Mini contest.

Want your pony rolling its head for no reason?

Reblog this to win!

There will be 4 winners!

Likes don’t count!

-No reblogging more then once!

-Play any music and it rick rolls its head (nudge nudge) !



the speed paint is up on youtube~! 

This literally took me like, three hours to draw and two hours to edit….

ah well.

Enjoy! <33

- Miss mod


Sweet: Having a great time at the fair!! :D
In continuation to this little arc going on XD

(( OK OMG FINALLY ONE MONTH LATER OF DELAYS TAT What with Bronycon, trip to Houston, a lost pen for 2 weeks Dx, This one took a while with some of the things I included in it too >w<;;
Sorry for the delay on my part x3 

Panel 1: High Tide and Chime

Panel 2: Sonata, Thomas, Knightstar, Flash Wind, Cloud Beat, Ren, Moonlit, Super Whooves, Crowd Control, Adagio Waltz, Fuschsia Card, Carbons Lair, and Prosecutie

Panel 3: Jenkins, Lightning Feather, Boss Hoss, Steel Strings, Koko, Eightbit, and Stormdrake

Panel 4: Mischevious, Red, Zero, Princess Melody, Vitus, Mazik Fru, Star Bright, Wolfie, Omega, Bruce and Dick, Ace, Companion Cube, and Squeaker

Panel 5: Aceriale Mod, Light King, Amnesia, Bo Diddly, and UG