Click! And you are on the cover of a magazine:D 

I just thought - Twilight is popular person in Equestria right?
So I suppose she have to be a very interest person for paparazzi wich always hunting for great (and not very) photos
So… Twilight have to be more alert^^ 

Yep, and next day Twilight find this photo on advertising of bed linen or something worse^^

*Color version of my old sketch))

Bigger size


Twily Smiley!

(Another wonderful guest artist is here!! @snobbleweb is to be thanked for this amazing art!! Thank you so much!!)


Ocellus: Smolder! How can you be so brazen about causing trouble!

Smolder: Ocellus. How overdue is your book on historical friendships of the Unicornian Mages?

Ocellus: *pouts* I reserve the right against self-incrimination

Gallus: What she means Ocellus, is that we don’t -cause- trouble… We just don’t avoid it.

Sandbar: Except when you get lonely during the winter

Silverstream: Ouch! Low blow there Sandy

Yona: Griffons fault for not flying, if he’s hit by low blows.


Kiss Minty~

Here’s your official chance to get under the Mistletoe with Mint Chocolate~

STEP 1: Download the CLEAN version of the drawing
STEP 2: Draw something cute
ask-minty OR MENTION @ask-minty​ to get your entry noticed!

Has to be a flirty/cute interaction such as kissing/licking/nuzzling etc.
Do not edit Minty unless you need space for bodyparts.
If your bodyparts overlap with Minty it’s okay, It’s a close interaction after all~
Be kind to Mint
SFW Only
No french kisses xD
No old drawings, please draw something new~
if you can’t draw then maybe ill let it slide. (put some effort into it making it work)
does not need to be coloured or shaded.

I’m excited to see what you guys come up with~
I think i will reblog the results of this event ^~^

Wing references I made not too long ago, works for Pegasi, Angels, Birds or any other feathery creature. I made them to mainly practice drawing pegasus wings

They’re F2U, feel free to use as a reference if you find them useful :P credit is always appreciated, but not needed.

Reposts are also OK but if you do then I would appreciate being credited. Thank you! (Reblogs are cool too just fyi, lol)