April: Miraculous Ladybug Month

Hello everyone! I thought it would be such a fun idea to host the first Miraculous Ladybug month (by choice) as a common way for the first season, which WILL be ending in April! These are prompts of your choice (Drawing, Writing, Crafting, Cosplay, etc!) which gives you plenty of time to start! If you feel you want to do certain days, you can! 

What is this?: 

This is just an encouraging fun activity that the fandom can share together! Show your creative side while enjoying others’ work! 

Why are you doing this?:

I thought it was a cute idea, thanks to the one who hosted the shippers week for Valentine’s for giving me the idea! @penguinartist

If it is successful, will there be another one next year?:

Yes! Of course I would love to do so! There is nothing wrong with the idea of doing it next year!

Are the days going to be the same or similar next year?:

No, I’ll make sure there will be different themes! 

Why are the themes like that?:

They are meant as a small token of your imagination! They are a theme where we can see your creative side and to show us what YOU think it means!

Papapillon and Winny Theme?:

That is more of a thank you day for the creators and to encourage them for working so hard to make the fandom so happy! Currently Season 2 and 3 are being thought up so generally let them have a day filled with thanks and support!

What are the Tags?:

Miraculous Month, ML Month, Miraculous Ladybug Month, MLM, & MM

So as a warm welcome, here are the themes for the whole month of April!:

  • Day 1: Clown
  • Day 2: Favorite Action Movie/Show
  • Day 3: Bread
  • Day 4: Art
  • Day 5: Sleepover
  • Day 6: Kisses
  • Day 7: Favorite Ship
  • Day 8: Disney
  • Day 9: Favorite Comedy Movie/Show
  • Day 10: Career
  • Day 11: Kwamis
  • Day 12: Colors
  • Day 13: Family
  • Day 14: Zoo
  • Day 15: Under the stars
  • Day 16: Super Hero
  • Day 17: Favorite Romance Movie/Show
  • Day 18: The 70s 
  • Day 19: Cafe
  • Day 20: Free Day
  • Day 21: Papapillon & Winny 
  • Day 22: Music
  • Day 23: Villains 
  • Day 24: Favorite Fantasy Movie/Show
  • Day 25: Theater 
  • Day 26: Fashion
  • Day 27: Birthday
  • Day 28: Season
  • Day 29: Akumas
  • Day 30: Books

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send them my way!

Peter “Pedro” Adrian Donaldson

  • Shows: Nothing Much to Do and it’s sequel, Lovely Little Losers
  • Category: Webseries
  • Portrayed by: Caleb Wells
  • Status: Side character in NMTD, Main Character in LoLiLo
  • Number of Episodes Appeared In: NMTD: 24, LoLiLo: 52
  • First Appearance: NMTD Episode 3, “PROJECT I - VOXS POPS” 
  • Orientation: Bisexual. 
  • Sexuality Confirmed: NMTD Episode 75, “one foot on sea one on shore one in the boiling hot lava” 
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