So, I noticed something recently.

Spends thousands of years imprisoned.

Causes a bit of a ruckus once they’re released.

Is given a second chance by a kind-hearted soul.

Gets involved in a toxic, loveless relationship with a manipulative brute.

Later befriends a strange green creature (that sometimes wears a bowtie).

Is the single most OP person on their team.

Would rather not get involved with direct conflict.

Sleepy Sweetie is contentedly sleepy

This one is a part of my artist collab series and was done with my great friend @viwrastupr, who I’ve known for uh… well, a good number of years now. I joined up with the MLP Drawing School community all that time ago, where Viw stepped in to help me be not as bad, he essentially became my art teacher. Naturally with the 3+ year history, I’ve come to know that he’s caring, calm, and a much needed voice of reason. If you’re fortunate enough to have the time to pick his brain for a while you’ll find he’s one of the most generous and kind people out there. His personality shows in his style too, it’s very elegant and detailed, you can tell a lot of thought goes into every mark. Viw has been without a doubt the biggest influence on my art and I’m very proud to be able to call him my friend!

I highly highly encourage you give Viw’s stuff a look if you’re not familiar with him! You can find his tumblr linked above, but you can also check him out on his main hub over at