mlp xd


Some pony doodles~
Julian sitting around being cute while Bucky’s been caught preening (I made him extra chubby bc its worth it ♡)
They’re both so fluffy gosh
I had more stuff planned…. but my tabled died. Still need do do pony Randy and a Buckiandy cuddle pile pic ♡

So I made a new OC inspired by this song I was listening to

His name is Edgar. He’s a real ladies man~

Well he doesn’t even try. Mares just throw themselves at him cx

Lol, can you just imagine him being Oswald’s rival? But completely one sided though. Like Oswald always get butt hurt when Edgar is around. xD

Keeping up with the rc9gn pony AU thing, talking to @skitten219 and @hisfavoritedarkangel makes me wanna draw ponssss
It’s Driscoll only bc skitten showed me her cute pony ideas from some years ago, and the way she designer her was so cute ♥!
Her cm is prolly a becker or a skull, or a skull inside a becker idk

Bucky? A-are you alright?

Ok stop me before I write a full dialogue for this one. Who am I kidding you can’t
Headcanon that some batponies have bioluminescent eyes and they use it to communicate, guidance, and stuff like that. Or find sad boyfriends when they’re hiding
These two and lumi n shade coloring are both wonderful things ♥