mlp pearl

Mod: Well, time sure do fly doesn’t it? SEAponycon has come and gone and even though I was not able to be there in person, I would just like to thank the community for their hard work and finally realising a dream that was a long time in the making ;3

And of course to all the supporters as well, they wouldn’t have been able to pull it off without everyone’s support! Hope you enjoyed yourselves and get home safe if you haven’t already~ 


Anyway, Honey wouldn’t know that so she’ll answer any Sombra questions if he comes up after she’s had the chance to know him, though I, the mod, can occasionally provide a glimpse into stuff she doesn’t know about yet - like with @askopalescentpearl over here.

Also - hope you don’t mine me canonizing her in the human world - I just adore Pearl and figured if Sombra had anyone in this universe it would be her.


Horse noises


Some recent drawings and animations that I’ve made, but haven’t posted on Tumblr.

Edit: I removed one picture (cause it looked awful) and changed the appearance of the post because I almost have standards dammit!