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Spirit TSSSF card version 2.0!

After chatting with a few of the people who knew the ins and outs of the game (Mainly Fisher and Siq) I discovered that the move that I had originally given her (original version on the right) was an under-powered version of copy. Which was already out and about. So, with a helping hand, her power was switched up and might make for better game play in the long run! Yep, changed the flavor text too, (Though who knows, if I do more cards it may return!!) as was the credits to clear up things.

So how does everyone like the changes?

Selling MLP Trading Card: Twilight Sparkle Series 2 #F42

Before putting it up on some trading card site, I figure I should ask you guys first! I’m selling this card since I’ve had it for a while and I don’t really collect these, it’s the only card I have. It was the BronyCon 2013 exclusive card they gave to attendees. Not even sure if it’s a TCG or CCG to be honest, but I’m sure the people looking for it do.

If anyone is interested, please send an ask to my main blog and we can work something out! Asking for $25-30! First come first serve.