mlp confession

I actually avoided the show for the longest time because of the hype I saw, even though I knew I would like it. I finally watched it to try and cheer myself up and that was nearly a week ago. I’ve already drawn Lapis and Peridot in the last two days. I wish I hadn’t avoided the show. (To be fair I did the same with MLP and I love that show too.)



I am a fan of MLP and SU, and my gemsona Blue Topaz has her gem on her forehead and has a sword that looks like Ryuko’s scissor blade from Kill La Kill - and I just don’t understand why SU fans don’t want bronies in the fandom. It makes me sad that I can’t possibly make friends because of it.

- anonymous

I’m from Poland but I watch SU in english. Lately I decided to check out the polish dubbing and I can’t believe it. Peridot’s voice doesn’t match her at all, Crystal Gems sound pretentious and the whole voice acting is just so bad. I’m sorry, polish voice actors but I’ll just prefer this amazing original version.

- anonymous

I don’t have a problem with bronies, but I have a problem with the culture that’s been created around MLP by the self-proclaimed “progressives” that stole a show from young women, and I’m very afraid that the same thing will happen to Steven Universe. If you’re a guy like me and you like these things, that’s totally okay, but you have to accept that the show is not made for you. We are not it’s target demographic. If we have a problem we can voice it, but we are owed nothing by Rebecca Sugar.

- anonymous