okay this is a warning about me during a downton season:

  • i’m all about the servants, mainly charles, elsie & thomas because o'brien isn’t there anyore (#nope)
  • upstairs i pretty much only care about cora, isobel, edith and violet (and martha)
  • i ship intensly charles/elsie & isobel/richard, so you might be flooded with them
  • also this isn’t a spoiler free blog so you should blacklist the tag #downton abbey or #mlpd
  • if isobel doesn’t get her well deserved tv time i might go as far as sending an hate letter to fellowes

you’re all warned now

MLPDS CAPs: October 15th 2016, Day 15: Abstract and Asymmetric

For most of the time I had the tittle “pink gakaxy” in mind. But “Pink Surprise” might work better

I know nothing about absteact art and I’m pretty sure this doesn’t as such, but here it is

I really struggle with CAPs this time. I think the main reason for that is that, until now, I needed to make something in my style that went with the prompt, while with this prompt it was asking for me to try a new art style

At least I come out of it with some interesting ideas, and this ponies in sections are something I might try few more times
Right now I’m thinking what a full pony might look like

Now progress picture this time because I forgot to save for more than half of the drawing and accidently deleted the half that I had saved. Hopefully tomorow’s will not have this problem

Also, at a certain point there was rainbow gue coming out of her eyes/mouth/neck but I felt like that could be going too much towards some kind of pastel gore, so this is what I ended up doing. But what to you think, if I had gotten the rainbow blood would it have been too much?

MLPDS CAPs: 8 October 16, Day 8: Seas and Oceans

The deep sea is a world of mysteries. Nopony in equestria as visited the ocean floors, well, except the ones that adapted to live in there
Be careful little fish, I know she might look cute, but I’m not sure if seaponies only eat algea

I finally installed Clip Studio Paint in this computer!
I haven’t work digitally since my computer broke and I started using the desktop. I wanted to try other options but it didn’t really work out
Now it’s just me getting used to the position of the screen and I’ll right back into the comissions, sorry for the people that are waiting for them, and thank you soo much your patience

The Little Mermaid song doesn’t leave my head since I started drawing this

MLPDS CAPs: 13th October 16, Day 13: Intensity

Intensity is W\m2, that’s what I remebered when I saw intensity, I kind of feel like it wasn’t quite the meaning I was suppose to get out of it, but I think that there will not be many people doing the same

I wanted to experiment with light things on a dark place since I saw this:
Today I felt like it was a good day to try, and I like what came out

Also, if everything goes right I will start posting a process thingy of this CAPs drawings. I’ll do it either way, but do you think this would be interesting?


MLPDS CAPs: 17 October 16, Epic

Note for next time, doing an animation in 24 hours is impossible

MLPDS CAPs: 18 October 16, Horsify a pony and/or Draw in a friend’s style

I used xaiGatomon and @ponydaily style’s for this. The OC’s belong to Living_Dead and Theek (I need yet to find where to link)

This was a fun chanlenge. My hand did not want to do anything else than what it is used to do. And it also interesting how much you need to look to someone’s drawing to figure how they do things and what they do diferently from you

The only complain is Not Enough FLuff, or better, they don’t have fluff where I want to put fluff. This was te most difficult thing to avoid was putting fluff on places were it shouldn’t be
the best thing, that blush owith Xai’s style! So wonderful!

MLPDS CAPs: 14th October 16, Day 14: Superheroes

Power ponies. I decided to go with the original version of the Pinkie version sice my markers fitted it better