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Nightmare Moon - Sketchbook

A sketchbook commission for Chythar on FA. Pros of sketchbook commissions: getting to flip through the art already in the book, and getting inspired. Cons: messing up and starting over is just not an option. O_O

This must be the third time I’ve done Luna or Nightmare with galaxies and stars, but I refuse to stop!

Copic markers with colored pencil and white watercolor

This took a lot longer than normally, I just couldn’t get the angle of the star right and having the pony standing on the light source is a first for me, but this was fun to do, especially the little star/planet thing

This is what got me into the bad mood that lead to me almost not drawing the whole week, but this was also what I’ve been doing to relax and it’s finally finished (does that mean I’ll never have to deal with that anymore? probably not)

Actually, I’ve been feeling just fine since yesterday, the stream was awesome and finishing stuff always makes me happy