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12 Inch Trixie Plush with Outfit

My new 12 inch pattern. This one has much better proportions, and the best thing is, I can use my hair and head patterns from my beanie ponies! These guys are just the cutest, and I’d imagine very convenient to carry at cons as well!

She’s not for sale, as she’s con stock for this season.
Her outfit is made from custom designed minky from Spoonflower. My first time ordering from there, and I’m very pleased!

She is not for sale, but there are plenty of plush in my shop!


I’m on a roll so I wanna give another shout out!

Shout out to autistics who are considered annoying and cringey and embarrassing

To the autistics that meow and bark and make weird noises

To the autistics that constantly talk about their special interests and can’t read social cues

To the autistics that like fnaf, mlp, mine craft, or any other “cringey/autistic” interests

To the autistics that have poor hygiene and can’t take care of themselves

I love you very much


I’m still trying to get me some money, and this gal has been sitting in my room for god-knows how long, so I think it’s time to pass her along to a better home. 

Princess Luna is selling for $20 plus shipping (about $5 in the US) (and extremely low price largely due to the fact that this was one of my earlier papercrafts). She comes in-frame, ready to display. For no extra charge I can give her a different background color than the one in-frame.

Please message me at @chippedtune or email me at if interested! 


This is just an example of what I deal with- every day. I normally don’t reply but I get this multiple times on different sites. It is *exhausting*.

It is getting to the point that I am basically harassed on a daily basis by people with crazy complex characters (characters that are $100-300 over my base price because they are ridiculously detailed) that would take me 30-50 hours to make and would expect them to be $50. I thought it would be great to become popular, and while I am blessed with the steady business I have, this is wearing on me mentally. I can’t take it much more. This is a daily thing I deal with, and it is insane.
I purposefully am coming up with an “under $100” handmade line, as well as a professionally produced $25 line, but that is perpetually overlooked. I don’t care about anyone except my rich customers, right?!

I am strongly considering making characters I want to from now on and selling them afterwards, and only taking commissions from people I already know respect what I do. This is disgusting. I am not sure I can do this much longer on an individual commission basis.