mlp genderswap

Got many requests for more genderbent MLP fan art, so I decided to draw RarityxFluttershy again. I’m really starting to love drawing these two and imagining how their relationship develops. I’ve decided to name them Bearity and Flutterguy for obvious reasons haha.

Flutterguy: Huh?

<Notices a flash of light coming from the bathroom.>

Flutterguy: (Rubbing his eyes) Bearity?

<Gets out of bed and slowly walks over to the bathroom.>

Flutterguy: Bear, what are you…

<Turns on the bathroom lights.>

Flutterguy: You’re kidding.

Bearity: Oh hey Flutterguy. Come to admire my gun show?

Flutterguy: (Leaning back on the doorframe and crossing his arms) You woke up in the middle of the night to go flex in the bathroom mirror?… Really?

Bearity: Well when you’re this big and buff, it’s hard to resist.

Flutterguy: Big and jiggly is more like it. You’ve definitely been training your gut more than your muscles lately.

Bearity: Very funny, Fluttershrimp.

Flutterguy: Fluttershrimp?

Bearity: That’s right, Fluttershrimp. You’re just jealous you’ll never be THIS big. (Flexes his bicep)

Flutterguy: (Lifting an eyebrow) You forgetting that I was over 10 times your size back when we fought the Mane-iac in Spike’s comic book?

Bearity: (Blushes) Well… That doesn’t count!…

Flutterguy: Come on bear, let’s go back to bed.

Bearity: …

Flutterguy: Please?

Bearity: Only if you fly me back.

Flutterguy: Fine, but I better be getting cuddles for this!