mlp oc commission


I will be moving to Seattle WA in a few weeks I am both excited and nervous about the big move. I will be searching for a job but for the mean time I like to take on commissions so I wont be behind on my bills in case job hunting is slow. please reblog!!! it will mean allot rules are below thank you!:

PS: Please refrain from bullying me about prices I dont care if other artists charge cheaper, I changed my prices many times but I now feel comfortable with these prices. I don’t tolerate bullying you will be blocked.


Terms & Conditions (or other infos):


1. I do not start commissions unless I am paid first

2. please email me references on who you like for me to draw etc.

3. I can only be paid through paypal with an additional fee (nothing extreme but paypal charges me a fee for using their website so I need to make sure I am getting the full funding)

4.  I do not draw Mecha, nudity, sex or gore (I have the right to refuse commission if I feel uncomfortable)

5. Once commissions are finished you are allowed three minor fixes anything extreme will come with a fee.

6.  I will not redo a commission once it is finished, if you like for me to redo the entire piece you must pay the fee of the commission again.

7. I finish with my commissions in the same week or day depending who is first but if something happens in which it might take longer I will notify you.

8. If you decided to change your mind from your original idea and I started your commission already I will not change the commission in process. So please be 100% sure you know what you want before you email me.

9. All commissions will have a solid shape in the background so the character wont be floating in a white space. you can let me know what color and shape you like please nothing complicated.