud Pie and Pinkie Apple Pie. But there were also way too many moments when she was reduced to OTT ~omg random!!! comic relief, often at the expense of any actual characterization that made her such a great character in the first place. She frequently came off as too dumb to live, totally selfish and oblivious to others’ feelings - the scene in Filli Vanilli where she upsets Fluttershy being an obvious example. I know a lot of others have ranted about that scene so I’ll try not to too much - but one of the most important parts of her character is how much she cares about her friends - all she wants to do is make them smile! And while it’s true she can be oblivious to more subtle clues, sometimes, we’ve seen in past episodes (“we can’t prank Fluttershy, she’s way too sensitive!” in Griffon The Brush Off in S1) that she does think about her friends’ feelings and notice if somepony’s not having a good time - and Fluttershy is in really obvious distress here, it’s just impossible to think that Pinkie couldn’t notice that, or else she just seems like a really horrible pony. And that just makes me sad because that’s the opposite of what she’s supposed to be about as a character, and what made me fall in love with her in the first place. The fact that in the very same season, we have Pinkie Pride, which seemed to strike a perfect balance of her comedy/randomness and more complicated, relatable, emotional side, only makes it more disappointing how inconsistent her characterization was in S4 for me. Because Pinkie Pie is a great character, and she deserves better.