Wing: Good for them! c:

(So my bud Flash recently got married and I was one of his groomsman, so I did this rough doodle for him to congratulate him! ^^/ After I wasn’t sick anymore…X-x

Maybe go send him a congrats too? :3)

2,300+ follower special

I’ve decided to do something special for getting over 2,300+ followers.

I’ll create a video of me answering any question you guys have for me (aka the artist / writer for this blog). 

Send me questions through the questions box and put ‘To Biscuit’ at the end of it so I know it’s for me and not for the blog itself. 

I will begin to film it this Friday and I’ll do my best to get it out by Monday or Tuesday 

💕 Lets start!

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1500 Followers Contest!

So I finally made back about half the followers I lost when I accidentally deleted, hahaha :’D
That said, I am going to make a mini pixel army for my next followers picture. They will all be done like this:

I plan on doing about 20 followers! Yep 20, all picked at random for the raffle. For every 250 notes this gets, I’ll add ten more winners! So 250, I’ll do 30, 500 and I’ll do 40, and so on. I don’t think that’ll happen, but ya know, high hopes? x’D

All you have to do to enter is: 1 Be Following Me. 2 Reblog This Post.

I will ask the winners for refs later on, and all the pixels will be pony in shape, but I can ponify your character for this, or do characters similar in body structure like griffins and changelings.

Once I hit 2000 followers, I will choose the winners and start making all the pixel babies for my FOLLOWER PIXEL ARMY! I LOVE YOU ALL THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME FOR SO LONG, AND I HOPE TO KEEP BEING ENTERTAINING!!