mlp snails

(mod: This a picture I made, since I am a fan of the ask blog @ask-glittershell. This isn’t canon or anything, since Sapphire Rain just moved to Ponyville. I do hope that they would be friends. >.<

I didn’t realize just how many colors these two had in common. Like most of my pictures I used a base, which is why Glittershell has an adult mare baseinstead of a young colt’s. Hopefully it still looks good.)


I was doodling today and got into a very Overwatch mood, so I ended up drawing some MLP characters cosplaying Overwatch characters. Vinyl Scratch is actually a gift to a friend though; he wanted to see what she’d look like as Lucio and I came up with what is seen above. The rest I was just playing around with, but I like how they all came out all the same. :3 The only one that isn’t Overwatch related is Spike; I’ve never drawn “Sir Spike” (I think he looks hilarious) so I decided to doodle him as well. All in all, a lot of fun was had. :3 I think I’ll try some more Overwatch/MLP crossovers in the future; I really enjoy drawing it. c:

Anyway, I hope you guys like them! ^.^

anonymous asked:

Well dang, what if they don't want you?

“Don’t even joke about that kind of thing. They’re going to LOVE ME.”

For the wonderful blog and the amazing mod behind it (warning they got some nsfw stuff, but they’re still great)

I met them at Ponyville Cider Fest last year and I called Glittershell well… GLAMOURshell… oh I was so ashamed, I just remembered how glam Glitter was and it the first thing that came out of my mouth. Krypt didn’t mind and even gave me a glittershell pin for free and I… I wear it on my ever changing hats every chance I get. Glitter means the world to me and I am glad Krypt made the ask blog. I went through what they’re going through in a way in my childhood and well, Glitter makes me feel better knowing that I am not the only one to possibly gone through finding one’s self.

I am blathering now. -covers face- Just thank you so much Krypt for making the ask blog and for adding to the MLP:FiM fandom in such a good way! Thank you so so so much!

…. also this is like a possible future look not where the ask blog is at in any time line, okay thanks…