(OOC) Hey guys, sorry for the long hiatus. Strange alchemical combination of not feeling well, job becoming oppressing, trying to get a car, people not paying me back, and the abyss that is the card game Cardfight Vanguard all came together prevent me from finishing any of my drawings.

Fear not however! I’ll be posting more in a couple days, for now here’s some doodles i made(hint: one of these is not a pony). The last one is a teaser image for my next response. Thanks again for all the questions, it’s such a joy to come up with responses.


(OOC) Very sorry about taking so long on this, and for the fact that it wasn’t particularly worth the wait, no puns or witty dialogue etc. Been working hard on some other things lately, ran some panels for Con-Nichiwa here in town, and was just generally swamped.

However, I made a mod blog to answer questions and respond, and to generally show that i’m not dead, just busy, it’s . Tried something new with the shading on this, not sure how i feel about it.

Back From The Dead And Ready To Shred

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey pony peoples

sooooooooooooo sorry for not updating this blog in LONG time
, me and the other mod got caught up in school and now that we are finished, we are ready to start resuming this blog again

during our absence, we were trying to come up with story arcs and little sub plots and whatever and we now think we got something haha!

please stay tuned! :)

p.s.~ we are also giving away free fanarts! so if you want your special little pony draw in our style (which has been way improved btw) then shoot us an ask~!