Headshot Commissions: Temporarily OPEN

Just a quick post but I’m open today only for a few headshots commissions if any of you peeps are interested. :3 They’ll be a bit rough and sketchy since on DA they’re called my “rough commissions”, but if you’re interested here’s a quick lowdown:

-I accept MLP or non-related MLP characters

-These are not first come first serve

-Please be aware I may not be able to do your commission. I’m running on limited time, is if I don’t get to your commission it’s mostly because I ran out of time.

-Paypal only!

PRICES (these are headshot only, remember):

Sketch - $16

Flat Colored - $26

Simple Shading - $36

Some examples:

Just send me a Submit or a message if you’re interested! :3

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About a month and a half ago i contributed with Obab Scribbler on the new chapter of her ongoing series and the video came out today. 

There is a bunch of other great artists in it, but if you hang around here enough you probably will have no problem recognizing what i did.