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why does everybody have to be bitter about everything? why do you all have to constantly make jokes about how ugly rick and morty is (yes, I’m aware it’s ugly on purpose), or how little you care about game of thrones (I mean, you cared enough to make a post, or even a meme image about it)? why do you have to make fun of fandoms that have become the trendy thing to hate on here? why do you have to even go as far as make fun of the supposed appearances of the fans (I guess body shaming is cool again when it’s about people you don’t like)? why, in 2017, must you still make jokes about furries (for the billionth time, it’s a fandom, not a fetish. every fandom makes fetish art, it doesn’t mean that’s the entirety of what it is)? hell, even jokes about vore? who cares if somebody is into vore? why has cringe culture become a thing again, especially only against these new acceptable targets? “it’s just a joke!” great, you sound just like middle school bullies.

why does everybody have to be bitter rather than just focussing on the things we enjoy?

Hate to be 'that' person but...

The recent move cross country has drained my pockets and I am in need of help raising a little money to refill my prescriptions asap.  I have only recently moved back so I don’t have all my fabrics shipped yet to take custom orders.

What I do have though, is a bit of stock from the last convention:

I am selling the rest of my mini beanie plush stock: $30, shipping incl.

  • 1 Twilight Sparkle
  • 1 Eleventh Doctor Whooves (w/ red bowtie)
  • 1 Fourth Doctor Whooves (w/ custom scarf)
  • 2 Rainbow Dash

Also, I have the fabric left to make 10 more Sherlock pillows:

I only have enough custom fabric left to make ten, so once they are gone they are gone.  $20, incl shipping

If you would like anything or just want to help out, drop me a note and I will send you my paypal information.  If you can’t help financially, can you signal boost?  Thanks again for your time. <3