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My Little Pony Japanese OP “Mirai Start” (by mlpjapan)


Here’s a long overdue post about the official Japanese My Little Pony ~Tomodachi wa Mahou~ online shop! I’m sure that some of you already know this exists, or at least were expecting official Japanese goods as soon as the dub was announced, but in case there are still those out there who haven’t heard about this yet, this one’s for you.

For more info + a list of current eBay sellers, please check under the cut!

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All songs from season one of the Japanese dub of My Little Pony! The video also includes the OP and ED themes. 


All songs from My Little Pony ~Tomodachi wa Mahou~ Season 2, including the Japanese OP and ED themes.


If you saw the post that I just reblogged then you already know this, but starting in a few days I’m going to be scanlating the My Little Pony manga that has been featured in the monthly issues of Pucchigumi since September 2013. The manga ran until March, which means that there should be a total of seven parts to it.

Right now I’m in the process of collecting all the volumes so I can get started on this translation project as soon as possible. Stay tuned!


“The Great Magician Trixie”
Season 1, Episode 6 (RAW)


“The Prank Party”
Season 1, Episode 5

Regarding the English subs for episode 5,

My deepest apologies for being unable to finish the subtitles for last week’s episode! I’ve had so much work to do this week that I unfortunately haven’t found the time to complete them. 

I’ll be working on the subs for episode 6 first so I don’t fall too far behind, and then work on catching up on episode 5. I hope to also have both finished before or around episode 7’s air date next Tuesday.

Once again, I’m really sorry for taking so long to finish these subs. I’ll try my best to catch up!