First day my cinema finally gets opened after it got flooded, and who’s the first pony to get in? Why is none other but Lyra!

She comes so often that I don’t charge her anymore. She alone kept my cinema going for an entire week during which I only had like two terrible movies, and she insisted in keep watching them. She’s a sweetheart, don’t get me wrong. I invite her to my projection booth, and she is a lot of fun to hang out with.

But boy, is she obsessed.


Seriously though, this movie does bring a couple of interesting points. Even though it’s very preachy, and the premise is quite stupid, (like, what do you expect will happen if you eat just junk food for a month?) I ended up checking the label of each product I buy, and I have cut on the number or marshmallow bags I eat every week. Also, I think this Morgan Spurlock guy is very likable. He is a bit nuts, but he’s still likable.

And now, if you excuse me, I have to go treat Cotton Bucket to dinner. She wants to go out eat all the tofu in Ponyville. I preffer dandelions and evergreens myself, but I am not against tofu. If you ponies plan on going out to eat today, just remember, don’t eat too much, just enough so that you are satisfied.

((OOC: Happy Thanksgiving to my American followers. You guys have a great day))


Seriously though, there is a lot to say about a movie that tells the story of a group of pirate radio broadcasters. There is a powerful message about freedom of expression, and how the ones in power are afraid of people sharing that kind of content. I don’t think I can apply that to my world, as we basically do share everything while crediting the creator. I guess it will reflect stronger in your world though, what do you think?

And now, if you allow me, I need to go back and listen to this music group, Radiohead? They are pretty good!


Seriously though, I have the feeling this movie is way more political and relevant than it’s revolutionary (in the rogue meaning of the word) execution lets through. The acting is wonderful, the cinematography is engulfing, and the production design is memorable. When I heard this was based off of a comic book I had to blink to clear my disbelief. Comics here in Equestria are not that deep and enthralling, so I only wonder how they can be in your world.

Now, if you excuse me, I have to go clean the popcorn off the walls. I am not against Royal traditions, but using the Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice in-doors is a very poor decision, especially when you consider all the small projectiles you can create with it.