mlp dolls

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Icon pixels: (50x50 / 100x100 ): $5

  • Couple icons: $8

150x150: $8


Page dolls: (around 250x250): $25

  • Additional Character: $10
  • Background: $5

Please message me or send me an ask! Please also have a ref* for me :3

*Note: If you don’t have a drawing of something like an oc or its something from a video game/show you can pull images off google, tell me the name of the character to help me out!

(If for what ever reason I am not comfortable doing your commission I will say so to you)

Link to this on my blog!

OUTRAGEOUS estate sale today! I found these two today! I got the G1 Rainbow Baby Pony mint on card for a DOLLAR! I couldn’t pass up the Kewpie either, I’m not sure if she’s of extreme value or anything. This was the largest attended estate sale I’ve ever gone to and I waited 40 minutes in line just to get into the house and about 30 minutes in the check out– TOTALLY WORTH IT!

EQD’s ATG 6, Day 23: Draw a pony fixing something

(Spike counts as a pony)


Hooray! another Artist Training Ground completed. I’m really glad they had they catch-up days this time. Trying to keep up for 30 days straight is killer. I think it was definitely a good boot camp, but now I think I need a break.

(gah there is one more day!)


some crap from Once Upon a Child. not Aery, tho, she’s from Five Below. my mom wanted to get her bc we have a spot for her now with the others.

i got that Toralei bc i like her face better than mine. i had to order the Fierce Rockers two pack online and ended up with a goofy Toralei. plus the price was right.

i got Picture Day Draculaura bc i miss dark makeup 😢 she’s missing her bow headband. 

i got that mixed up Ghoul Fair Elissabat for a few reasons. i’ve always wanted that skeleton dress.. the Day at the Maul tights are cute. got some Ghoulia glasses. but mostly i got her for Cupid’s stuff lol now i can finally have a totally complete Cupid with the addition of this stuff. plus she’s actually cute… i kinda like this outfit whoever had her before put together. i might just leave her in it if i can find some shoes that look good.

also it’s weird but i was just thinking about that Rarity recently… and now i have her :^)

Toy Collector Woes (Second Hand Edition)

Quantity = Immediate cost hike (No matter the condition, or if they are real or not)

The MASS amount of fakes we just end up with that you don’t know what to do with.

They are in *great* condition so ill only take $.50 off  original price, that’s MORE than fair!              *great* = Ok


Its in box though! (Box is completely destroyed)

Thrift stores jacking up brand name items no matter the condition.

Well I paid _ $ when I bought them so I want at least that.

Those stupid bags of random stuff at the thrift stores that have one or two things you want and then a whole bunch of random crap.

Oh are you a collector? (ITS A TRAP)

“Ill throw in *enter thing you don’t want* to sweeten the deal!”

*Pick up random toy* - THAT ONE IS REALLY RARE YOU KNOW.                (No, no its not)

Finding two things that are in the same condition but one is WAY more expensive than the other.


“Prices are negotiable” - “Ok instead of $50 ill take $48 but that’s FINAL.”