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holysnickerpuffs  asked:

Consider this monstrosity : Alternate universe where you never stopped making shellnut videos. Overwatch in a shellnut.

This one is the worst: Alternate universe where all my animations are about Undertale, Fnaf, Steven Galaxy, MLP and Minecraft.

oh and I have 4 million subscribers

Nightmare Moon - Sketchbook

A sketchbook commission for Chythar on FA. Pros of sketchbook commissions: getting to flip through the art already in the book, and getting inspired. Cons: messing up and starting over is just not an option. O_O

This must be the third time I’ve done Luna or Nightmare with galaxies and stars, but I refuse to stop!

Copic markers with colored pencil and white watercolor

hurrraaaaaaaaaaaaay, it’s Interstellar’s reference sheet! look at the colors on that pone.

look at them. 

so. many. colors. ouo; 

Does anyone want to do an art trade?? I’d be doing traditional but I can mail the physical copy.

I’m open to traditional or digital in return!

Fan art/anthro/feral/mecha/gore/nsfw are all okay! (Please don’t request or do nsfw if you’re under 18 though !) Non-con or dubcon are hard no’s for me.

Message me for examples. I mostly have digital but I have a few traditional pieces lying around!