I think it's time for me to announce this..

I will be leaving for muggle university. I will be studying to become a teacher for children in the muggle world. I hope you all can support me on this decision.

James || Elena | The Platonic Date

James arrived in front of the Defense Against the Dark Arts room, like it was planned, about fifteen minutes early. Despite the fact that he knew that most girls arrived late, he wanted to be sure he got there before she did, just in case she was different. After all, he had no idea about her, since for the first time in seven years, he was on a date with Elena Blackwood. A platonic date, it was, but that didn’t bother the oldest Potter child much. A date was a date, and maybe in the future, there would be one without the platonic title. Every relationship had to start somehow. 

Unlike most believed from his reputation, James was actually very courteous girls and normally remained faithful for the time being, however, his relationships never seemed to last entirely long, because of issues with flirting. His conscious never allowed him to mistreat someone; he honestly never meant to hurt people, he just sometimes did. He never intended to hurt another person, but it was in his nature and mind set to flirt with anyone of the oppsitie sex. It didn’t mean that he’d jump into bed with them, it was just normally harmless flirting. Either way, James found himself labeled as a ladies man, not that he minded. He enjoyed anything that gave more power and recognition to his name.

Passing back and forth, James nervously ran a hand through his hair. Through he truly doubted it, he couldn’t shake the feeling that she would stand him up. Actually convincing her to go on the date was quite easy and she was a rather confident women. He honestly prepared himself for the worse, while he made his semblance sedate. He would never actually reveal that he was afraid to be stood up- he was James Sirius Potter, and he had to act the part he was given. The reputation he had meant more to him than anything, for more reasons than one. 

After checking his watch and discovering that little to no time had passed, he leaned against the wall and rested his head back. She would come, because she said she would, he just had to put any doubt in his mind away. He just had to keep reminding himself who he was. James Sirius Potter didn’t get stood up, especially not for a platonic date. He had bloody admirers and if he was stood up, than something must be wrong with the girl, because there was not a flaw on him. Telling tales like these to himself was exactly how he landed himself such an inflated head, along with all the people who pretty much worshiped him.

“C'mon,” he muttered, as he tried to hold his impatience in. It was difficult, because he was thoroughly looking forward to the night, but if he didn’t, he’d drive himself nuts. He just had to let things be, and not forget who he was. It was only a platonic date, after all.