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New MLP comics character!

Her name is Cirrus Cloud, a pegasus that attended flight camp with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. She used to bully Fluttershy when they were young. But after she grew up and heard about Fluttershy’s adventures since moving to Ponyville, she meets up with her at the Flight Camp Reunion to make amends and congratulate her for her accomplishments.

Also, piercings and dyeing wings confirmed for canon.

My Little Pony predicted the election and Trump’s presidency.

MLP’s main comic line had a story arc in 2016 about an election, because almost every other comic was doing that too.One candidate was a woman who had been in politics nearly her entire life. She was well-known and had plenty of experience, but was distrusted by the public for being too focused on maintaining what was already established instead of making any real, serious change.

The other candidate is a rich guy who has zero experience in politics at all. Despite this giant red flag, he makes lots of promises to his biggest supporters, and what would’ve otherwise been a joke candidate starts gaining serious political capital.

The comparison could’ve just ended there, but what happens next is ridiculously eerie, because this was written and sold well before any votes were cast.

Despite high confidence in the female politician’s chances, the rich guy wins and accepts it as boastfully as you’d expect. Bonus points: the completely disinterested child.

The rich guy, now in charge, immediately borks it. He starts going through the campaign promises his supporters thought were just hyperbole, and goes back on the promises his supporters actually voted for him on.

Meanwhile, the female politician casually disappears into the woods.

Faith in the new administration rapidly deteriorates, as even some of the guy’s biggest supporters during the election now start to turn on him. The new leader, having basically run the thing as a popularity contest and not knowing how to handle the actual job, starts to crack like a walnut.

And then a giant, ugly monster that had been crawling beneath the surface of all this rears its ugly head.