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28 Days of Sugar Art Challenge

Hey everyone! Join me for the month of February for a month full of shippy goodness. This includes both OCs and your favorite ships! Hoping you all get a good head start! I can’t wait to see what to see what you come up with! Fanfictions are okay too! And dont forget to tag it as #28DS 😘


1) Holding Hands
2) Sleeping
3) Hand kisses
4) In Kigurumis
5) Genderbent
6) Obliviousness
7) Size
8) Doing each others hair
9) Casual Clothes
10) Caught Fantasizing/Staring
11) In Costume/Cosplay
12) In a different art style
13) Changes
14) AU
15) Sick Day
16) Different decade
17) Selfie
18) Flowers and/or Chocolate
19) Oh sh*t im in love with that piece of trash sh*t
20) Failed Pick Up Lines
21) Make Out
22) I Almost Lost You
23) Date Night
24) Get Smutty or Get Fluffed
25) I See London…
26) Dominance
27) Wedding
28) Ship babies ship babies everywhere

Have fun!

Do you guys ever wish that like,

your fandom had a second chance?
so people wouldn’t hear the name of it an go “Ew, (insert fandom here)”
Like, people could still talk about them without receiving hate/mean comments and shit.

Alas, the Internet does not offer second chances.

mtndewdreams’ ‘don’t let my friends starve’ commissions!

hello friends I need to raise money to help my friend’s through hard times, so I’m opening up commissions! 

 $5 - simple ponies and humans 

 $10 - (shown in picture) standard ponies and humans 

 $15 - fancy ponies and humans with background! 

If you cannot afford this then we can work something out, however if you wish to donate less than $1 do not do that unless you talk it out with the person i direct you to donate it to as it could cause them to have to pay fees! 

Payment will be money transfers to the paypal I send u, (DO NOT send it as a payment to them! That will charge them fees! Donate as a money transfer.) check out @transsliime and @jaessystem for their donation posts if you wish to just donate as well c:

Thank you friends, all the help we can get is very appreciated!!


Comic con is the only way to be able to dab with two cinderella’s in one day and not have be the only amazing thing you accomplished.

Great time!